Immigration and the Apportionment Problem

The process of “apportionment” is used to determine House Representation and Electoral College votes by counting identified people within a region in order to form a House District. It is apportionment of House Seats and Electoral College votes that drives the Left on both illegal and muslim immigration. And it is apportionment which must be changed to settle the immigration debates. This will require amending the Constitution, which the GOP finds itself in a better position to do than we have in nearly a century.

Immigrants predominantly come from “big government” countries and so vote the American “big government” party, and for the party of welfare because Congressmen/women of both parties ignore the law to let them come without regard to the prohibition on immigrants being a drain on the public treasury. These immigrants settle in metros, turning suburban, exurban and rural Red seats and votes to metro Blue.

The Evil Party grasps this – the Stupid Party does not.

(If you think the Left imports immigrants (or ‘refugees’) out of empathy, take a look at their ghettos, schools, economies, neighborhoods, un-policed crime, etc. The Left only wants bodies for apportionment – for power. That is all. Democrats feel about immigrants as abolitionist Northerners did about Blacks after the Civil War: They must be un-oppressed, but they must not be allowed near our cities, neighborhoods, schools, restaurants, trains, drinking fountains… )

Because the Constitution leaves “the times, manner and places of elections” to the States in Article 1, and because no federal laws exist regarding apportionment, this is a difficult problem to fix. States are in-charge of elections – and apportionment – and no incentive exists for Blue States to apportion via citizenship; they are, in fact, incented to the opposite.

SCOTUS held in 2016 (Evenwell), that TX could not apportion Seats and Electoral College Votes based on counting only voters, but must do so based on total population – BUT, and this is a big “but” – that was because neither TX State law nor TX Constitution required citizenship for apportionment. The Evenwell decision held that States “may” – not “must” – apportion based on total population,  up to the States: “We hold, based on constitutional history, this Court’s decisions, and longstanding practice, that a State may draw its legislative districts based on total population.” (emphasis mine) In Burns v Richardson (1966; and quoted in Evenwell), SCOTUS held that Hawaii may apportion based on voter population alone.

Theoretically, each State could change apportionment to count only voters. A Blue State would never do this as it would result in the loss of representation in the House, and of Electoral College votes by not counting millions of non-citizens as they are not legal voters (illegals, Permanent Residents, etc.). A Red State never would, as it would turn yet more power over to Blue States not making this change.

With the overturning of States Rights (the foundation of the American government) by Lincoln, the rejection of the 10th Amendment by the Court in many and varied holdings improperly accepted by Governors ever since, with the popularization of the Senate vote after the Progressive 17th Amendment, with SCOTUS holding against VoterID (and governors not rejecting this holding as the Constitutional overreach it was; the 14th Amendment provides the only federal remedy to deal with State elections), it may be time to admit that elections have become in large part national, and amend the Constitution for both VoterID and to count only voters in apportionment. (It also may be a good idea to make citizenship a Constitutional requirement for voting in national elections; it is not now (Article 1), which leads to the nonsensical Motor Voter legislation, and to voting by illegal voters whom Blue States have a distinct disincentive to police.)

Yes, this “removes” some authority from the States. By bending over for SCOTUS for generations, however, this will be a de jure acceptance of de facto reality. It is time to change the “manner” of elections, and to do so on a national basis. It is time for voters – citizens – to demand the Government represent us, not illegal immigrants and other non-citizens.

Or the immigration debates will never cease and the law, no matter what it becomes, will never be enforced.

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Removing Islam

This is an interesting column on the steps required to stop anti-Western jihad; IMO, however, it has two major failures.

1. Associating the word “religion” with islam is incorrect. “Religion” is a Western word. Western readers/users foundationally – unconsciously – associate with it the idea of separation between church & state. This concept is antithetical to islam, period. Islam
does not in any way, shape or form meet any test of the word “religion.” The association of the two creates a semi- or un-conscious mindset in the reader that is the opposite of islam. Islam is a death-cult based on Stone Age values, period. It is NOT a “religion”. It is not even a theocracy, another Western word – it is a cult. Any other context of viewing or thinking about it is wrong and will result in incorrect actions against it.

