Walls, maintenance, cost offsets and investment

Reuters estimates that The Wall for which Trump voters voted may cost as much as $21.6B, and take 3.5 years to build. The Federalist estimates that illegal immigration costs the nation $135B per year. (It’s probably safe to assume the publications have offsetting bias, so we’ll just go with their numbers.)

Using these figures, the wall costs 15% one year’s cost of illegal immigration, and has a payback period of 57 days following completion, with the assumption that an in-progress wall does not drive down illegal immigration, probably a false assumption. This also assumes, probably also incorrectly, that The Wall ends all immigration; but it also does not take into account the cost of the Border Patrol, so let’s assume those numbers offset.

What about infrastructure maintenance? According to a study done by the Voorhees Transportation Institute at Rutgers University (pdf), the maintenance costs of highways in New Jersey (the best infrastructure maintenance number I could find for large chunks of concrete) is about 24% of the cost to design and build it. With no trucks driving on it, and no frost heaves, let’s assume the maintenance cost of a southern wall to be about 1/5 of that NJ highway, or about 5%.

The Wall, then, would cost $21B, plus an additional $1B/yr. Or a ten-year cost of $31B. In that same period (using constant dollars), illegal immigration (assuming it stays the same) would cost the taxpayers $1350B, or $1.35T.

Savings to the taxpayer in gross (constant) dollars – not counting the cultural changes wrought by millions more low-skill, mostly illiterate immigrants – over that ten-year span would be approximately $1.32T.

Savings per
Decade      $1,321,000,000,000
Year              $132,100,000,000
Day                        $361,917,808
Hour                       $15,079,908
Minute                          $251,331
Second                              $4,188

Democrats, therefore, are arguing that a savings of $132B per year, is a poor investment.

I guess it’s “crumbs.”

Probably because it’s our kids, not their (nonexistent) kids that will be seeing the cost – or not.

Here’s what it looks like in a graph:

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The West is Running Out of Other People’s Babies

The below is from a FB conversation I’m putting here, too. As some commenters have – correctly – pointed out, laws and mores need to be changed to save Western Civ, to make having more babies economically feasible. But the recognition of the issue must preceded this.

FB Convo from a woman who just doesn’t get it:

Actually… We should be supporting Contraception for all because of the nearly 50% unplanned birth rate in the US.

I’d MUCH rather have immigrants (legal) that come here to work hard and give their future PLANNED children a better life than watch as abusive, addict, mentally ill trash crank out litters that will end up in the trailer, housing project, or streets just like their parents.

This – easily – is the dumbest thing I’ve read this year. Or last.

The West is greying due to too-low fertility now. No Leftist country (or Blue American State) is above replacement level fertility. ALL our safety nets are based on more babies.

Europe is descending into violent chaos because they’ve had to import the workers they’ve refused, for 50 years, to raise. Importing illiterates from cultures that eschew learning, while refusing to fix our Dem-run education, and refusing to raise our own kids (a DRASTIC difference in IQ exists between those who participated in the Industrial Revolution and those who did not – see THE FLYNN EFFECT).

These 3rd-worlders will NEVER be employable in ANY 1st-world economy – the ONLY result that CAN occur of their import is a return to a Dark Ages – they can’t work, can’t farm, can’t invent, can’t survive other than on welfare from a rapidly-ageing 1st-world workforce.

And once that ageing workforce is in the grave, zero tax dollars will exist to feed these immigrants. Or house them. Or provide them electrical grids or water works – NONE of which they can do on their own.

What will be the only possible result? The starvation of tens (or hundreds) of millions. The destruction of forests in slash-and-burn agriculture. The destruction of the environment as the new denizens won’t care, and can’t afford to take care of it.

If you thought the LAST Dark Ages was a good time, if the millennia of carnage required to get humanity to the 21st C was a good thing, then, sure, skip having babies.

But if you care – at all – about human rights, prosperity, liberty, freedom, the environment, the future, educated Western women need to be having, educating, raising, 2-3 babies EACH for the foreseeable future. Or they are saying their modern life was good enough for them, but digression to savage barbarity is good enough for the future of Western Civ – and the world that has, for thousands of years, depended on our progress.

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We are NOT ‘All In This Together’

We fought one Cold War against communism. If you don’t get that another Cold War between Liberty and communism is happening again between our own citizens, and is far more likely to turn hot, it’s time to wake the hell up.

