Time to Treat Islam as an Invasive Species

In speaking of the Dawn of Man it is intriguing that the Left demands Darwin and the Right, Creationism, yet today reverse their roles. The Right wants to kill the invasive species attacking our niche of Liberty and Law; and the Left rejects defending this niche, demanding a form of Creationism: this is the way our world was created; quit trying to change the natural order – which is a slide to totalitarianism, with islam the current invasive species destroying this niche that evolved over thousands of years.
When an invasive species appears – the occupier of the niche being invaded kills it, or the invader displaces that occupant. Ask Sweden. Ask Dearborn.
Islam is a malignant organism invading our niche of Law, Liberty and Human Rights. It is unthinking, unknowing, opportunistic and very close to, if not already, out of control. Islam has killed between 150M and 270M human beings. Only smallpox has killed more: between 300M and 500M. We didn’t just kill smallpox in those infected by it; we annihilated it and its precursors wherever found to ensure it could not return to kill more. No evolutionary reason exists to not destroy islam; every evolutionary reason exists to do so.
Defense of one’s niche is not accomplished by negotiation, appeasement, or by bringing to-bear minimal force and maximal hope. No successful organism sends out its offspring to be killed by invaders while continuing to graze. The successful protect their own, defend their niche and destroy any invader as brutally and quickly as their capabilities allow, or they are displaced.
Look at Sweden, Germany, France… what organism now owns the niche they refused to defend? What organism has been tossed to extinction?
We must accept that the world is Darwinian and destroy organisms attacking our niche of liberty, freedom, law and Human Rights. We know the centers of the DNA of this invasive species as well as we knew those of Imperial Japan and NAZI Germany, the last two major invasive species attacking Liberty and Law. Go Hiroshima on this invader – now. Or be displaced and become extinct.
No excuse exists to not annihilate this cancerous enemy of humanity – and none will matter if we refuse to do so.
This is not a game. This is Darwin. He ALWAYS wins in the end
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Immutable characteristics vs merit

Constantly lecturing Americans in race & gender, Democrats fail to grasp that among those who actually work for a living it is merit alone that determines our preferences. Eschewing personal responsibility in all aspects of their lives – the performance of unionized teachers, pregnancy, their son or daughter not performing to the standard of MVP so demanding participation trophies – the Left is incapable of grasping that the rest of us choose friends, companies, mentors on merit alone.

The Left does value performance in some spheres. Acting. Singing. Athletics. Entertainment. But only when they themselves aren’t participating. You will see them at the playoffs, the Series, ringside. When they do participate and vie against one another in competition it is make believe: the Oscars. The Globes. The Emmys. Hard work? Ok. Does it benefit society as much as the guys ensuring the sewers run on time? No.

Because only superfluous characteristics matter to Democrats, superfluous characteristics must be the criteria for adult decisions, as well. Which is why, six months after the election they remain convinced that a pathological, lifelong liar with no accomplishments beyond logging airline miles and escaping prosecution for felonies lost the presidency because of her sex.

It’s for the same superfluous characteristic – race – that they demanded we vote for (or accused us of voting against) an unvarnished communist who set back race & international relations by decades.

Are there people on the Right who vote on race & gender? Sure. A few.

Are there those on the Left who vote on merit? It no longer seems so.

Too bad. America needs competing parties, competing ideas, competing policy experiments in order to establish the – merit – of those ideas. When only one side cares about merit this is difficult to accomplish. Without this competition we cannot get better.

Of course, if Democrats wanted to get better, they’d acknowledge & pursue merit, abandon policies that don’t work, and help improve society and everyone in it.

That they refuse to do so tells you all you need to know about their innate selfishness & lack of maturity.

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If French Voters Collapse their Economy – What’s Next?

LePen down by 24 pts in polls evidently, WaPo pointing out the obvious – this is globalism v nationalism: Liberty v. Empire.

