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The Debt & Defense

If we were serious about the debt, we’d stop fighting dumb wars we don’t even try to win. One policy re-adoption could save a majority proportion of half-a-trillion dollars annually ($585B in FY2016), thousands of lives of our soldiers, tens of thousands of lives of our opponents, and make the entire world a safer place.

Shouldn’t that be the goal of our defense policy?

We don’t need to continue to enrich Lockheed  and others building toys we won’t use to win combat in which we shouldn’t be involved. And if we won’t use them to win, what […]

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What a Vote for Hillary Means

Just so we’re on the same page: If Trump is the GOP nominee and you cast your vote for Hillary (as GOPe is threatening), you will be voting AGAINST the 2nd Amendment, AGAINST the 1st Amendment, AGAINST the 4th Amendment, AGAINST the 9th Amendment, AGAINST the 10th Amendment, AGAINST a strong military, FOR the Regulatory State,  and AGAINST our future.

A vote for Hillary will be a vote AGAINST Article One of the Constitution. Executive Orders will become standard presidential operating procedure, and laws will become archaic; where GOPe refused to overturn Obama EO’s for

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Why Bother?

Why would anyone ever again care about a Congressional majority?

Columns already are being written and published re: the 2016 Congressional races and holding the GOP majority. As in the one linked above, the issue is: Who cares?

Rather than ingest the columnist’s view, read through the comments, for it is there that the voices of the voters – not the pundits – are heard. And the voters are saying, “Why bother?”

With no discernible policy difference with a GOP majority than had the Democrats won the mid-terms, It is more clear than ever that we have one party – […]

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Debt & Boomers

An often-made point on my blog is the negative effect of the Baby Boomer generation, that generation born between 1945 and 1964, on society generally. Speech Codes started with the once-Free-Speech Boomer cohort, evolving to be codes requiring un-free speech. The entire factory of empathy for enemies & criminals has grown from them, as has the ridiculousness of going to “war” and not killing our enemies – a GOP/Dem joint protocol that did not start with Baby Boomers, but which has been perfected by Boomer presidents of both parties in Bush43 and Obama.

Look around at the nonsense being peddled […]

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The GOP Must Educate Voters and then FIGHT for Policies

A couple of points for the GOP leadership as we head into another election season.

The FOUNDATION for GOP in convincing voters in the Center – where elections are won and lost – is understanding – and then publicizing – that, No, both sides do NOT have the same goals in mind, and No, the policies of Left and Right are NOT two different ways to get to the same place. Too many in the Center, and too many young voters with no experience, are under the misimpression that we all have the same goals, just different ideas on how […]

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