2. He doesn’t go far enough. The analogy is that he wants to kill all the leadership of MS13 but leave in-place the thug members and ideology around the country to decide what they want to do about it. We do not need to kill all muslims in the world any more than we needed to kill all Germans and Japanese; he is correct. But we DO need to annihilate their centers of ideology and funding, as above, as we did by bouncing the rubble in Berlin and burning-down Tokyo – as well as, of course, vaporizing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Destroying the Islamic centers of ideology conventionally is a waste of time, lives,
money, and does not make the – required – political statement of rising
mushroom clouds: Stop this or we WILL obliterate your entire world. Using
conventional forces to reduce Saudi Arabia and Iran is a waste of men and
money. He does refer to the idea that they may give up on their then-proven “weak
horse” once defeated, but if that’s the case, if showing islam to be that weak
horse is the path to success, then just nuke riyadh, mecca, medina, qom, quetta,
fordo, which is faster, better, cheaper – by far. (In war there are no “innocent bystanders”. “Innocent bystanders” exist in combat – not in war.) Obliterating the centers of the ideology, just as we did in the WW2 analogy he starts but does not carry to fruition, will cause the ideology itself to wither and die within 1-3 generations. And it is THIS, turning islam into Zoroastrianism, that must be the goal; no one needs islam to rise, Phoenix-like, from the ashes. It needs to be annihilated, vaporized and the ashes scattered to the winds. Forever.

The killing FOR the ideology will not stop until the IDEOLOGY itself, is destroyed. Wars are between ideologies, not nation-states. For the West to survive is must wage total, final and complete war ON the ideology of islam – and annihilate it.

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No. Single. Thing.

“The left could care less about this issue (Confederate statuary), as they could care less about any of their issues. “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always revolution”. This is why they got gay marriage, then just moved on to Trans rights while shrugging off 50 gays getting killed in Orlando. When the transgender fight is over it’ll be pedo rights or whatever.

“… Very soon there will be a push to get rid of the entire American Revolution and all of the founding fathers. Jefferson will be first, but Washington won’t be far behind.

“Overriding all of this is the push to declare all of conservatism illegal. All religions not part of the cult of leftism are hate speech. Any support of the USA as a country is hateful, bigoted and evil. You supporting your own existence or political power is racism, nationalism and white supremacy.

“The left has no limits. It’s vital to understand that. No battle they pick is over the stated issue. Each is merely a step towards the goal of eradicating Western Civilization. They’ve set up a self reinforcing system of rewards, whereby SJWs out bid each other to come up with new ways to be offended. Thus it’s become an ever more radical movement. It’s not about the monuments. Of course glorifying slavery is bad. But should we not then tear down the Pyramids? Trust me, there is NO vestige of Western Civilization that could not be destroyed on the same premise.

“Every Castle in Europe occupied by a despot, every Church, every document, every classic of literature, etc. In world where a few degrees of separation join all things, guilt by association can be used to criticize anything, because its all a degree or two away from something that can be demonized. Look what’s happening to Football; to the definition of family and gender, to every holiday. Anything can be destroyed if the standard is that it’s related to something bad. Guess what that includes?

“Everything. SJWs in South Africa are going after Isaac Newton and Gravity as “western colonial science”. Get it? Nothing is off limits. No. Single. Thing.

“This is about enshrining the left as The One True Religion. They will replace everything with their own cultish iconography. They will likewise replace all ideas with their own. The fight over the Google memo is identical to this fight. It’s about declaring all things non-leftist outside the scope of even debate. This is not about the confederacy. That’s yet another in a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long list of fronts. It’s about the existence of anything outside of leftism. It’s about eliminating debate and installing a global Religion of Leftism. And make no mistake, that religion plans on replacing monuments, books, science and facts, liberty, the white population, the concept of natural rights, the rule of law, free speech, Christianity, the USA, Europe and all of Western Civilization. In fact, if you defend any of those things, you are a Nationalist, a white supremacist and a bigot. You must go. You must be replaced.

“Many many a totalitarian ideology goes under the banner, “Join or Die”. This is no different. And the left has done this before, many times. Pol Pot, The French Revolution, Mao, Lenin. The push to erase history and start over as a means of revolution is not new by any means. And if you think they have some limit, look to these past revolutions to see that they just don’t. The ideology is self-reinforcing towards runaway radicalism. The only thing that stops it is pushback prior to their take over or burnout after it takes over and fails. It has no internal limits.

“So while I agree with … and have zero interest in defending Nazis or the Confederacy, I know that this has almost nothing to do with those things to the left. Those just create convenient foils. The left is filled with strawmen – they paint all of us as Nazi, bigoted, white male oppressors. Finding the occasional real life one is great for the left and they will use it to pretend all their other strawmen are likewise real. Understand that Marxism does not study policy and governance the way that conservatives and libertarians do. They study propaganda, power and revolutions. They are masters of it. Which is why repeated failure at governance never deters the next revolution.

“Leftism. The One True Religion. Join or Die. That’s their goal.”

– a friend

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The Left Would Love a Nork Nuke on US

To those asking some version of “Does the Left WANT us attacked?” the answer often is “Yes.”

