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Combat Without a Cause

Army generals are going to want Army wars.

The military has an agenda which is not the same as the nation’s, yet since Kuwait, in some psychological quest to put Vietnam behind us, we Boomers are turning too far toward it.

The entire Right and half the Center is good with maximizing the presence of 4-stars in a civilian administration. Why? They have hammers – every single problem is going to be a nail. Not a Marshall among them. Not an Eisenhower. Not a Pershing. Just a buncha wannabe Bradleys who want to fight until it gets too hard […]

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Can serving military publicly oppose the President? Has our military become a Palace Guard?

A colleague just forwarded to me an email in which it seems active duty military are beginning to oppose the Commander in Chief. It also referenced the loss of American lives.

To oppose the CINC publicly must not be done by serving military. Those in the military serve the chain of command, at the top of which is the president. He is their superior. One willingly gives-up a level of freedom of speech in any large organization, and certainly in the military. In any organization the expectation is that one “rides for the brand,” that when you take one’s money […]

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