The French no longer seem to care about liberty. Fertility strikes: No kids, no future, no cares beyond their next latte & hoping they’re in the ground before it all collapses…


  1. When the French economy collapses in a few years (followed by the rest of the EU) as 1-2 generations of workers are not / cannot be replaced by illiterate muslims on welfare, will the Left take responsibility for the loss of jobs in Europe and America? (and, who will be left to tax to pay their welfare?)
  1. Given that China is trying to move 100M people/yr from rural to urban (agricultural to industrial employment), and those moves are predicated on manufacturing stuff for the West, and that “The EU has also become China’s biggest source of imports. China and Europe now trade well over €1 billion a day,”  will China have anything to say about europe acquiescing to being conquered by the 7th Century? Will China take action to essentially economically colonize europe – or reduce islam – in order for China to continue its drive to modernization? Or will China stand idly by as their primary trade partner evaporates?
  1. Should Trump begin actively pursuing european firms relocating to America as we seem less willing/likely to surrender (at least Red States), in the same way that TX has a commission that pursues convincing companies to relocate to TX from Blue States domestically?


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The Ruling Class v. Liberty: What it means & What to do about it

This is an excellent column; long but worth the read.

To (grossly; IMO) summarize: Entropy is affecting and will continue to affect the Country Class, while the Ruling Class will continue to centralize order at the expense of our Liberty.

The dichotomy of the Country Class (my summary, not that of the columnist) seems to be that “leave me alone” is not an organizing principle, but if we don’t organize, we’ll never be left alone. In fact, we’ll continue to be subject to more and more progressive “order” and concomitant lack of liberty – until we have none.

In all honesty I see no solution other than revolt – and not at the ballot box – against the Ruling Class. The POSSIBILITY exists that a Trump (foreseen but not explicitly in the (2010) column) could launch a 3P ala Perot, but one doubts his willingness to stray that far from orthodoxy given his actions thus far. He doesn’t seem to grasp how deep the swamp really is….  If he could and would spend the required amount on organization, one assumes his ability to replicate Perot’s success – but at the Congressional level in the 2018 midterms (and time is short). This arguably is the only way to BEGIN to return to the Rule of Law and Constitutional governance.

… Or … we in the Red States and Counties that are the Country Class just declare independence and fight our way to liberty.

Post-Enlightenment and post-1776 – an eye-blink ago – individual liberty and self-government raised their heads, through force,  for the first time in human history. They have been bowing ever-lower since 1932 (1861?) – globally. Given the corruption of welfare (nothing but vote-buying) and of Big Business, I am not at all sure how liberty can be regained absent gunfire.

Which, of course, is the reason that those who gave us liberty also gave us guns.

Sooner or later, it seems, we only will get liberty by fighting for it. Is it too late to reclaim our birthright? Is it too soon to start fighting for it?

As Adelaide said to Nathan Detroit: “it’s already too late to be ‘sooner’, and if it gets much later, soon it’ll be too late to even be ‘later’.”

Timing Is Everything

If you start shooting the bad guys early enough to make a difference, you’ll be labeled a radical crazy person. If you wait until it’s acceptable, you’ll be 80 pounds underweight, unarmed, and being loaded into a boxcar.

— Unknown




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Only Darkness can follow Islam into Europe

Please explain to me how, exactly, this invasion of barbarians does NOT result in another Dark Ages.

When the only people raising future generations of european workers are illiterates rejecting everything about education and modernity, being housed and fed and clothed by welfare, who – exactly – will be paying the taxes from which that welfare is paid when no one is employable in those economies?

What possible response exists for millions of families no longer able to feed themselves or their children…. other than a general revolt?

Who will be around to put-down that revolt in a generation or two? (No one.)

Who will maintain the farms with modern methods to ensure enough food? (No one.) The tractors and combines and farm machinery?

What result is possible other than turning europe into a region barren of foodstuffs – as are the Middle East and S Asia? (None.) How many millions can a farm-less europe support? (Not many…)

Who will maintain the dikes to keep out the sea? The modern railroads, shipping, electrical grids, pipelines? The heating, water, sewage and garbage systems making northern Europe habitable?

