They Are Killing Us Now

How does one explain to a sentient adult that we have the capability to destroy the enemy killing our children… and are choosing not to use it?

How does one explain to history that in the most important endeavor of mankind – war – we have been running FROM, rather than TO our most productive weapons? War is about killing; lack of productivity means killing MORE. How is that not insane?

I continually post that we – the West – must accept that Mecca, Medina, Qom must be annihilated, that the killing FOR the ideology will not stop until the ideology ITSELF is killed. Here’s why:

An ideology is at war with a West that has been begging that ideology to leave us alone. They’ve refused. We, however, have rejected war with that ideology.

This is an existential mistake – only one side in this clash will survive. Not believing this, believing we can coexist, is nothing but the projection by the West of Western mores onto non-Western cultures; it is monocultural and imperialistic. It also is naïve, ignorant and wrong.

WE believe in coexistence.

THEY do not believe in coexistence.

This is not a bridgeable divide.

People do not surrender what they believe.

Aware that we could annihilate in a microsecond the centers of that ideology, something that took us years and 400,000 dead Americans to do in the destruction of the last two ideologies to attack us, we have refused to make war on this ideology (combat is not war and combat WITHOUT war is immoral – yet it’s all we’ve been willing to do since 1945). Instead, we have killed a million (literally) of them and thousands of our own to no observable purpose.


We killed 2M Koreans and 2M Vietnamese to no purpose, as well. Why?

We didn’t kill a million people in Hiroshima (150,000) or Nagasaki (80,000). The use of nuclear weapons SAVED between 6M-10M lives (USN est Japanese deaths at 9M; USArmy est 5M, both est American deaths at 1M in an invasion).

We have spent on our S. Asia “wars” more in current dollars than it cost to defeat the two most modern military forces on the planet, simultaneously, across the entire planet, and in only 3.5 years: $4T. That $4T could have been spent on infrastructure, education – or just not added to our debt and subtracting from our kids’ future living standards.

The loss of never-to-be-born kids to never-to-be-parent Americans is inestimable.

My kids are 19, 21 – and have no recollection of an America NOT at war. THAT is shameful, far more shameful that the utter annihilation of the centers of the, literally, Stone Age ideology we send our kids to engage but not to defeat.

We – the West – ALL of us, need to differentiate between combat and war. We keep telling ourselves of the Vietnam War (it wasn’t), the Korean War (it wasn’t), the Gulf War (it wasn’t), and now the “war” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria… Libya. None are or were wars. All were and are combat without war.

Sending our kids out to die in combat for wars we refuse to declare, fight or win is immoral. Killing THEIR kids, the human capital THEY will need to re-build after these “wars” we refuse to win, is equally immoral.

IF these “wars” ever end; and do YOU see any end in sight?

Contrary to what seems to be popular belief / conventional wisdom, the annihilation of the centers of muslim ideology does not mean killing all the muslims any more than the destruction of Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki meant killing all Japanese or Germans.

“muslims will react and kill us!”

They are killing us now.

“They’ll kill us in greater numbers!”

A distinction without a difference, and the essence of surrender.

There is no Plan B but to be killed ourselves. By Stone Age illiterate savages.

Is that how you want your children to die?

People complain that we can and must avoid civilian casualties, that any larger attack that kills civilians cannot be accepted.

This is a gross misunderstanding of the language we use to understand and describe reality. It is a gross misunderstanding of our place in this clash.

We believe we are so powerful they will accept this and stop fighting – so we need not use our full capability. This is the basis of the embarrassingly absurd “Shock and Awe”
nonsense. They believe we lack the willpower to use that capability to defeat them – and so they will defeat us.

Since 1945 – guess who is correct?

In war people die. In modern war, millions of people die. Whining doesn’t change this – it only delays and increases the killing. If you want to end the killing – history teaches that you must kill the enemy in large numbers as fast as you can. Then – and only then – can the killing stop. That is what war is about.

But – Western – sensibilities (and only Western sensibilities) require that we avoid killing civilians in our firefights, sometimes at the cost of someone’s son.

Innocent bystanders exist in combat, and we believe that non-combatants should not be targeted in combat.

But combat is combatant v combatant. It is man-on-man. It is violence, anger, fear, terror, sweat, blood, pain, tears, anguish and death. Combat is not the destruction of a nation, a culture or a civilization. Combat is not the destruction of liberty or freedom.

Firefights are combat. Combat is not War. We use different words for a reason.

War is ideology v ideology. It is when one ideology uses all its power – economic, military, political – to bend the will of their adversary to their way — or dies trying.

