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American Inflection Point

One had hoped that winning at the ballot box would be all that was required to save Western Civilization. It increasingly is looking as though that was only the end of the beginning.

230 years of peaceful transition had to end one day. This is why I post supporting secession: These people cannot – will not – refuse to be – be reasoned with. Logic, facts and history can find no purchase.

From this vantage point the street is looking worse than the summer of ’68. And it’s only the beginning of February. We seem to be at the opening stages of a war. As with radical Islam, only our enemies are fighting it.

The ’60s were uncoordinated points of violence. The coordination, leadership & communication within the totalitarian resistance to law & order all are in place today.

The Left no longer is a reasonable difference of opinion. It is composed of communist ideologues, enemies of liberty, freedom and the Rule of Law, and must be treated – and fought – accordingly.

Nor is it the “radical” Left anymore: this is the mainstream of the Democrat Party and the national media.

This is a totalitarian Left violently pursuing economic and material damage to my country, subverting our laws & people, attacking and beating Americans, and demanding the importation of a violent alien culture to increase their violence and intimidation.

To the Democrat mainstream, radical Islam is a pawn to be played violently against freedom, human rights, self-government and individual liberty. To be played against Western Civilization itself.

Millions of us took an oath to prevent this. It is fantasy that our oath will not be acted on.

Once totalitarianism has been achieved, Islam will be violently discarded by the Left as it, too, is a competing ideology; the Left are the most accomplished mass-murderers in history, having murdered hundreds of millions of their own countrymen just in the last century to further their goal. We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

We may be and probably are at an inflection point: begin removing the totalitarian disease with the level of violence required to effect a return to law, or become Europe, already overrun with totalitarian thought in their parliaments & streets, and with the alien disease across their lands, foolishly allowing it to attack without response their most irreplaceable and important resources: their women & children.

Make no mistake: Europe is on its way to becoming S Asia; there is almost nothing they can do, and probably nothing they have the will to do, to stop it. The economic catastrophe that will cause, destroying hundreds of billions of dollars of annual world trade and tens of millions of jobs, will make the Great Depression look like a minor recession.

That this is being ignored by the leaders of the Great Powers astounds.

Had the person beaten by the mob into unconsciousness in the street, or the person hit & knocked out by the mob at the Portland airport been with me – or any of 14.5 million others who carry to protect against violence – the attacker/s would have been shot. It is WHY we carry. Escalation from that point, a point their leaders seem to be hoping and planning for, will be bad for all but, in the long run, worse for us as the increase in security will further their goal of totalitarianism. THEY KNOW THIS.

But they have left us no alternative. Violence not responded to begets a police state.

Someone needs to begin removing the leaders of this movement covertly. They will not stop nor police themselves.

The future of American liberty depends on it.

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DATELINE 2 JAN 2019 – San Francisco

In California yesterday, following formal secession from the United States on 1 JAN 2019, the following major events were reported:

