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The Left and the 2nd Amendment

The Left doesn’t like that Americans other than they can own guns. The noisiest of these Lefties have armed bodyguards, armored limos, and kids, homes & money behind armed guards.

But no one expects less than full-frontal hypocrisy from them anyway, so let’s leave that aside.

Though Lefty actors tell us guns are bad, onscreen they make millions showing us that guns solve problems created by violent bad guys.

What’s the problem? FBI statistics show us exactly the same thing: More Guns Less Crime.

gun control laws

Worst crime: Gun control cities.

Lowest rates of violent crime? Shall-Issue States. 24% […]

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Nuclear Proliferation and the 2nd Amendment

(Author’s note: This is NOT a call for personal nukes.)

The secondary purpose of the 2nd Amendment, the purpose most widely in-use today, is self-defense and defense of others. In States that elect politicians who choose to follow the Rule of Law, attacks on persons are much lower than in States whose voters elect politicians who reject the concept of self-defense, and who disdain the Rule of Law to follow the Rule of Man.

So let’s take a look at this philosophy of self-defense at the nation-state level.

What nations have not recently been attacked by other nations? Those with […]

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The 2nd Amendment and America’s Enemies

The 2nd Amendment has two primary purposes. The first of course is to overthrow the government should it become tyrannical. The second is the natural right – not privilege, right – of self defense.

The 2nd has precisely NOTHING to do with hunting.

Borders define a nation. Protecting borders is an act of national self defense.

Democrats don’t believe in self-defense, national or individual.

Democrats disbelieve in borders as most people in the world would be ecstatic to live in America (yes, the same America Democrats deride), so these people will come and vote for whomever lets them in & […]

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