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Obama will be Directly Responsible for Terror Attacks on Americans

Americans are going to have to grasp something that seems blindingly obvious to anyone who has thought about it.

When there is a terrorist attack on – and the murder/slaughter of – Americans, it will be the responsibility of Obama in particular and of Democrat voters in general.

The immediate dive that the stock market will take, and the long-term damage to our economy as a result of pre-modern savages striking America, also will be the responsibility of Obama, Democrat voters and the mainstream media. The loss of hundreds of billions in savings, college funds, mortgages, will fall on all […]

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Where the Buck Really Stops

President Harry Truman kept a sign on his desk in the Oval Office: “The Buck Stops Here.” It’s a fine saying, but it isn’t true. If the buck really stopped there, it would be both impossible and inconceivable to have an Obama as president.

The buck – the responsibility for governing and executing the laws – does not stop with the person Americans elect to fill that office.

The responsibility – the “Buck” – stops with the voters.


When – not “if” – it comes, the responsibility for all ISIS violence in America will not rest on Obama, Holder, […]

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