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The End Game of the Left is Now

 If you don’t speak the same language, have the same customs and accept the same laws, a representative democracy is impossible – but totalitarianism is easy as people demand the government protect them from the results of the actions of that same government, and willingly surrender their liberty for that security; an absurdity on its face.

What do you think the Patriot Act was about? Did we win WW2 by spying on Americans, or massively killing our enemy and destroying their countries – civilians, farms, transportation, water and electrical infrastructure… and all?

Civilians allow ANY government to exist and

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The Obama Head Fake

Even the most cynical among us thought Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America meant the imposition of the utterly-failed Progressive ideology & economics, which we could combat with logic and experience. This would have been a traditional Western discussion within the boundaries of what has been Western thought for centuries.

That was a head-fake we gave ourselves.

What he has actually done is to import an invasive ideology completely foreign to the West for over a thousand years, implanted this pre-modern death ideology within government, and used Western liberties to destroy Western Liberal Democracy.


This is going to get

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The Core Values of Islam and its Historic Decline into Savagery

Dr Walter Russel Mead, whom I admire and whose columns I follow, has an interesting take on the decline of islam here.

I’m not at all sure I agree with Dr Mead’s conclusion, however: “… the failure of the Arab world to … find a way to be economically and politically successful under modern economic conditions without losing the core cultural and social values.”

If one is to see these values as only those propagated over the past few centuries as islam has been overtaken by its fundamentalists and declined into an obvious cult of death, barbarity and savagery, […]

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