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Why Saudi Rejects Refugees

It AMAZES that so many REFUSE to grasp what’s going on under Obama’s acceptance – and the Saudi’s rejection – of these “refugees,” who are nothing but VOLUNTARY, KNOWING pawns to these despots as they advance a SHARED GOAL.

The GOAL of Islam is global political domination & tyranny. No culture that murders its daughters and stones its women cares about human life.

Muslim countries ACCEPTING these “refugees” DOES NOT ADVANCE THEIR GOAL.

Muslim countries REJECTING muslim “refugees” ADVANCES THEIR GOAL as those “refugees” wind up in non-Muslim lands and begin their takeover. Look at Europe.

This is why Saudis […]

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How Did Americans Lose Our Liberty & Arrive Here?

My son (college) asked how on earth did America get to the place of the Patriot Act, its infringements on our liberty being blithely accepted & defended, and becoming a people willing to accept as president a man who will kill anyone he wants, any time he wants, anywhere he wants, and have half the nation cheering when he says he’ll ignore the Constitution to do whatever he wants, something the Founders fought a war to end, and America always has stood – and fought – against. Until now.

My reply to him:

We got here for the simple reason […]

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Root Causes: Education and America’s Loss of Liberty.

Libs love to talk about root causes. Normally it absolves them from accepting personal responsibility for the problems caused by their policies – they just change the subject and blame some larger, undefinable, amorphous group. The root cause of American decline sits in every American community: the teachers at your local school. Liberals have owned all major metro school districts since FDR, and all are worse. Newsflash: It isn’t the buildings.

Start with Critical Thinking – you know, what’s required to vote intelligently. Life is not multiple choice. It’s an essay. As long as K-12 teachers only test multiple choice […]

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If Democrats Cared

If Democrats care about the unemployed, why have their policies created so many more of them since Obama and Reid took office?

If Democrats care about jobs, why do their policies drive them overseas and away from American workers?

If Democrats care about the next generation of workers, why are their minimum wage policies ensuring the highest youth unemployment in history?

If Democrats care about the economy, why have their policies created the longest stretch of sustained low / no growth in American history?

If Democrats care about the Middle Class, why have their policies caused an average 1/3 drop […]

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The MSM Dr Frankenstein and its Monster

The Media is complaining the Obama presidency, a presidency completely of their own creation, is limiting their access. Typical illiterate liberal. What did they think Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was about? (Did they dismiss it because it was written by a woman?)

How illiterate ARE these people? They can arrogantly ask a political candidate, “What do you read?” but have not read – or, worse, not understood – any literature of import in their lives, and so have learned nothing of the human condition?

Their conceit overwhelms.

Next they’ll create a Hillary presidency or a Warren presidency and then – […]

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