Our proxy wars are not in Vietnam, Korea, Grenada – they are in Berkeley, San Jose, Colorado State, Dartmouth. At polling places, PTA meetings, City Councils.

The GOPe thinks this is a disagreement in how to reach common goals.

There ARE no common goals. Every piece of blather about “we’re all in this together,” or, “we all are Americans,” or, “We want the same thing for our kids,” is pure ignorance manifesting as politesse (the Left doesn’t even have kids – check global demographics). It’s complete and utter nonsense by people who ought to know better by now. It is becoming difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between “we all want the same thing” and Neville Chamberlain’s mindless utterings. There isn’t going to be any “peace in our time,” and the sooner we recognize this, the better for the future of liberty and prosperity. Or liberty will have “the peace of the grave.”

Fundamentals people need to understand:

  1. The Left HATES the Middle Class & will do everything and anything to prevent or overturn our prosperity, education, mobility. The poor don’t care about liberty – they can’t afford it. The rich can buy all the liberty (& politicians) they want. The Middle Class demands to be left alone, to keep the results of their labor, to have a prosperous & free future for their kids. The Left cannot abide any of this.
  2. The Left doesn’t give a damn about a free or prosperous future – if they did, their policies would not always lead to Venezuela, Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson… Why don’t they give a damn about the future? THEY DON’T HAVE KIDS – GLOBALLY.
  3. The Left HATES children. They’ve owned education since FDR; if they wanted our kids to have a good education – and social mobility, AKA The American Dream – our kids would HAVE a good education.
  4. The Left HATES minorities. The worst schools, worst employment, worst crime, worst environments – all – are in minority, Democrat cities. If a minority thinks for him or herself – they destroy him or her if at all possible.
  5. The left HATES the idea of governing under the consent of the governed. If you don’t get that you have not been paying attention for AT LEAST a decade and have been on “snooze” since the Summer of ’68.
  6. The Left will stop AT NOTHING to overturn Constitutional government under the Rule of Law. Fraudulent voting, fraudulent vote counting, polling place intimidation, out-of-control courts, nothing-but-lies media, etc. They’ve been practicing for years – and have NEVER been held accountable for any of it.
  7. The Left HATES Human Rights. Human Rights are a moral invention of the Western Civilization the Left HATES, and the acceptance of Islam – a brutal, totalitarian murderous cult, especially toward women the Left claims to support – proves to anyone paying attention that…
  8. …The Left ARE TOTALITARIANS and, like the totalitarians we defeated in WW2, MUST BE defeated, crushed, wiped-out, never to rise again. Annihilated.

That the GOP establishment is not up to the task is why Trump is in the Oval Office. Of the 19 people running on both sides in 2016, only one could possibly have resulted in the exposure of the Deep State.

Does anyone think, had any other GOP candidate won, that the Deep State, Fusion, FISA, etc., would be under investigation? No. They are in lockstep with the Left. Progressive is progressive, regardless of the color of one’s party.

The longer we wait, the more certain either of our defeat, or of the backlash – if we win – going too far in the other direction.

So the question is – WHAT are we going to do about it while we still have time to act?

November is coming. If you think it will be nonviolent, you are living in a phone booth with no outside line. When it does become violent, if it becomes obvious the Will of the People was thwarted, that Ruling Class will do as much about it as has been done about the serial lawbreaking of Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Lerner… what will you be prepared to do about it?

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace” – Thomas Paine

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Spying on Trump Only a Tactic

It occurs to ask: What was Hillary, what was obama, really up to by spying on Trump?

Weaponizing our government against our citizens was a strategy – not a tactic. It was years in the making. It was F&F, IRS, DHS…

All these people in mid-2016 KNEW she had it in the bag. Was she, with the help of obama, just laying the groundwork for a true police state after her coronation?

I doubt these people, obama holdovers, were seriously concerned about keeping their jobs under his heir. The idea they were “auditioning” for Hillary seems naive.

Was she just normalizing using the government and the IC against Americans; lying to courts, unmasking citizens, paving the way to the Left’s goal: a Stalinist State?

The IC is designed & funded to spy on our enemies. Can anyone truthfully say the Left has any greater enemies than free Americans? Obviously not radical Islam. Obviously not Russia or China, or the totalitarian EU.