  1. Gasoline rose to $30.00 per gallon as California terminated all drilling in the State due to environmental concerns. Major oil companies closed their refineries in the Bay Area and Los Angeles at the order of the State EPA. Major service station chains agreed to provide gasoline to CA drivers at $15.00 per gallon at mega-stations under construction in AZ, OR and NV. Much of the price increase, per the oil companies, is to offset the losses of company refineries and buildings shuttered by the state without recompense (no longer required in the CA State Constitution, in which the takings clause has been struck). The remaining $15.00 are State taxes, including $5.00 per gallon to subsidize the gasoline needed by State legislators to get to work, dinner and golf meetings with their constituents and lobbyists. Rolling brownouts are expected. Air conditioners outside the capitol have been outlawed, giving rise to speculation as to public reaction during the coming summer months. Natural gas is unavailable; production has ceased and distribution terminated. The Sierra Club reported that trees are disappearing at an alarming rate in CA locales getting cold enough to require heating of homes.
  2. Car rental companies closed their doors; with no gasoline, the strategic business decision seems to have been made that renting cars in CA has become a suboptimal use of company assets. Their fleets are being driven to other company outlets across the 47 states by company and franchise employees moving to other states, along with their families and jobs.
  3. Major food companies agreed to provide pickup points in NV, AZ, OR, for food delivered from the Midwest. (Food and gasoline companies are discussing co-location of facilities.) The cost of diesel in CA, they report, precludes their delivering food within the State. Farmers and farm co-ops across America have boosted the price of their produce destined for California and average of 1,000%, seeing a profit opportunity. Steak is now $45/lb, a bag of Cheetos $30.00. Refrigeration will not be provided at pickup points, so CA must address millions of pounds of rotting perishables; the governors of OR, NV and AZ are in discussion with CA government officials to fund and staff these centers. Terminex is working to gather a consortium of pest control companies large enough to deal with the problem of rats, vultures, coyotes, feral dogs and cats, cockroaches, etc., at these locations. Dealing with the homeless now arriving at these points from San Francisco likely will be problematic.
  4. Farmers in Central Valley, the most productive farmland in the world until the CA government redirected water from agriculture to SF Bay for a non-endangered baitfish, continue to leave the state, following dairy farmers and cattle ranchers, who left at the Fall roundup, trucking their cattle east where it will not be taxed for farting. Milk, free of national price regulation, is now $25/gallon in the quickly-declining number of markets in which it is available. Grapes are unavailable but the summer raisin crop is expected to be at record highs. Legal and illegal labor in the Central Valley is lining up at closed US Welfare offices wondering where their next meal will come from, the diapers for their infants, and what to do with dollar-denominated checks of which reports are being received no longer are being cashed in CA banks. All US-chartered banks have closed.
  5. Los Angeles, Oakland, E Palo Alto, Stockton, San Jose are no-go zones for police due to uncontrolled rioting, looting and shooting. Absent guns in the hands of citizens, and following the departure of most police officers and their families, the violence is expected to last for the foreseeable future or until they run out of water, which has been shut off by State officials. The governor called on the National Guard, but no one answered the phone.
  6. AZ and NV have agreed to stop the flow of the Colorado River at Lake Mead, leaving CA’s Colorado River water supply cutoff. The States agreed that this is American water, and that much of it will be needed for people fleeing CA. Reservoirs at Mead and Lake Powell will be filled. A new canal is being proposed with AZ to deliver water south from the Lake Mead reservoir to Phoenix. A possible extension into Mexico is being discussed with the presidents of Mexico and America, to replace the water that once flowed to the Mexican farms above the Gulf of California prior to its being diverted to CA pools and water parks. Both presidents are involved as the canal will require an architectural change to the border wall.
  7. Major tech companies in Silicon Valley and Santa Monica have closed their doors due to the lack of available electricity to keep their systems and products running, to power their Teslas on the way to work, air-condition their offices (the trendy new office building windows are designed not to open), to grind their coffee or heat it, or to cool the soy milk for their lattes. Starbucks did not return calls for comment. While the companies themselves are being welcomed in TX, NC, SC, etc., employees are being screened individually.
  8. AZ, NV, OR have begun erecting border fences at checkpoints to slow and document the numbers of Californians attempting to enter their States. The governors are unsure if they have the housing, food and water required, and do not have the jobs necessary to keep these Californians from demanding welfare. People are being allowed in based on their political beliefs; Democrats are turned back, as are those who voted for the recent “Jungle Primary” law on the explanation that other states don’t want to be “Californicated” by people they describe as “batshit fucking crazy.”
  9. All non-trendy restaurants, fast food stores, convenience stores, massage parlors and houses of illicit behavior have been shuttered in San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco, as well as those near Los Angeles Harbor, Barstow Marine Logistics Center, USN and USAF gunnery and bombing ranges, Ft Irwin, and all smaller military bases as the US pulled all military forces out of CA in compliance with CA’s demand to do so. It is expected that the cost of “escorts” and “massages” in surrounding states will drop significantly. The loss of cash in the local economies is considered existential by those economies, but a boon by the State as it increases the ability to tax remaining business that previously were dominated by cash purchases. At trendy restaurants salads, water and domestic wines no longer are being served and menus are being reprinted twice-daily (soy ink) to keep up with shortages, costs and inflation.
  10. Student at CA’s once world-class universities rioted outside their classrooms in jubilation over secession.  They could not enter as electricity for lighting, elevators, computers and air conditioning was unavailable. IBM and other major companies ceased cooperation with the various Career Centers, noting briefly in online postings available to those whose cell phone batteries had yet to run dry their lack of interest in hiring people who did not understand business or economics, and the end of a business climate in the State.
  11. UHaul, Penske and other you-truck companies drastically lowered prices for truck rentals within the 47 states due to the surplus of vehicles on-hand, the result of nearly all CA-based trucks having been driven out of that State, loaded and often over-loaded with possessions of former resident families and small business, nearly all of which have left the State. The teacher unions are having trouble dealing with the unexpected increase in number of teachers laid-off due to the flight of basically anyone with kids.
  12. Airline companies are adjusting to the lack of fuel by terminating nearly all long-haul flights out of CA, substituting short flights from inland airports such as Bakersfield and Fresno, to neighboring States where refueling can occur. Jets are being moved elsewhere, regional propeller aircraft being substituted for these local flights.
  13. Due to demands regarding overflight rights, all remaining interstate air travel from and to CA is being taxed at $1.00/passenger-mile by states over which these aircraft fly. Rerouting over Canada and Mexico has been taken advantage of by those nations, as well.
  14. In-transit cargo ships from Asia and Europe have been re-routed from San Diego, Los Angeles and Oakland to harbors in TX, FL, NC, NY, WA as no transportation seems to exist from CA harbors to inland markets or the remaining 47 States. Dockworkers showing up for work today expressed surprise and seem worried about their future.
  15. Due to State legislative direction to cease and desist procurement from anti-environmental companies, paper products are experiencing an extreme shortage, from office paper necessary to print government regulations, to notebook paper for kids in the schools not shuttered due to the flight of nearly all families, to toilet paper. No outcry has been heard from local muslim communities.

