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Atlantic: ISIS Cannot be Negotiated With. Scipio: which means…?

This is an excellent column re: Why we can’t negotiate with ISIS. It’s in a center-left magazine, Atlantic. The final sentence – should – launch a broad investigation of strategy and goals, because it is exactly correct:

“If ISIS remains true to its principles, that’s also the reason the world can accept nothing less than the group’s full defeat.” (Emphasis mine.)

With the goal thus defined and defended, the strategic question becomes, “At what cost?” And, of course, two answers exist:

  1. The cost of tens of thousands of educated kids from Western Liberal democratic nations who have been
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Neocons head back to Party that Birthed them

The neocons. As Dems, got USA into Vietnam – and split the nation. As GOP got us into Kuwait, Afgh, Iraq – and did it again.

We the People are taking the GOP away from them, so they return to the Dem warmakers where they began – now with Hillary, the Secretary of State who, when Ghaddafi did EXACTLY what we asked of him & gave up his nuclear program…killed him.

They stand for everything America and Americans once stood against. Arguably the worst, most divisive force ever in American politics.

The neocons are the political arm of the Military-Industrial […]

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It is Time to Get Serious about ISIS

I’m going to make a strong point and a controversial one. Then I am going to make another.

Had the King of Jordan two weeks ago possessed a tactical nuclear weapon (not the strategic weapons of Hollywood’s fantasists) he would have used it on ISIS in the Levant. And this war would be over. Had President Sisi of Egypt had a nuke this week he would have used it on ISIS in Libya. And that barbarity would be over.

(No, I’m not insane. Yes, I discuss that below.)

The questions is, is this a necessarily bad thing?

The entire purpose […]

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Debt & Boomers

An often-made point on my blog is the negative effect of the Baby Boomer generation, that generation born between 1945 and 1964, on society generally. Speech Codes started with the once-Free-Speech Boomer cohort, evolving to be codes requiring un-free speech. The entire factory of empathy for enemies & criminals has grown from them, as has the ridiculousness of going to “war” and not killing our enemies – a GOP/Dem joint protocol that did not start with Baby Boomers, but which has been perfected by Boomer presidents of both parties in Bush43 and Obama.

Look around at the nonsense being peddled […]

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Voting for America

America is not just a geography. It’s not just a country. It’s an idea. It’s the Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the Industrial Age. It’s the Space Age & the Information Age. It’s modern computing & communications, transportation & manufacturing, medicine and agriculture. It is Individual Liberty and Personal Freedom.

Above all else, America is the Rule of Law. For only law can provide the benefits that created America.

America began as the only nation in which Law superseded family, connections, birth, tradition or caste. America became the powerhouse it is because of the Rule of Law. Not because of race […]

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