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The Goal

For eight years the Right has complained, and rightly so, that our ever-enlarging GOP majority-government has not listened to the voice of We the People.

With his Carly action Cruz evidences the same rejection of that voice. He cannot accept that we have spoken and chosen another. Given that he is not listening as he auditions for the job, it is difficult to conclude he will listen should he get the job.

Would he listen to us as president any more than he is listening to us now? Any more than do the GOPe and Obama?

Cruz has been my

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What a Vote for Hillary Means

Just so we’re on the same page: If Trump is the GOP nominee and you cast your vote for Hillary (as GOPe is threatening), you will be voting AGAINST the 2nd Amendment, AGAINST the 1st Amendment, AGAINST the 4th Amendment, AGAINST the 9th Amendment, AGAINST the 10th Amendment, AGAINST a strong military, FOR the Regulatory State,  and AGAINST our future.

A vote for Hillary will be a vote AGAINST Article One of the Constitution. Executive Orders will become standard presidential operating procedure, and laws will become archaic; where GOPe refused to overturn Obama EO’s for

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Fighting for Liberty – Sooner or Later

“It is Too Late to be Sooner, and Soon it will be Too Late to be Later” – Guys & Dolls

Sooner or later, when y’all get tired of pretending the political class will fix the problem THAT IS the political class, and decide to save our liberty instead of whining about its being taken – to actually DO something about it – be sure & call me.

I’m busy reloading.

Until then it’s only going to get worse. Obama already has usurped more power than King Geo III had when we rebelled. There is no opposition party to speak […]

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Rand, the Filibuster and the Future of America

Rand again is filibustering again, again in defense of things no one who has taken the oath of office should find the opportunity, let alone the need, to filibuster – our Rights as American citizens as enumerated in the Bill of Rights – the Supreme Law of the Land.

That’s fine and dandy, and I completely support his doing so.

But he’s missing the point.

The Establishment pols in both the Progressive Democrat wing and the Progressive Republican wing of the Ruling Class demand that we spy on all Americans because we are at war and their primary job is […]

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Not Another One

Not another Bush, not another Clinton,

Not a lying Progressive killing our Constitution.

Not another RINO, not another SoCon,

How about instead, just obeying the written law, Son?


Not another Leftist, not another Statist,

Not another pol to watch our labor then take it.

Not another neocon, not another BigBiz,

How about instead, just obeying the Bill of Rights, Sis?


Not another one who ignores our Rights.

Not another one who only wants to fight.

Not another one thinks we work for them.

Not another one says ev’ryone else to blame.


How about one who cherishes […]

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