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Why do Conservatives become Progressives outside America’s Borders?

The American Left always demands we be more peaceful. Like Europe. As in the newest installment of European peacefulness, Ukraine, in a Europe that, since the Goths in the 5th Century, has NEVER stopped killing each other.

Northern Ireland
Boer War
Franco- Prussian wars (plural)
Napoleonic wars (plural)
The Hundred Years’ War
The War of the Roses

At some point LIBERALS need to grasp that America is the largest peaceful geography on the planet. So quit militarizing it and enjoy your peace & freedom.

And CONSERVATIVES need to grasp that making the rest of […]

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An Integrated Worldview – First in an Intermittent Series: More European war.

I have noted often the inability of most people to think two-three steps ahead when commenting on issues. People demand Social Security be fixed…but vote for Democrats. People demand liberty – but vote for Social Conservatives. People demand better schools, then join the union rubber-stamp we call the PTA. Logic, history, consequences and forethought seem to play no part in their behavior.

In a recent discussion, another noted that he had identified the same problem; he termed it lack of an “integrated world view.”

My purpose in this post is to integrate a few – only a few – issues […]

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