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NPV: Covertly Overturning the Electoral College

‪In the event you are unaware,  Democrats are pushing state-by-state legislation to make the national popular vote the determinant of the Electoral College vote.‬

Named the “National Popular Vote” legislation, this will turn America into a popular democracy and destroy the republic. The Constitution never would have been ratified with this on the books.

Note they use the word “jurisdiction” as a substitute for “State” for the smaller States that would be ignored should this pass enough States, another example of their rejection of the foundation of America: State sovereignty. Only a few more States are needed, they’ve […]

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Why Dems Need Illegal Immigration & Sanctuary Cities – and How to Change That

Why do Dem mayors & governors demand sanctuary cities & illegal immigrants?

Political power. Nothing more or less. They are capitalizing on voter ignorance of how House representation & Electoral College votes are apportioned.

Fixing this, which is completely within our power now, can overturn some of the most significant damage done by the 17th Amendment, among the worst excesses of the Progressuve amendments.

Look at the electoral map. House Seats & Electoral College votes are zero-sum, based on TOTAL population – NOT on voting population.

Immigrants move to cities. The more immigrants, the more House seats/EC votes Dems get […]

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