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Why do we Vote for the GOP?

I’m a Republican. Or I guess, I used to be.

Unlike today’s GOP, I’m a limited government guy: If it isn’t in the Enumerated Powers, the government has no business being involved with it.

And unlike today’s GOP, I’m a limited spending guy. You know the $8T of additional Obama Debt? Well, since the 2010 election ALL of that has been spent under appropriation bills or CRs passed by a GOP House.

“Obama’s” debt? Nope: Boehner’s.

But the biggest problem I have with the GOP is what is called their “Communications Department.” If a worse PR organization exists on planet […]

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Progressive Economics v. Reality; or Why Democrats Are Destroying the West

France has dissolved their government because of disagreement over fiscal policy. They’ll have a new one ready in a sec.

What was the problem? The adults wanted France to live within her means, and the Leftists – didn’t. What the French expected after electing a president demanding 75% income taxes is unknown. But actually thinking that would help their economic woes was childish.

In the rest of the Eurozone, the “countries” are pretty much stuck in economic doldrums, as is the USA.


Because of the nonsensical post-war Western welfare state. Because of the assumption that those who refuse to […]

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