Destroying the Middle Class is a Feature not a Bug

People need to grasp that the establishment of both political sides hates the Middle Class. The rise of Islamism in the West is an existential threat to the Middle Class, as is unchecked illegal immigration to America’s Middle Class.

The est wants to rule, they want it THEIR way. The poor vote for whomever promises the most redistribution from the Middle Class (where the money is simply because of its size). The rich vote whatever level of government they want. The poor don’t care about liberty or freedom – they can’t afford it. The rich have it – in spades today.

But – the Middle Class? We want our liberty, our freedom. We want the results of our labor. We want our property. We want to be left alone to prosper and help our kids prosper. We’re in the way of the political class.

Whom did Lenin, Stalin, Mao, PolPot kill by the tens of millions? Their Middle Classes. Who is now going extinct in Venezuela? The Middle Class. Who has lost about 1/3 of our wealth in America since 2008? The Middle Class. Whom does globalism harm most? The Middle Class.

Who vote Brexit? Trump? The Middle Class.

What do open borders do? Bring in illiterate poor workers at one end to destroy the American dream of ascending TO the Middle Class, and low-salary tech workers at the other to… displace the Middle Class.

Who is most endangered by terrorists as we shop, go to work, go to school? The Middle Class. Who loses their liberty in the increase in security required because of the actions of the established government’s across the West? The Middle Class. Whom do we expect to provide us this security? The same governments making our countries more dangerous.

What is the FOUNDATION of Western Civilization? The Middle Class.

Those in the center or left Middle Class have got to internalize that the establishment parties – both GOP and Dems in America, both traditional sides across the West – are purposefully annihilating their Middle Classes. The beginnings of this recognition elected Trump.

France today, for the first time in 60 years, did not advance either establishment candidate to the next round. But only LePen can save France. Only the destruction of the Western political establishments can save their Middle Classes – and the West.

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Excellent Commentary on Rex Tillerson from Nash Montana

Note: Nash is a FB friend, accomplished writer, professional translator and excellent observer of the modern scene. Below is her take on T-Rex today. If you are on FB, following her will ensure you are current on events of importance, and is highly recommended. Nash authorized my linking to her post here.


A Very Deliberate and Structured Secretary Rex Tillerson Discusses Iran

No event is happening in a vacuum. It is critical to emphasize this basic point when evaluating the foreign policy of President Trump and his administration.

There is a very well planned multidimensional construct within the sequencing of individual events which shows a policy thread weaving throughout….

(more at the link)

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They Don’t Belong in a Nation Built on Liberty

IMO the fault lines in America are nearly as bad as Yugoslavia, and the result needs to be the same. I have zero interest in any longer putting up with, or having my kids indebted by, or threatened by, a violent, totalitarian, anti-American Left. They do NOT belong in a nation built on liberty and freedom; they are its antithesis. Blue States need to be tossed from the Union, or Red states need to secede – with or without permission from a government lacking in the authority to withhold that (un-needed) permission.

The Berkeley kids want to behead Republicans. The antifa want to punch, kick and beat with rods the adults; they are putting cherry bombs inside glass bottles and throwing them into crowds to permanently maim other human beings. (BTW – Don’t EVER talk to me again about how the Left cares about human lives.) BLM still wants to kill all the white cops and keep cops out of their neighborhoods.

This is not going to end well or peacefully – the Left won’t let it. Either we start shooting back – which likely will not be long in coming – or the enemy defeats America, which is their entire goal.

These bastards injure one kid of one adult willing and able to recognize that the Rule of Law does not exist for these enemies (cops standing aside proves that), and that there is nothing our ludicrous Congress is going to do about it (like man-up and start passing the agenda of the guy we elected) and acts on it, and the next sounds America hears will be the hard rain of brass on pavement.

No reason exists to continue to put up with this crap.

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A More Mature Outlook on Combat Operations

Interesting article about the beginnings of a more mature outlook on combat operations in S Asia by the Trump administration.