Illinois and the New England States are watching events closely. Our sister stations are reporting that legislators in these States believe all is going great and are looking forward to their own forthcoming secession expectations.

Our ability to continue reporting from California in the days ahead is dependent on supplies of food, water and electricity, so may be intermittent.



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America, Mexico and Drugs

Having grown up and lived in SoCal nearly all of my 62 years, and having made a few trips to Mexico (camping in Baja, hotelling in Acapulco, day trips to Tijuana & Mexicali), it has always bothered me that the country is so corrupt, backward, illiterate and crime-ridden. There is no excuse for it.

The Mexican illegals with whom the American Middle Class comes into contact are, for the most part, hardworking men & women. The guy standing at the end of the freeway off-ramp selling oranges or cherries or flowers is never a white guy or a black guy – they’re on the other side begging. When you drive down to the place at which day laborers hang out hoping for work, you find Mexicans (and the occasional Central American). I don’t recall ever seeing a Mexican begging; they’re working.

Mexico sits next to the most successful economy in the world. How hard is it to simply copy the Rule of Law and capitalism? Mexicans aren’t stupid. If you’ve watched them build a house, lay blocks building a wall, or mow & blow three adjacent homes at the same time in an assembly-line manner, you know they aren’t lazy.

It becomes increasingly difficult to find sympathy for a nation whose capable people refuse to do the hard work of fixing it.

Mexicans know what works – they come here to take advantage of it.

Mexicans know what does not work – they come here to leave it.

If the Mexican government had working brain cells, and wanted to improve the lives of those they govern (something always in serious doubt), they’d help us build the wall – and the doors in it – to reduce the flight of hard workers (enlisting them instead in fixing their country) and to isolate the cartels for killing.

Mexicans are perfectly able to free their country from its over-heavy government, its corruption, the domination of the cartels, the flight of the hardworking.

If they want to.

Unfortunately for them, and for us, those who should know better – successful American academics and policy implementers – are teaching them all the wrong things: Centralized, heavy government, anti-capitalism, a huge and rising economic inequality (which always gets worse under socialist policies), corruption of the government and bureaucracy (ditto).

If Mexico were to remove its corruption, the drug wars would stop as the supply, and the foot, soldiers would disappear. All it takes is capitalism and the rule of law liberally (not “Progressively”) applied.

America needs to take responsibility, not for exporting success, but to STOP exporting failure. In the case of Mexico, these failures are our appetite for drugs, and our refusal to help them move to a freer, more educated and less-corrupt society.

If Mexico needs a hand in teaching capitalism and the Rule of Law, we can do that, and a successful businessman in the White House may be the place to begin. If they need help with education, we must first remove the economic and cultural Marxism from our schools of education and again produce educated teachers, which we now lack. (A “Progressive” isn’t educated, he or she is degreed; there’s a difference.)

