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What a Vote for Hillary Means

Just so we’re on the same page: If Trump is the GOP nominee and you cast your vote for Hillary (as GOPe is threatening), you will be voting AGAINST the 2nd Amendment, AGAINST the 1st Amendment, AGAINST the 4th Amendment, AGAINST the 9th Amendment, AGAINST the 10th Amendment, AGAINST a strong military, FOR the Regulatory State,  and AGAINST our future.

A vote for Hillary will be a vote AGAINST Article One of the Constitution. Executive Orders will become standard presidential operating procedure, and laws will become archaic; where GOPe refused to overturn Obama EO’s for

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2014 – 06-11

On off-chance exists that Cantor is – belatedly – learning how the game is played, I doubt that the GOP hierarchy gets it yet.

It has seemed for two decades that the GOP establishment has an ingrained inferiority complex; that being in the minority from 1948-1994 caused a genetic deficiency making them unable to stand-up for themselves, their agenda, their voters or the nation.

The GOP has the majority but refuses to use it. The Dems are in the minority, but the GOP refuses to make them act like it.

This is the root of the Base […]

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