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The Deep State is not new

Ike spent his presidency fighting against his own Pentagon because he didn’t want a huge conventional military to go adventuring. He knew modern war as no one else did, or likely ever will again, and saw no point in wasting lives or treasure on foolish adventurism, & told our enemies to stand down or get nuked. They stood down. He hated CIA and, after the U2 shoot down, never again spoke to them. He warned us about the Military-Industrial-Complex when he left.

To say we didn’t listen is the understatement of the post-Enlightenment Age.

Nixon likely would not have intervened […]

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If You Believe… I await your logical argument

If you believe voting Bush-Walker-Christie-Kasich will change ANYTHING, please explain the past 6 years. I’ll wait as you marshal your argument and gather your supporting facts.

If you believe the political class has failed you, please explain the purpose of voting for anyone but Rand, Trump or (maybe) Cruz. I’ll wait for you to put together your logical argument.

If you believe we need a military powerful enough to win wars, please explain why we haven’t tried winning since 1945.

If you believe electing a president demanding a stronger military and more infantry wars will give us different results than […]

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Fighting for Liberty – Sooner or Later

“It is Too Late to be Sooner, and Soon it will be Too Late to be Later” – Guys & Dolls

Sooner or later, when y’all get tired of pretending the political class will fix the problem THAT IS the political class, and decide to save our liberty instead of whining about its being taken – to actually DO something about it – be sure & call me.

I’m busy reloading.

Until then it’s only going to get worse. Obama already has usurped more power than King Geo III had when we rebelled. There is no opposition party to speak […]

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Questions I Want to Hear in the Next GOP Debate

  1. Governor Walker: You say no exception to a prohibition on abortion should be made for instances of rape and incest. Though you are in the party that talks about limited government and family values, you are demanding that a raped 14-year-old girl, regardless of her plans for life – good high school grades, college, maybe a graduate degree, dating, sports, a husband and a family of her own – and regardless of the fact that she is not physically, emotionally, psychologically or intellectually ready for motherhood shall, against her will, be forced by the State to carry an unwanted baby
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What the GOP and Pundits Don’t Get about Trump

We don’t want Trump to “act more presidential.” We want the other contenders to start acting like Trump: Aggressively pro-American, pro-Rule of Law, pro-We the People.

Because the Ruling Class – isn’t.

With Trump’s rise in the polls – and the deterioration of the expectation of position for Bush – the media, GOP pundits, 15-minutes-of-fame focus group low-info voters corralled by Frank Lunz, and RNC head Reince Priebus refuse to understand, or just are unable to recognize, what is driving the popularity of Trump.

Demanding that Trump “act more presidential” is an absurd misreading of the body politic.

We […]

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