Combat is existential for human beings. War is existential for ideologies and nations.

There are no innocent bystanders in war.

Islam is killed. Or human rights, liberty and freedom… die.

This is and must be war. One side will win.

The other side will die trying.


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Crossroads. The Near and Far Enemies – and Our Future

The law and the morality of a society are what the citizens/subjects are willing to put up with. It’s might makes right, regardless of what one may think or believe.

The might of Christianity and of Western Civilization has made our – unique – view of morality, human rights, etc., the dominant one, and therefore “right,” but it is foolish think this would have been the case had Christianity and the West not become the mightiest of civilizations.

It is equally foolish to think our rights exist for any reason other than our willingness to destroy any enemy attacking them. To destroy enemies across thousands of years and by the millions of metric tons. To annihilate those attacking our lives, our cities, our nation – our children – with all the force and speed and technology we could muster. To lay waste to their cities and to THEIR children – for children are what any civilization is about, without which no civilization can survive or prosper, and why would I want an enemy civilization to prosper… or survive?

But we survived and prospered for another reason, as well, and that is the willingness to self-correction. We corrected the error of the Inquisition, of internal totalitarianism, of misusing our religion to enslave rather than to free. We ended slavery. We corrected the error of the German totalitarianism that grew within our civilization – twice.

But then we stopped. And stasis cannot survive.

We stopped waging war on our enemies and began treating them as misguided, childlike adversaries to be scolded and not spanked – rather than killed, as would have those who created our rights, our civilization.  We stopped correcting the internal errors of Marx, of of Wilson and FDR, and got Carter and Pelosi and Schumer and Ryan and Obama, and of our academic institutions raising our future in their, not our, image. By not correcting these errors, by being too lazy, intellectually and otherwise, we dismissed as minor symptoms the disease that now is killing us.

We began instead to hubristically involve ourselves in the business, nations and civilizations of others. At the same time we were allowing – encouraging and ignoring – the death of our body politic, we were meddling in other’s, pretending they must act as we do – yet, somehow not believe as do we. We decided we could grow a new body within an opponent, a new body that would agree with us, but that we could do so without providing the required sustenance, to allow poison to be fed but expect a healthy body to emerge. We thought we could extend our ideology of liberty without extending our wisdom of freedom and individual rights, hard-won since ancient Greece.

As we fade out for not having taught our children well, another “might” is replacing us with Darwinian finality. This other “might” already has replaced Europe, which now lacks any semblance of human rights at their own choice. The new “might” of a 7th-Century barbaric savagery will become “right” as it has across an islam that, only a few centuries ago, created art, tapestry, science, and explored the earth and philosophy – for what is math but philosophy?

Our leaders and our subservient selves willing to put up with them, are assuring our descendants a future without Western Civilization, without human rights as we have understood them for millennia, without the liberty that was our birthright but that we are denying them.

As we play in our sandbox with our infantile view of our unchallengeable dominance, our fantasy of the lack of need to defend ourselves and our civilization, our rejection of any need to protect and defend our freedoms and our liberties and our children, our wasteful refusal to kill our enemies, the existential enemy has entered the grounds and begun picking-off the weak, the stragglers, the outliers, invited in by us and assisted by quislings we have made and of whom we often have made celebrities.

The enemy now is closing the circle on our low-fertility civilization that many of our own hate, perhaps only because they don’t understand the alternative to what they reject and that awaits them. And that, too, is our fault.

And why would a more confident, vibrant civilization not destroy us? If we don’t believe in our future enough to populate it, if we don’t believe in it enough to defend it, to kill our enemies in the number required to stop them from their destruction of the freest the world ever has known…. If we don’t believe in liberty, why would – why should – our enemies?

What is a civilization without children, without a future? It is decadence. It is an unwillingness to discomfit others and ourselves to save art, science, math, progress… history. It is europe. It is California, New York, Illinois. It is over.

This is a crossroads. We kill or we die. It is not a police action to scold or even to arrest one or two or a hundred. It is a war, a war for all in which we have believed since the birth of Christ – and before. It is not a Germany attacking France or Britain thousands of miles away. It is not Japan attacking a remote island.

It is a near enemy, our government, attacking our freedoms, destroying our liberties as they grow ever-larger, ever-more unconstrained, ever-hungrier to take what is ours. It is a far enemy, a foreign culture invading us as our government has removed the geographical obstacles that have forever protected us – our oceans.

Will OUR might succeed? Will OUR might still protect what we believe are OUR rights to life, liberty, property, safety? Will OUR might protect our children from the enemies who would kill them… or the enemies we have allowed to enslave them to totalitarian ideologies for 80 years?