  1. The Geneva Conventions and the “Laws of War”, which we use to set our Rules of Engagement, were designed BY Europeans FOR wars AMONG Europeans. No one else ever has paid them any attention.
  2. Those demanding limiting the American military to the above are demanding monocultural constraints on Western forces when engaging non-Western “multicultural” enemies who do not recognize Western constraints. This is an absurdity.
  3. “Multiculturalists” demanding Western rules of war against non-Westerners are projecting Western morals onto non-Western foes. They are demanding monocultural engagement and pretending this makes them “multicultural”. It doesn’t. It makes them Western imperialists.
  4. Those worrying that we “will become like them” by killing them seem unable to grasp that we did not become NAZIs by killing NAZIs en masse and bombing their cities to rubble – we made THEM become citizens of a democratic representative republic, not subjects of the totalitarianism we crushed. Nor did we become Imperial Japanese – and ditto.
  5. When Trump says he has “authorized the military” he is acting exactly as did FDR in our last successful war: Set the strategic objective and let the military figure out how to achieve it within whatever constraints the nation (CINC) sets. No one told Gen. Marshall how to fight WW2 – FDR told him to achieve the objective the CINC set: Defeat the enemy in combat. Similarly, no one told Gen. Eisenhower to “win the war in Europe,” which is a political – not a military – objective. Ike was told to destroy the German Army in the field in combat (which was the root of his “Broad Front” strategy that took longer to end the war but ensured there were almost no armed enemies left at the end to reconstitute yet another European war in the foreseeable future) – and he did. Ending the war was a political goal achieved by the combination of the Allies crushing Germany between them and ensuring the German people lost both the capability and, more importantly, the will to continue the fight.
  6. Ignoring the above constraints and going Truman on non-Western enemies is the multicultural way to engage multicultural enemies in war, as we did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, saving between 6M-9M lives by not invading Japan.
  7. It is time to put American warriors first – and let them kill our enemies in whatever numbers are required to ensure they don’t kill us – or anyone else. It is time to give the military a strategic goal (ridding the planet of ISIS) and a set of constraints (don’t use nuclear weapons – but all else is on the table) and let them do THEIR jobs. (I wouldn’t take tactical nuclear weapons off the table, but I’m not the CINC…).This is what it seems Trump has done. Good.
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Combat Without a Cause

Army generals are going to want Army wars.

The military has an agenda which is not the same as the nation’s, yet since Kuwait, in some psychological quest to put Vietnam behind us, we Boomers are turning too far toward it.

The entire Right and half the Center is good with maximizing the presence of 4-stars in a civilian administration. Why? They have hammers – every single problem is going to be a nail. Not a Marshall among them. Not an Eisenhower. Not a Pershing. Just a buncha wannabe Bradleys who want to fight until it gets too hard and then back off. And we’ve fired all our George Pattons and Stonewall Jacksons. And Dwight Eisenhowers.

America can’t measure its place in the world by the number of tiny, backwards countries in which our military can go wage combat – and not win.

We CAN measure our place by decisively winning wars of necessity – and saving combat and its toll in blood and treasure… for war.

The biggest problem we’ve had since Kuwait, when we pretended combat was war, is that we now pretend war is combat.

The country got all rah-rah when we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. We were winning for the first time since we came home with our tail between our legs from Vietnam and treated our warfighters atrociously.

But we are winning at combat; we still suck at war.

Or we wouldn’t take 16+ years to not defeat a bunch of illiterate, untrained savages with small arms and homemade bombs.

Now all the Baby Boomers who ran away from Vietnam get to say “I wish I’d gone!” and “It’s about time we treated our military as we should!” and put banners along the roads of Hometown Hero parades – while sending, you guessed it, non-Boomers off to kill and to die in some foreign land while the Boomers now running the place reject victory.

We’ve seen this movie before.

This is what happens when a powerful society stops taking seriously killing and dying – they do it for reasons other than necessity, mostly to feel “good” about themselves. (And if you think America takes killing and dying seriously, please explain Chicago.)

Patriotism cannot be borne on the backs of illiterates being killed for causes we don’t believe in enough to win.

Kuwait – at best – was a punitive expedition against no serious opponent. The invasion of Iraq was hardly more. All the flag ranks want to get some combat going on – careers, bragging rights, bigger budgets, more toys, larger organizations, etc. The generals and Admirals sit in their corners of the Pentagon building their teams. They’re the D1-Varsity, and if they can’t fight the varsity they’ve trained their entire careers to fight, well they’ll fight the regional middle school champs, thank you very much.

But the Colonels and Majors and Captains sending kids in companies and platoons out to get shot & blown apart & killed and not be able to return fire? To kill and die for… what?

Tennyson did not write,”To fight, to kill, to die and not to win.”

If we’re going to alter the ROE significantly enough to allow us to (gulp) win, then skip the entire nonsense & win with Ike. But sending our kids out to kill an enemy when we don’t believe in the cause enough to wage war – making all that killing for nothing and so grossly immoral – and sending our kids out to die fighting an enemy when we don’t believe in the cause enough to wage war – making all those kids dying for nothing and so grossly immoral… is stupid.

Can we kick a 4th-rate army’s ass? Sure – but why? Can we win any time we want? Sure – but we’ve chosen not to win since 1945. Why would this be different? The military wants to put men into Syria. Why? To not win? (If Trump wants to oust Assad – send a sniper. Drop a JDAM. His replacement will be worse – they always are.)

If we are going to wage war, then wage war. If whatever we are going to call it is not war then why are we spending so much money and spending (and taking) so many lives?

Wars aren’t won by killing the guys pointing guns at you – that’s how combat is won. Wars are won by killing nations and ideologies. If we aren’t going to kill radical islam, which we will never do via combat-without-war, then come home, arm up and get ready to fight the guys with guns in our own streets… and to allow radical islam to continue its virulent spread across modernity.

Radical islam will never be defeated with small arms or conventional weaponry wielded by Western nations of low fertility. Fact. No matter how many generals tell you, “Just another 150,000 men will do the trick.”

In 1966, we put another 150,000 men into Vietnam.

How’d that work out?


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