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The End Game of the Left is Now

 If you don’t speak the same language, have the same customs and accept the same laws, a representative democracy is impossible – but totalitarianism is easy as people demand the government protect them from the results of the actions of that same government, and willingly surrender their liberty for that security; an absurdity on its face.

What do you think the Patriot Act was about? Did we win WW2 by spying on Americans, or massively killing our enemy and destroying their countries – civilians, farms, transportation, water and electrical infrastructure… and all?

Civilians allow ANY government to exist and

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How America Avoids Europe’s Death

Europe is dying for one reason: the lack of belief in commonality. Having created the most educated, inventive, free & prosperous culture in history, they assumed it would continue … just because.

The tribes fought & worshiped and fought some more between inventing the modern world. Tribalism became nationalism. Pagan & competing worship became Western Christendom. Fertility populated the Age of Exploration, bringing education, literacy, modern medicine and intellectual curiosity to the world.

Then they turned their backs on nationalism. Turned away from worship. They fantasized that a forced commonality many degrees more comprehensive than had organically arisen between their […]

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Why Each Election More Critical than Last

It seems every election has become “the most important election in our lifetimes.” This arguably, however, is true rather than hyperbole.

Why? Because the Baby Boomer Left HATES liberty, freedom, capitalism, rising living standards, solid education, personal responsibility and individual rights. And they LOVE absolute power. The more generations they infect via ownership of K-12, MSM, Hollywood, the farther toward catastrophe America goes.

The farther toward the mass murder that defines socialism (170+ MILLION murdered by their own socialist governments last century), the more critical each election becomes.

Baby Boomers are aging off the political stage; not quickly enough, but […]

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Obama: The Opposite President

Obama has created the opposite of America. He said he’d transform us. He has.

We have let him.

Where once we worked to get past racism, we now embrace it.

Where once people came from the world over to celebrate the opportunity of liberty, Obama & a complicit Congress have rejected the Rule of Law liberty requires.

Where once people strove and fought and moved and worked for opportunity, now they vote for whomever will use the force of government to steal the results of another’s labor to be given them.

Where once immigrants would demand their children learn English […]

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If ISIS is Stupid Enough to come to America

It is important to remember, regardless of all the handwringing & hoopla by press & politicians, this:  Islam can’t win here.

If they blow up DC, they’ll do us a favor; an even bigger one if secession by Red States, and nuking of Mecca & Medina follow.

If they go into cities they’ll only kill Dem voters, many of the remaining immediately will become conservatives (def: a mugged liberal).

When they enter the suburbs & countryside, they’ll learn the truth of Adm Yamato’s, “…behind every blade of grass,” and we’ll end the PC pretense of moderation to hunt down any […]

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