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Memo to Greece: Time to Grow Up

This column on the fiscal insanity we call “Greece” posits their choice Sunday: “catastrophe or absolute catastrophe.” By the time you read this, that choice will have been made. But the Greek drama will not have ended. It may not even have reached the end of the beginning.

The problem with the column, as with so many others, lies in not defining “retirees” and “pensioners,” thus painting for its readers an incomplete – and biased – view of reality. The picture painted is of men and women too old to be able to work, who have put in a lifetime […]

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The Meaning of Ukraine

Putin is gobbling Ukraine.

The non-American West is wringing its hands.

The vacationing American president isn’t even doing that; he’s at the beach.

In the 1994 Budapest Agreement, Ukraine agreed to remove all nuclear weapons from its territory in return for a commitment by Russia, Britain and the US, “to respect the independence and sovereignty and existing borders of Ukraine.”

Have you heard of Britain not living up to an agreement to respect sovereignty, and what happened next…?

But now America, the global guarantor of peace for generations (until we elected the Communist dictator in the White House) also is […]

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