Who will staff and maintain european hospitals?

Who will treat the rape victims after they’ve been whipped by tribal elders for the crime of being raped?

Who will maintain the heat, A/C, humidity of the museums of europe? Oh – never mind, the savages will destroy all the art they can reach – no worries.

Nothing that is required to populate a city will be maintainable by the only future workers now being raised in europe. Think that might present a problem? No – robots cannot do it all, nor will they be able to then… besides… what tax dollars are going to buy the robots? What workers are going to make them?

CERN? In a civilization that rejects the moon landing based on Mohammad’s description of the size of the moon (my brother taught (tried to) Physics at the University of Kabul in 1977), you think anyone is going to even pretend to grasp a supercollider?

What will replace the 20% of the French economy now derived from alcohol and tourism? That portion of the Italian economy based on fashion and wine? The German economy based on beer and high-end manufacturing?


Who will teach anything other than the Koran?

If europeans cared about any of this – the future – they’d be having kids to populate it.

They aren’t.

Because they don’t.

Who going to colonize europe? The locals are vacating the place via attrition. The savages can’t, as above, run a modern city, so the cities of europe will dissolve to ruins and dust – likely sped-along by bullets and mortar rounds and IED destruction as muslims cannot get along with anyone on the planet – not even themselves.

A fairly modern Russia colonizing europe would be much preferable to savages destroying the place, its cities and art and history. Given current geopolitics, inviting Russia IN to europe might be better than keeping them OUT … and letting the savages run amok in unbridled destruction. (And someone had better remove the nukes from the UK and France…)

Or it can revert to wilderness, which is fine with me. But don’t get the idea this will be an idyllic wilderness for backpacking and camping and shooting commercials for Land Rover.

It’ll be a Stone Age wilderness with the subhumans living within it preying on every outsider. Islam is tribal, and if you aren’t of the tribe you’re an enemy and enemies exist to be killed. (This is how pre-modern man lived – check your anthropology.)

Assume that the population density of europe (105 ppl / sq km) will become that of Afghanistan (48) or Iraq (80) – how could it not? How many hundreds of millions of human beings will be killed or die on the way there? ( Answer: 1/3 to 1/2 of europeans will no longer exist – or about 250M – 330M dead people.)

This no longer will be Western Civilization; it won’t be ANY civilization.

The idea that the (completely ahistorical) geostrategic stasis that has existed since 1945 can continue it absurd; things are changing. Get used to it and prepare for it. 

The idea that these tribal, illiterate, pre-modern people can be anything other than the destroyers and killers they are is lunacy opposed by all of history.

Multicultural is one thing – but this isn’t a clash of cultures. It is a clash of civilizations – and the barbarians, if not stopped, will win.

Take a look around. Is anyone stopping them? Nope.

They are meaner, more violent, less-educated – and demonstrably more willing to rape and fight and kill their way through life than are members of an educated civilization. Along with (Western) education come morals, care for the environment, human rights, etc. Thinking that these still will exist is childish.

They are savages. That’s what savages do. It’s why we call them “savages”.

We had better kill them. Or they WILL kill us.

But this isn’t just about europe. With hundreds of $B in annual trade with them, the impact on American jobs and economies will be huge. The impact on China’s economy may well be greater – and China is perfectly willing to defend their strive for modernity from savages, even if the craven Western leaders aren’t.

We CAN be protected from these savages by our oceans. But not if we keep letting them in to destroy our culture, rape our women & girls and tear-down the Rule of Law. Or allow Canada and Mexico keep letting them in…

The Romans didn’t pay enough attention to the barbarians. Two millennia of darkness and carnage followed. All to get to where we are today.

If you don’t see any point in repeating 2,000 years of uneducated tribal violence and civilizational destruction, you might want to stop this tribal invasion of the West. Now.

No good can come of it.

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