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Voting Idiocy

Voting for government to protect us from danger they created…


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Why has Losing Our Liberty Become Acceptable?

I don’t care about the weather. I don’t care about the Dodgers. I don’t care about what clothes people wear or what movie they saw or what happened on some stupid TV show. I don’t care about anything but Liberty and my kids’ futures.

The ONLY thing worth talking about seriously is our country, our kids, our Liberty and our future — and the threats to each of those.

It is irrelevant whether those threats are from a primitive culture of subhuman barbarian savages at war with us, a cohort that never assimilates and fights and kills and rapes its […]

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Racism, Idiocy, Politics & Liberty

Can I tell you how abysmally tired I am of the various racist Hispanic “Bronze [LMAO] People” groups whining their land was “stolen”?

These people pretend to be adults but are whiny-ass wet-behind-the-ears infantile kindergarteners.


They’re an EMBARRASSMENT to their Aztec forefathers.

Where did Mexicans get their land? Won it from the Spaniards. Where’d the Spaniards get it? Won it from the Aztecs. where’d the Aztecs get it? Won it from those predecessors who lacked the strength to hold it. How’d those predecessors get it? Won it and won it for 15,000 years

Where’d WE get it? Won […]

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Why Bother?

Why would anyone ever again care about a Congressional majority?

Columns already are being written and published re: the 2016 Congressional races and holding the GOP majority. As in the one linked above, the issue is: Who cares?

Rather than ingest the columnist’s view, read through the comments, for it is there that the voices of the voters – not the pundits – are heard. And the voters are saying, “Why bother?”

With no discernible policy difference with a GOP majority than had the Democrats won the mid-terms, It is more clear than ever that we have one party – […]

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Well, America? Tienanmen or Murietta?

In COMMUNIST CHINA, the commander of an army tank column disobeyed his orders and stopped an entire armored column rather than assault one fellow citizen.

In America, paramilitary (our newly-militarized police) and federal “security” forces in CA, TX and NV, draw weapons and threaten citizens with being shot, violently tackle to the ground even women, beat and detain citizens, forcibly put AMERICANS in cattle corrals, and put the desires – not rights – of illegal foreign nationals over the RIGHTS of AMERICAN CITZENS… for the crime of demonstrating under their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT.

• I am EMBARRASSED to be a […]

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