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Europe & America. Trump and our Future

This is a must-read. It is an email to John Podesta, the Chairman of Hillary’s campaign, from, obviously, someone Podesta knows well enough that the writer is comfortable emailing this kind of information and opinion.  To imagine it is not unvarnished truth to a major lefty about the result of leftist immigration policy in Europe is fantasy. Because it is from Wikileaks, you will never see it in the mainstream media. If you read only the LA Times, and watch only ABCNBCCBSCNN and, increasingly, Fox, you are ignorant that this is what is happening in the world.

So […]

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Who Will Colonize Europe: islam or America?

Should America complete our post-war colonization of Europe, or continue the current path & allow it to disappear beneath the muslim invasion?

We have defended them since 1945 on our dime. Colonization is expensive.

(It is odd that we have defended them for 70 years against invasion by essentially Western, totalitarian USSR/Russia, but now are enabling their invasion by a non-Western, and far more totalitarian islam…)

We have watched as they have become more decadent, self-possessed and disinterested in their own future. Colonized countries often do this.

With their defense paid for they have failed to raise future generations and […]

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Wondering What Putin is Doing?

What’s happening is a changing of the guard.

Just as when Britain overtook Spain as the biggest empire, and when the USA overtook Britain post-war. The difference is that these previous empires were built in greed and religion (Spain, Catholicism) or were essentially an updated version of their predecessor (America replacing Britain mercantilism – which replaced Dutch mercantilism.) And, of course, that technology has changed the world in fundamental ways – and a global empire now really can be just that. But it will remain mercantilist.

At minimum it will impact global reserve currencies with unknown, but probably negative, impacts […]

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Just because you are dying to get here doesn’t give you the right to be here

We are seeing the horrific results of Islam. From chaining men upside down to be burned alive, to toddlers drowning trying to escape.

This is a problem of the West rejecting its responsibility to destroy pure evil, exacerbated by those most affected by it refusing to destroy it themselves – the West being the safety valve of the non-West

Only two acceptable solutions to the uncontrolled – and deadly – immigration to Europe exist:

1. These people stay home & rescue their countries from their religion by taking responsibility.

2. Another round of colonialism.

But to expect the West to […]

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Trump. The Beginning of Information-Driven Populism

The base HATES Bush & loves Trump. Trump is in it to win. He hates losing – and won’t.

We are seeing a new populism driven by information, not bigotry. Trump is taking advantage of what others have yet to grasp.

Trump is polling exactly where LePen is polling: 25%+. It’s where all the European nationalist parties are polling. Open immigration has done far more damage there than here… So far.

Trump isn’t buying European voters, and the nationalist parties in Europe aren’t about racism or bigotry, either. They – and Trump – are about the Rule of Law, about […]

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