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Ferguson v. New York

Two Grand Juries this week report conclusions on a Black man dying at the hands of police.

Was Brown a legit shooting? Sure seems the case. Even the witnesses have testified he tried to grab Wilson’s gun, ran away and then charged back. Dude was 6’4″, 294# and inarguably violent and lawless – just look at his robbery video. I’d venture that ANYONE with a gun would have shot a head-down, charging Brown, regardless of race.

Was the killing of Garner legit? Hard to see how it possibly could have been, regardless of the Grand Jury and columnists on the […]

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Ferguson and America’s Elites

So much ink has been spilt and so many electrons spun over Ferguson that additional comment seemed heretofore unnecessary. Given the place our society accords attorneys, however, I cannot but respond to childishness masquerading as thoughtfulness by a Yale student who sees his future in law.

While his is an interesting column, it represents fundamentally sloppy thinking, and so is surprising from a law school student who is being trained – one hopes – in critical thinking above all else.

First: Yes, the cops are overmilitarized and often out of control. Publications from National Review to the Nation have […]

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