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Why has Losing Our Liberty Become Acceptable?

I don’t care about the weather. I don’t care about the Dodgers. I don’t care about what clothes people wear or what movie they saw or what happened on some stupid TV show. I don’t care about anything but Liberty and my kids’ futures.

The ONLY thing worth talking about seriously is our country, our kids, our Liberty and our future — and the threats to each of those.

It is irrelevant whether those threats are from a primitive culture of subhuman barbarian savages at war with us, a cohort that never assimilates and fights and kills and rapes its […]

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History Favors Trump. Look at the Founders.

America is at an independence crossroads. We’ve been here before.

In 1789, the respected elites were the well-educated public servants like Washington & Jefferson. Society looked down on merchantmen

In 2016, the respected elites are billionaire merchantmen. Society looks down on public servants, especially the despised Ruling Class.

At turning points voters look to respected elites, not disrespected rulers. Ask King George III.

Trump is OF the respected elites.

The MSM, GOPe, Bush, Clinton, etc, are disrespected rulers.

It’s an ahistorical presumption by the ruling class that Trump will falter.

And it’s probably false.[…]

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