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Kissinger: Cold War Not Over

Kissinger rears his Cold War head and tells us how to get “out “ of the Middle East.


And how “we” need to reconstruct the Middle East.

It was our help “reconstructing” it after the fall of the Ottomans that caused the problems to begin with. Unless we are becoming colonizers, it’s none of our business how they “reconstruct” the Middle East. And if we are becoming colonizers, I want a TON more say in what goes on there.

Kissinger is an old Cold Warrior; his world is binary and it’s us v the Russians. He wrote his […]

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Fighting for Liberty – Sooner or Later

“It is Too Late to be Sooner, and Soon it will be Too Late to be Later” – Guys & Dolls

Sooner or later, when y’all get tired of pretending the political class will fix the problem THAT IS the political class, and decide to save our liberty instead of whining about its being taken – to actually DO something about it – be sure & call me.

I’m busy reloading.

Until then it’s only going to get worse. Obama already has usurped more power than King Geo III had when we rebelled. There is no opposition party to speak […]

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The Disdain of the American Government for American Citizens

I am continually – though less-so every day – amazed at the disdain with which We the People are treated by ALL of these don’t-even-bother-calling-them-‘Representatives’ in Washington – or who want to be hired by us to live there.

Disdainful enemies of our Liberty and the Rule of Law that is America?


It is amazing that people still think the establishment GOP will alter the course we are on. Not a chance in Hell.

The GOP is just a Progressive Fifth Column, and more dangerous than the Dems, who […]

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How to Tell the MSM Actually Loves the GOP

Stick with me here. Think about it.

The Dem MSM does what with the GOP? Ignores their storyline. Lies about their policies, results and politicians. Distorts their history.

So how can I say the MSM adores the GOP?


The MSM drives lots of centrist and right-of-center voters smart enough to know the MSM is lying about the GOP, to vote for the GOP.

These MSM lies make some folks who otherwise might not vote angry enough to ensure they get to the polls and vote for the GOP.

These MSM lies get lots of precinct-workers, sign hangers, door-knocker GOTV […]

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Why I Won’t Vote Again for the Establishment GOP

A friend recently admonished me, “you WILL vote for our party’s nominee,” following a discussion as to how bad our (un)American Ruling Class has become. Her point was that it’d slow the “train wreck” that our bipartisan Ruling Class has created.

Like many, I am not a party-line voter. I vote the person and policy. I have never voted for a Democrat because I am opposed to their policies. I have voted independent when I have opposed the GOP nominee. For the past few cycles I have been willing to hold my nose & vote GOP because the alternative socialist […]

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