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Observations on the Passing Scene

Those protesting at Trump rallies are the philosophical descendants of Kristallnacht. Get ready. It’s gonna get bumpy after he wins.


An adult Western government would be ejecting/refusing/deporting muslims as the enemies of Western Civ & modernity they are, not protecting them. #Reconquista2017.


When you think about Hillary & Libya, remember: Libya was bombed into catastrophe to advance the candidacy of Hillary, period. All those thousands dead and millions under ISIS assault in Libya & Mali? All done to prove Hilary’s hawk creds & advance her political aspirations. If you can vote for someone like that […]

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2014 – 06-11

On off-chance exists that Cantor is – belatedly – learning how the game is played, I doubt that the GOP hierarchy gets it yet.

It has seemed for two decades that the GOP establishment has an ingrained inferiority complex; that being in the minority from 1948-1994 caused a genetic deficiency making them unable to stand-up for themselves, their agenda, their voters or the nation.

The GOP has the majority but refuses to use it. The Dems are in the minority, but the GOP refuses to make them act like it.

This is the root of the Base […]

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