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Really. Call them back if we need to declare war. Real war. Otherwise who needs ‘em?

I am not interested in making the Executive into a sovereign, as both parties unconstitutionally enabled obama to become, the Dems because they are all anti-Western totalitarians, and the Repubs because they want the same power when they hold the presidency, and willingly will stick their tongue to an icy pole in their ever-more-immature quest for acceptance by their enemies.

Which is why we elected someone really of neither party. The parties are American enemies (Dems) and idiots (Repubs).

We HAVE laws. We even […]

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Constitutional Government: Not as difficult as the GOP seems to Think

In plain English, the Constitution assigns to Congress the role of establishing the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including SCOTUS.

And Congress can remove anything it wants from the jurisdiction of the federal courts – and the Supreme Court.

In 2002, Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD) inserted a provision in legislation to prohibit all federal courts from hearing cases about brush clearing in South Dakota. (H.R. 4775, Sec. 706). Pending environmental lawsuits were immediately halted, and a court order that was already issued became null and void. (Biodiversity Associates v. Cables.)

Nothing in the Constitution provides the president a role in […]

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Fixing OUR Government

The only way to alter the declining standards of our government is to get rid of liars, spendthrifts and redistributionists we keep putting there. All else pales by comparison to the damage these people are doing to America and the Rule of Law – and our future.

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to note that every honest voter has no use for any of these. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe Gruber is right, that if you have to lie to pass a policy the public rejects, then go for it and lie. I mean, what do you want – […]

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Is the Oath of Office Meaningless?

It seems pedestrian to note that not being elected means you don’t get to enter Congress, be paid too much to do too little, fantasize that you’re better than those who elected you to represent them (not the other way ‘round), and retire at nearly full salary after a couple of 113-day “years” full of 3-day “weeks”.

Perhaps it is even more pedestrian to note: No oath, no office.

US Constitution, Article 6:

…The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United […]

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