If Mexico needs help removing the drug cartels in order to allow liberty to sprout, its leaders first will have to accept the loss of income gained from those cartels, then get serious about killing the men running them. If they need help with that, and are willing to accept it under serious Rules of Engagement, both nations will prosper.

If Trump can do these things, he will help Mexico and Central/South America more than all of his predecessors, combined.

It is – past – time to grasp – again, as the West did from the beginning of the West until September, 1945 – that serious progress requires serious killing of those violently standing against it, as the cartels violently stand against the progress of liberty & law in Mexico.

We understood this in WW2, with the result that Germany and Japan became freer, better-educated and more prosperous than at any time in their histories. The West has understood this since ancient Rome: For freedom and liberty to prosper, enemies must be killed in sufficient numbers to destroy them and the propagation of their behaviors.

Post-WW2 we ceased to grasp this fundamental truth: Killing bad guys in large numbers results in better outcomes over time than killing them in small numbers in the fantasy that they will see the error of their ways – which they will not. And killing them quickly results in fewer killed in total over longer periods of time. (Capitalism does not support killing in small numbers, the cost-benefit curve is on the side of the cartels.)

Rejecting this historical fundamental is why the world is in the shape it is in today.

If America and Americans want to be free of the damage drugs do to our society, if we want to protect future generations from the incalculable loss of our kids who OD, we need not to kill a few cartel leaders & workers and imprison a few more in the fantasy this will result in victory over them. We need to kill the killers in large enough numbers to force a change in their behaviors.

Which is what war is all about.

America has two choices in re: drugs & Mexico: Get serious about Liberty, Freedom, the Rule of Law and prosecute an actual, not metaphorical war on drugs … or continue to watch our kids and our future die.


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Voting, Citizenship & Limited Constitutional Govt

Americans need to understand the franchise to make an effective argument about its integrity. The comments in social media and elsewhere indicate that we don’t.

The Constitution does not require voters to be citizens; the voter franchise – other than obstacles such as listed in the 14th Amendment – is left to the States in Art 1, Sec 4. Requiring citizenship for enfranchisement in national elections (Congress, president) would require an amendment; this amendment, to be effective, must include VoterID for national elections, and – more than likely – a national voter database, currently anathema to conservatives and libertarians.  (And requiring it in State elections ought to remain the purview of the States.)

VoterID also is a State issue, also under Article 1, Section 4, with the only allowable federal interference delineated in the 14th Amendment, which provides for reducing the representation of a State should it limit the franchise in ways disallowed by 14A. A SCOTUS holding disallowing VoterID is outside the Enumerated Powers and properly should be ignored (as should holdings on abortion, marriage, bathrooms, etc., for the same reason).

The Enumeraed powers exist for a purpose: to limit the power of the federal government. These limitations have been ignored too long.

If the GOP leadership were interested in Constitutionally limited government rather than comity, with the huge & increasing majorities American voters have been giving them, America already would have returned to it. That Tenth Amendment legislation is not at the top of the GOP agenda today indicates the near-complete lack of interest the GOPe has in limited government under Constitutional Rule of Law

Legislative bandaids exist for 10A issues. As legislation, however, these can be overturned by future Congresses. Some, such as those as consequential as the franchise, must be amended in to the Constitution.

If the GOP, for example, were interested in ending abortion rather than using it only as a campaign fundraiser – which is their only use for the issue today – they’d outlaw it and remove it from the jurisdiction of the federal courts whose jurisdiction they define. Similarly they could remove gun legislation from federal jurisdiction, pass legislation that the Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit clause applies to all licenses issued by States, including CCW, and is not limited to marriage & driver licenses.

The refusal of the GOPe to pursue 10A enforcement now that we own all 3 federal branches and nearly all States only proves how cowardly, anti-Constitutional and Progressive they really are.

If the ArtV crowd understood that we have no Jeffersons or Madisons today, but that we already have the Constitution required, they’d work on amending it to change the Franchise, and on States to enforce 10A and the Enumerated Powers.

A governor, for example John Kasich, stating that SCOTUS has held on gay marriage so it now is the law of the land, is inexplicable for anyone familiar with the Constitution, and inexcusable for a Republican portraying himself as a supporter of limited government.

It is the rejection of Constitutional limitations on the power of both parties that has and will continue to damage the republic. Democrats respond to these limitations by ignoring them. Republicans respond by campaigning in support of them – and then ignoring them once in office.

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