Or will we join europe in not protecting our children, our women, our girls – the most important part of any civilization – and die?

The far enemy is an islam drawing ever-closer. But it cannot arrive without the near enemy – our own government and those voters who hate freedom.

Trump is fighting the near enemy alone, trying to return us to the Rule of Law, to our roots as a Constitutional republic under law. He is but one man fighting the inertia of a ruling class that has placed itself deep within our minds and our nation for nearly a century, a class demonstrably willing to sacrifice our security for their power and riches.

The question we need to be asking ourselves is not, “Can he do it?” but, rather, “How long do we watch from the sidelines as he battles our enemies alone before we raise a hand, a torch, a gun… and help him?”

If we reject our might, the might of liberty handed down to us by forefathers willing to kill and die for it, our Rights will be forever gone, replaced by other’s might – and no rights at all.

What’s it going to be?

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Memorial Day 2017

Two of my three kids were born in the mid-1990s. America – the country that defeated the two most modern and powerful military forces in history, across the entire planet, on land, sea and air, in 3-1/2 years – has been in ground combat with illiterate, unorganized, untrained, ill-equipped savages for nearly their entire lives. They have no recollection of an America not at war.

This is shameful.

My dad was born in 1912, raised a Quaker, and fought in the Pacific Theater of WW2. Why? He was an American. My mom was born in 1930, orphaned at 5, raised in a first-rate private institutionalized “Home” in Colorado Springs, remembers kneading yellow glop into white “margarine,” and began asking in 2002 where, if we were “at war,” were the sacrifices asked of the American population?

I was born in 1954, appointed to USAFA in the Spring of 1972 as my high school classmates were walking out of class to mail postcards to Nixon to end the war, and left the Academy in the summer of 1973 after we quit that war, sacrificed 58,000 American lives for nothing, killed 2M Vietnamese – and refused to defeat our enemy.

I long have held that, had the 200,000+ Americans, mostly Middle Class, who went underground, or to Canada or to Europe, instead stood up and said, “No!” even to the point of being jailed for the courage of their convictions, America would have ended that war years – and tens of thousands of American lives – sooner rather than have imprisoned two hundred thousand of sons of the Middle Class, and who knows how many of their parents.

When called, the Baby Boomers were cowards who allowed others to die for their cowardice – AND who allowed the war to continue, enabling the killing of millions… for no reason at all. Now that Boomers run Congress, they continue doing more of the same.

The last people from whom I want to hear on the national holiday dedicated to honoring those Americans who had their lives taken from them by enemies of freedom (they didn’t “give” their lives; their lives were taken by practitioners of anti-liberty ideologies) are the presidents who send our kids to fight wars we refuse to win, the Congressional leaders who  start and fund those wars,  the General Officers who send armies and air forces to battles they know will be meaningless, and the Field and Company Officers who send our children into battles or out on patrol to kill and to die for a cause in which America does not believe enough to defeat the enemy utterly.

Only victory is reason enough to wage war.

The leaders of WW2 remembered the conditional surrender of the enemy in WW1 and rejected it, requiring unconditional surrender in 1945. Neither Germany nor Japan ever again militarized to become a threat to their neighbors. Both nations now are economic, political and military allies, and their populaces have become more prosperous, freer, and better-educated than ever before in their history.


Because we annihilated the ideologies that militarized them.

We didn’t destroy Germany. We destroyed the NAZI ideology and millions enabling it – and then outlawed the NAZI ideology.

We didn’t destroy Japan. We destroyed the Imperial-Shinto ideology and millions enabling it – and then outlawed the Shinto religion.

We defeated the ideologies and their enablers, utterly. We destroyed cities, dams, canals, waterworks, transportation and electrical grids, farms, foodstuffs, everything those enablers needed to live, to wage war, to attack the liberty of others. We made the vanquished utterly dependent on the victors for the stuff of life itself. And then outlawed their ideologies.

In short: We were serious about killing and dying. It was war.

Americans steeped in liberty laid waste to populations and infrastructure that allowed the growth of totalitarian ideologies, who attacked their neighbors to annihilate their freedom and bend them to the will of those anti-liberty ideologies.

This is how and why wars are fought.

Were civilians killed? You bet. It was those civilians who stood by – and sent sons to participate in – the attacks on the liberties of others. Who watched the smoke rise from the camps as the smell of burnt flesh permeated their towns and their homes. Who worked in the armaments factories that created the death their nations rained on others. Who loaded the boats and trains with soldiers and food and gasoline and munitions to kill free people. Who worked the farms that fed the men killing others for reasons of ideologies of hate and power. Innocent civilians may be bystanders in combat, but there are no innocent civilians in war.


