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Islam: Why it Must Go

Three incontestable reasons exist that practicing muslims can never participate in modernity and always will war against it.

Given these facts, muslims can only be parasites on humanity costing us lives and progress, consuming energy, food, water and oxygen, and not only producing nothing of value from their consumption of limited resources, but destroying progress, history and art, literature, science and medicine, and those who would change the world thereby.

An educated, mature world would recognize this as the hard fact it is and eradicate islam as  “the strongest retrograde force in the world” that it is.

A […]

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Hearts & Minds, Science & Terrorism

In an important and fascinating column, “Are We Becoming Morally Smarter? The connection between increasing IQs, decreasing violence and economic liberalism,” the writer pulls from several longitudinal studies of brain development to make an interesting point. It is a point that should inform policy discussion by all Western governments, but, given America’s role in the world, particularly should inform America’s policy and defense decisions.

The “Flynn effect,” and the studies on which it is based, essentially say that post-Enlightenment brains are wired differently than are pre-Enlightenment brains. That as we have moved from manipulating things in […]

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