Why would they NOT point the NSA , FBI, etc., at us rather than … at whom?

It seems contrary to logic that a candidate & a party who KNEW they were going to win would set this all up just for a tactical goal they were certain they’d already achieved, rather than the strategic goal of overthrowing America, toward which they’ve been working since the 1960s & before.

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#TheMemo – Not Even the End of the Beginning

The Memo isn’t even the “end of the beginning.” The IG report may be, but not if the adults don’t change their behavior. It is but the first small beachhead in a war that must be fought and won for America, our rights, our liberties, our freedom… to survive. And if you have not learned from The Memo that this IS a war – you are not paying attention at all.

There is no guarantee we will be able to hold this beachhead. As we celebrate The Memo, the left is plotting its counterattack. They never rest, never sleep, never quit.

If the Rule of Law is not enforced, if Obama, Hillary, Lerner, Koskinen, Clapper, Lynch, Holder, Comey are not indicted and tried, the Rule of Law is gone, and we live under the Rule of Man, enforcing the law based the identity of the criminal. This is the core of “identity politics.” This is totalitarianism. This is the left.

“None of us is free until all of us are free.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If we are not all subject to the same laws, freedom and liberty cannot exist, but only totalitarianism in which our birthright as Americans, our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are determined at the whim of another rather than under law.

If these people are free, we are not. It is axiomatic.

As we adventure around the world “to make the world safe for democracy,” to enforce the borders of other nations and lecture on the Rule of Law, we overthrow all of that here at home: No law. No borders. No democracy…  No Republic.

An Article 5 Convention won’t change this. It only will establish a different set of rules that won’t be enforced by Democrats because they reject the Rule of Law, and by Republicans as they are too nice to offend, think this is a church social rather than a war to the death over Western Civilization, and don’t want to “be judgmental,” the single most ignorant trope ever used by a sentient being.

We have the laws we need now; we refuse to enforce them. We have in our Constitution the most perfect governing document in history. We refuse to enforce it.

Would we have an immigration problem had we enforced our own laws? No.

Would we have just experienced eight years of a completely lawless President had we enforced the Separation of Powers that defines our government? No.

Would we allow ourselves to be ruled by the federal courts if we enforced the Constitution, its Enumerated Powers, and the Bill of Rights? No.

If the people we elect now won’t enforce the law and Constitution – which is blatantly obvious on both sides of the aisle – a new Constitution won’t change that.

To think the mid-terms will reflect anything learned about the political establishment, the Deep State, the uber-corruption of our government by those we trust to govern us reflects the old saying about a second marriage: one puts hope over experience. The same franchise will elect the same criminals to excuse their lawbreaking and various immunities in the same way. Because you see, it’s not MY Congressman who is the problem, it’s YOUR Congressman.

It is Declaration of Independence time again: “… that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.” And if The Memo and the upcoming IG report don’t prove the destructive nature of our government toward those ends, I don’t know what will.

Independence must not be just from the Deep State, but of the States from one another, singly or in groups. We are too big to save.

America was designed to have a Representative for no more than 30,000 people; we are over 700,000 now – too big for any serious person to think that any but the rich are paid attention by Congress. More to the point, this un-accountable Congress has, by creating the Regulatory State to avoid accountability, rejected their first responsibility, and the very first line of Article One of the Constitution, that “all legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress…” For what but a law is a regulation through which one can be deprived of liberty or property?

We, truly, are lawless today, hoping only to be treated well by masters we both elect and to whom we express obeisance, of whom we excuse criminal actions and gross violations of the law and our Constitution, sacrificing our lives and our liberty, our freedom, our property and the fruits of our labor – ours and that of our children and grandchildren.

No rationale exists for those who believe in the future enough to populate it to continue to fund and have their progeny (forever) fund trillions of dollars of debt used only to buy votes for Democrats – who hate America – and to continue to have the Progressive Leviathan deprive us of our liberty, safety and property.

If the left wants to live in Venezuela on the Pacific or North Atlantic or Great Lakes – the adults don’t need to subsidize them, feed them, house them or provide them energy, or allow our children to be mal-educated by them. Let them go their way. Let us go ours.

Or there will be no liberty, no freedom, no happiness. Only totalitarianism exists in that direction.

This isn’t over.

It’s barely begun.

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