President Eisenhower was the last president who had been a war leader. He won the largest land battle in the history of the world. He knew war as no one today can or ever will again.

Eisenhower did not “rebuild America’s military” after Korea and World War 2. He spent his entire eight years in office fighting against a Pentagon demanding huge conventional forces. Ike rejected building or fighting a large conventional force. He knew the carnage of the battlefield for both victors and vanquished as few others in history. And rejected it. He asked “How many schools did that bomber cost?” when bombers did not cost $2,000,000,000 each.

The defense policy of President Eisenhower was simple: Massive Retaliation. In the event of an attack on American forces or our allies, we would “go all-in” with tactical (battlefield) nuclear weapons. How many wars did we fight under Eisenhower? Zero. He was a warrior. The enemy knew him, measured him and found him deadly serious. And did not test him.

Diplomacy is about talking. Wars are about killing people. Lots of people. Productivity counts  more than in any other human endeavor. The more of your enemy you kill at the lowest cost of your own dead, the faster you win and the better your future. The faster you kill enough of the enemy to destroy their will and ability to continue the fight, the faster the killing stops and the fewer enemy dead – and the better their future.

The ideal weapon – as in the most productive, as in fewest of your own killed while destroying the will and capability of the enemy to fight and kill your kids – is the nuclear weapon. Because so many are killed so quickly, because the assault on the will to fight is so overwhelming, paradoxically these save lives.

My dad fought the Japanese. They fought to the last man every single time. Why did we use the atomic bombs? Because Okinawa was so bad; because the fighting on Okinawa told us what an invasion would bring. Because we needed to end the war. Because war planners estimated we’d be fighting until 1949. Because it was estimated that an invasion of Japan would kill 1,000,000 Americans and between 6,000,000 and 9,000,000 Japanese.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved at least 7,000,000 lives.

We killed 2,000,000 Koreans and 2,000,000 Vietnamese. Had we nuked Pyongyang and Hanoi, we’d not have killed 4,000,000 of our enemy – or 100,000 of our own. Had we nuked Pyongyang, we might not have had to fight Vietnam at all.

(Remember – Mao asked Stalin if it was OK to attack South Korea. Stalin wanted to find out how serious America was, so said go for it. Had Truman responded by nuking Pyongyang, Stalin and Mao might have said, “Oh!” and the rest of the century been far less bloody, and the Cold War far less expensive. (Stalin most certainly would not have responded to an attack on North Korea with nuclear weapons screaming toward the United States; read some history. Stalin didn’t even like Mao.)

Nuclear weapons work. They are weapons not of combat, but of war. The use or credible threat of use of nuclear weapons end or prevent wars. The lack of them starts and continues wars. Want to know why Putin invaded Ukraine? Simple: Ukraine gave up her nuclear arsenal.

We have killed 1,000,000 S. Asians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Had we nuked Tora Bora, this fight might have ended in 2001 – over a million taken human lives ago.

America is the only nation in history to reject its most productive weapons, instead choosing to sacrifice our future – our kids. And the kids of our enemies – the kids who will be needed to rebuild in peace.

This, too, is shameful.

How many Faulkners, Hemingways, Mamets, Williams, Fords; how many Coplands and Bernsteins; how many Pollocks and Bentons and Warhols; how many Edisons and Paulings never will be born to their never-to-be parents lying dead on some sand dune, killed by an illiterate savage with no knowledge of art, music, literature or science?


How can this make sense to any American?

Since 1950 our “wars” have accomplished one thing – and it is the one thing against which Eisenhower warned. We have enriched, incredibly enriched, a Military-Industrial-Congressional complex by spending trillions of hard-earned tax dollars – today’s tax dollars and tax dollars of generations yet unborn – on weapons, delivery systems, transport, uniforms… and wars … that are used only to buy more weapons, delivery systems, uniforms and wars.

And we have squandered the lives and futures of tens of thousands of our children.

We have not used those lives and that money to do what military forces are organized, trained and equipped to do: Defeat our enemies.


Americans have two choices: We can continue the insanity of starting, fighting, sending our kids to kill and die in, and spending trillions of dollars on, wars we refuse to win. We can continue to pretend to value the lives of warriors we send to be maimed in combat we don’t even try to win. Or we can demand that, if we must destroy an attacking ideology, we “go all-in,” saving all of those American lives, nearly all of the lives of our enemy, and nearly all of those dollars. We can get to peace sooner with more people left to rebuild cities and economies.

