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American Political Establishment Stepping Off the Streetcar

President Erdogan of Turkey once said, “Democracy is like a streetcar. You ride it until you arrive at your destination and then you step off.

The GOPe & DNC have decided to step off.

DNC oligarchs ignore voters via Superdelegates and are shoving down the throats of their voters the most corrupt public person in America, a septuagenarian whose every adult decision has been failure, or totalitarian violation or avoidance of law. Most Dem voters have been too dumb to notice or care, or are so appallingly sexist that the gender of their candidate is the only thing […]

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2016: Trump or Progressivism

1. GOPe & DNC are Progressive.

2. GOPe hates Trump because he’s not and his victory will set Progressivism back.

3. Cruz (to the right of Attila) cannot win in center-right America & GOPe knows this, which is why they are drifting to his support; their GOAL is Progressivism. Why else do you think they keep passing obama’s budgets & policy & confirming people like Lynch?

4. No Progressive Republican can beat Hillary; voters who want Progressivism won’t trust GOP, will vote for real thing. Voters who don’t want Progressivism, including millions of Reagan Democrats, are voting & will vote […]

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Post-S. Carolina View

Welcome to the post-South Carolina world.

Adult choices are between bad & worse. Rarely are they between good & bad. Voters looking for easy choices are going to be disappointed.

Let’s look at the remaining candidates.

Re: foreign policy: The American people aren’t going to allow the country to go non-interventionist. This is why Rand is out. The Right demands war all the time. The Left demands war when their guy is in power (Libya). They both demand overthrowing dictators they don’t like, and plunging nations into chaos and savagery (Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria…) or at least don’t complain about […]

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Presidents and Showmen since 1960

JFK used TV to win an election. LBJ & Nixon didn’t recognize the power of the show and were brought down by it. Ford & Carter never felt at home before the camera and were cancelled. Reagan’s show was the most successful in decades and viewers have been clamoring for a rerun ever since. GHW Bush didn’t understand the show at all. Clinton used the show to increase his popularity as America’s Bad Boy, especially among the gender he raped as often as he could. W didn’t use the show to win so much as Gore used it to lose. […]

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If You Believe… I await your logical argument

If you believe voting Bush-Walker-Christie-Kasich will change ANYTHING, please explain the past 6 years. I’ll wait as you marshal your argument and gather your supporting facts.

If you believe the political class has failed you, please explain the purpose of voting for anyone but Rand, Trump or (maybe) Cruz. I’ll wait for you to put together your logical argument.

If you believe we need a military powerful enough to win wars, please explain why we haven’t tried winning since 1945.

If you believe electing a president demanding a stronger military and more infantry wars will give us different results than […]

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