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Obama will be Directly Responsible for Terror Attacks on Americans

Americans are going to have to grasp something that seems blindingly obvious to anyone who has thought about it.

When there is a terrorist attack on – and the murder/slaughter of – Americans, it will be the responsibility of Obama in particular and of Democrat voters in general.

The immediate dive that the stock market will take, and the long-term damage to our economy as a result of pre-modern savages striking America, also will be the responsibility of Obama, Democrat voters and the mainstream media. The loss of hundreds of billions in savings, college funds, mortgages, will fall on all […]

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Break It Up

Often I post this anecdotally, almost in passing, but I am serious: the US is too big to save.

From Dodd-Frank, creating the controlling laws and regulations for American banking entirely outside the scope, purview and oversight of the ONLY body allowed to create law (Congress), to an NDAA implicitly denying citizens their protections under the Bill of Rights, to the EPA and other regulatory agencies in which that lawmaking body voluntarily(!) relinquished their Constitutional prerogative to make law to the Executive Branch, the American government is out of the control of those it once was said the country is […]

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