If we are not going to defeat an opponent, we must not send our kids – kids who trust their government with their lives and their futures – to kill and to die for no reason at all. If we believe in our future and our children, we must not sacrifice their lives needlessly.


As in WW2, our enemy is an ideology. Warriors and terrorists are only tools of that ideology. We must defeat this anti-human ideology and its enablers as quickly, as totally, as inexpensively in their lives and ours, as technology allows.

We know where the ideology is based. We know that this ideology has spawned every global conflict in the last 25 years. We know this ideology is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of human beings, for imprisoning hundreds of millions more, and for reducing the liberty and freedom of all human beings.

If that is not worth destroying… what is?

Want to end these wars? Annihilate the ideology.

Want to end war?

Make it, once again, so “terrible” that we should not “grow too fond of it” as we so obviously have.


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Time to Treat Islam as an Invasive Species

In speaking of the Dawn of Man it is intriguing that the Left demands Darwin and the Right, Creationism, yet today reverse their roles. The Right wants to kill the invasive species attacking our niche of Liberty and Law; and the Left rejects defending this niche, demanding a form of Creationism: this is the way our world was created; quit trying to change the natural order – which is a slide to totalitarianism, with islam the current invasive species destroying this niche that evolved over thousands of years.
When an invasive species appears – the occupier of the niche being invaded kills it, or the invader displaces that occupant. Ask Sweden. Ask Dearborn.
Islam is a malignant organism invading our niche of Law, Liberty and Human Rights. It is unthinking, unknowing, opportunistic and very close to, if not already, out of control. Islam has killed between 150M and 270M human beings. Only smallpox has killed more: between 300M and 500M. We didn’t just kill smallpox in those infected by it; we annihilated it and its precursors wherever found to ensure it could not return to kill more. No evolutionary reason exists to not destroy islam; every evolutionary reason exists to do so.
Defense of one’s niche is not accomplished by negotiation, appeasement, or by bringing to-bear minimal force and maximal hope. No successful organism sends out its offspring to be killed by invaders while continuing to graze. The successful protect their own, defend their niche and destroy any invader as brutally and quickly as their capabilities allow, or they are displaced.
Look at Sweden, Germany, France… what organism now owns the niche they refused to defend? What organism has been tossed to extinction?
We must accept that the world is Darwinian and destroy organisms attacking our niche of liberty, freedom, law and Human Rights. We know the centers of the DNA of this invasive species as well as we knew those of Imperial Japan and NAZI Germany, the last two major invasive species attacking Liberty and Law. Go Hiroshima on this invader – now. Or be displaced and become extinct.
No excuse exists to not annihilate this cancerous enemy of humanity – and none will matter if we refuse to do so.
This is not a game. This is Darwin. He ALWAYS wins in the end
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Immutable characteristics vs merit

Constantly lecturing Americans in race & gender, Democrats fail to grasp that among those who actually work for a living it is merit alone that determines our preferences. Eschewing personal responsibility in all aspects of their lives – the performance of unionized teachers, pregnancy, their son or daughter not performing to the standard of MVP so demanding participation trophies – the Left is incapable of grasping that the rest of us choose friends, companies, mentors on merit alone.

The Left does value performance in some spheres. Acting. Singing. Athletics. Entertainment. But only when they themselves aren’t participating. You will see them at the playoffs, the Series, ringside. When they do participate and vie against one another in competition it is make believe: the Oscars. The Globes. The Emmys. Hard work? Ok. Does it benefit society as much as the guys ensuring the sewers run on time? No.

Because only superfluous characteristics matter to Democrats, superfluous characteristics must be the criteria for adult decisions, as well. Which is why, six months after the election they remain convinced that a pathological, lifelong liar with no accomplishments beyond logging airline miles and escaping prosecution for felonies lost the presidency because of her sex.

It’s for the same superfluous characteristic – race – that they demanded we vote for (or accused us of voting against) an unvarnished communist who set back race & international relations by decades.

Are there people on the Right who vote on race & gender? Sure. A few.

Are there those on the Left who vote on merit? It no longer seems so.

Too bad. America needs competing parties, competing ideas, competing policy experiments in order to establish the – merit – of those ideas. When only one side cares about merit this is difficult to accomplish. Without this competition we cannot get better.

Of course, if Democrats wanted to get better, they’d acknowledge & pursue merit, abandon policies that don’t work, and help improve society and everyone in it.

That they refuse to do so tells you all you need to know about their innate selfishness & lack of maturity.

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