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Brexit and its Enemies. The “Western Spring”: One-Off or Historic Moment?

It is not enough that more than a half-dozen other nations want out of the EU as long as the ruling class globalists ignore the will of their voters and demand they stay in.

Make no mistake – the EU is going to try as hard as it can to ignore the BREXIT (non-binding) referendum. Germany now is saying the EU will be “ungovernable [by the EU]” if countries leave (which is the entire point of Brexit).

Germany is proving a far greater threat to Western liberty today than is Russia. So is Obama.

The Germany that caused the paroxysm […]

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How America Avoids Europe’s Death

Europe is dying for one reason: the lack of belief in commonality. Having created the most educated, inventive, free & prosperous culture in history, they assumed it would continue … just because.

The tribes fought & worshiped and fought some more between inventing the modern world. Tribalism became nationalism. Pagan & competing worship became Western Christendom. Fertility populated the Age of Exploration, bringing education, literacy, modern medicine and intellectual curiosity to the world.

Then they turned their backs on nationalism. Turned away from worship. They fantasized that a forced commonality many degrees more comprehensive than had organically arisen between their […]

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Why Each Election More Critical than Last

It seems every election has become “the most important election in our lifetimes.” This arguably, however, is true rather than hyperbole.

Why? Because the Baby Boomer Left HATES liberty, freedom, capitalism, rising living standards, solid education, personal responsibility and individual rights. And they LOVE absolute power. The more generations they infect via ownership of K-12, MSM, Hollywood, the farther toward catastrophe America goes.

The farther toward the mass murder that defines socialism (170+ MILLION murdered by their own socialist governments last century), the more critical each election becomes.

Baby Boomers are aging off the political stage; not quickly enough, but […]

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Who Lost Greece? Who is Losing Europe? Is America Next?

Who Lost Greece? No one. Greek Voters Gave It Away.

Most people in America fail to grasp that Greece was an entirely self-inflicted wound. I’m talking about their voters – and the governments they elect, and refuse to throw out.

Understanding the mess we call Greece requires discussing how the Greek euromess came about: Who created this mess (voters electing leftist elites across Europe), what the creators did about it when they had the chance (nothing), what other Eurozone countries are doing about the same problem (nothing), and what American voters need to learn from it (everything or we will […]

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No Oil Here.. Give us more Electricity, Roads, Food…

Libs & Progs pretend to hold serious convictions, and demand everyone else conform TO those convictions. As I have posted before, it is nonsense to believe Libs even HAVE convictions (how many anti-gun celebs have armed bodyguards? How many pro-mass-transit celebs live in the midst of a major urban area and only use mass transit?), and here is a Lib county – in CA, of course – proving the point:

Santa Cruz is a hypocritical County. It has banned the use of fracking as a means of extracting oil. But it also banned all onshore oil and gas development. No […]

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