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Disruption. Innovation. Trump.

Why Trump. Give me a sec here…

In 1967, the Johnson admin initiated Project Follow Through, the largest & most comprehensive study of pedagogical methods ever. The top publishers of K-12 curricula were funded to implement their curricula in their ideal methods – assistants, materials, etc. Some focused on math, some on reading, some on self esteem. Then another guy, not part of the teaching establishment joined with a different idea. He was an ad guy. In our capitalist society, who can be more interested in learning how people absorb information… than an ad guy?

He beat the math […]

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If the GOP is so Smart, Why’d They Let Us Choose Dole, McCain and Romney?

The problem with what the GOP is trying to do – ensure the winner of the most primary/caucus votes does not get the nomination – is this:

By doing so, and in the way they are doing it (e.g putting their thumb – heck their whole hand and their arm, too – on the scale with their constant interference in the media, and the utterly-lacking-in-integrity mess in CO), they are saying THEY know best.

By NOT putting their thumb on the scale in 1996, 2008, 2012, when they were perfectly able to do so then, as well, they were silently […]

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Stupid Party Proving its Name

Like or hate Trump, unlike GOPe & Dems, he puts America & Americans first. This is What a leader … DOES.

Only GOP elites could lose such a “gimmie” election by destroying the candidate favored by their party. After the last eight years no Democrat – ESPECIALLY ONE RUNNING AS OBAMA’S THIRD TERM – should be anywhere near double digits nationally. Yet we have GOP elites not only spending time and syllables opposing our most favored candidate, they state they will vote FOR the ant-American.

  • Worst economic recovery since Depression.
  • Fastest loss of Liberty ever.
  • Most anti-citizen aggressive Gov ever.
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Why The World Hates Trump

From an intelligent, aware person who gets what is going on in the world:

“The word feels entitled to our power. The power we created. This is ridiculous. Want this level of wealth and power, World? Try out this Constitution of ours. No copyright on it. Free of charge.”

My reply:

Feeling entitled to our power & productivity, the world now is distressed by Trump, a man who seems perfectly willing NOT to allow their parasitic use of it much longer. This is why columns & headlines from across the globe are screaming panic over his candidacy.

It really isn’t […]

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It’s not Trump Killing the Conservative Movement

Rubio & the Republican elites are just flat wrong saying that Trump could end the “modern conservative movement.”

They already have.

What IS the “modern conservative movement”?

It is not supporting the Article 1 legislative authority of Congress. By not advancing Separation if Powers arguments (and, yes, lawsuits @SCOTUS), by not impeaching a lawless executive, by not bringing to heel out of control – and lying & dishonest – State, Justice and IRS, the GOP elite has proven beyond argument their lack of belief in and support for Constitutional government, the foundation of American conservatism

By not only allowing, but […]

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