The Left hates America. They tell us this every day in every way. Why would they not want us attacked? They’re attacking us with immigrants and multiculturalism now – a nuke is faster in achieving their aim.

Contrary to what (too) many seem to think, a nuclear attack on an American city furthers Progressive goals.

Are Schumer and Pelosi publicly standing with Trump, saying, “We Americans have our policy differences, but those stop at the water’s edge; do not attack us”? No. They are attacking America’s Commander In Chief as an enemy threatens and seems to be preparing for a nuclear attack.

A nuclear attack on an American city would allow the Left and the media to blame & change the political party currently holding the reins of power: the GOP, probably for a generation. Trump would not survive a nuke attack on American soil. Trump is making serious threats, hoping the DPRK military grasps reality and stops Kim before he can pull the trigger. Who is protesting Trump doing so? The same gaggle that will be screaming that he didn’t protect us. Add this to the nothingburger of “Russia!!” and he’d be impeached as soon as Ryan could gather a quorum, and removed as soon as McConnell & McCain could schedule a vote.

If you don’t think Democrats would gleefully trade a hundred thousand Americans for Trump’s scalp, you’ve not been paying attention. They’ve been trading tens of millions of Americans for convenience since 1973. They’ve been trading the education of hundreds of millions of Americans – our future – for decades for the votes of the teacher unions.

The aftermath of such an attack would be an enormous police/military presence to control, feed, recover, repair, manage and constrain a populace locally in anarchy. The “protection” of other major metros would quickly follow. Our Second Amendment Right would disappear with the hypocenter. The idea that this presence would reduce over time is belied by the growth, not reduction, in security measures across the US since 9/11 – almost a generation ago.

A Police State is a Progressive goal. The increased spending on the Military Industrial Complex for troops & weapons is a goal of the Ruling Class; think how much they’d make if we militarized our major metros. Lots more than they are making now.

War always results in a greater centralization of power in the federal government, inarguably the Democrat’s primary goal.

What do you suppose would happen to the Market if we were nuked? Would that evaporation of wealth be a boon to those demanding the rich get poorer? Would it put millions more on the government teat?

What of the people killed? Surely the Left doesn’t want an entire city, perhaps a million people, annihilated?

Why not?

Not only would the annihilation result in the above furtherance of a Progressive future, the idea that the Left cares about people at all is absurd. Their every program disproves it.

Schools? How many tens of millions of Americans are not functioning at the level they could because of our atrocious K-12 system? The Left has owned K-12 since FDR; if they wanted it to be better – it would be better.

Communities? Progressive policies, without historical exception, destroy communities. They reduce living standards, education standards, environmental conditions, prosperity, progress, literature, art, writing, and generally reduce once-peaceful & prosperous cities to Detroit. In the 1950’s, Detroit was the wealthiest per-capita major metro in America. Then came the Progressives.

The economy? Look at cities, counties, States run by Democrats. What do they have in common? Economies so bad that productive people and companies are leaving in droves, but that are propped-up by welfare voters bribed with yet more unsustainable debt to keep in-power those who impoverished them.

What is the future demanded by Democrats? One in which the population is seriously reduced – especially the White population. An attack on an American city, especially a northern one reachable in a polar trajectory from DPRK, would (obviously) directly further this goal.

But, “what about the children?” The Left doesn’t care about our children dying, and they don’t have any. Nowhere on the planet do those voting Blue have above-replacement fertility. They already are stealing the future prosperity of our kids to buy votes from the unproductive today – why would they care if those kids were atomized instead? Then they won’t grow up to vote Republican.

Democrats kill millions of their own every year, demand “post-birth abortion” (i.e. infanticide), and, as noted above, do their best to ensure those kids who are born alive remain uneducated, and so poorer than they otherwise would be. Why? The poor vote for bigger government. If you think bad schools are a bug rather than a feature, you don’t understand the Left.

Don’t forget that major metros are homes of much of the Middle Class, always the first cohort wiped-out by the Left. Lenin & Stalin killed tens of millions. Mao killed about 80M. Pol Pot, 2M. Che & Castro killed or imprisoned as many as they could. The goal of the Sandinistas was the destruction of their Middle Class. Under Obama, the Middle Class lost about 1/3 of its net wealth. (Those saying this was unintentional are the same saying Obama was the “smartest president ever.” Which is it?) Annihilating a (Red) suburb? So?

The Middle Class wants to be free to earn and spend its own money and raise its own kids with the liberty it sees fit; the Left cannot abide this. Not “abide” as in “the Left doesn’t like this,” but as in “Liberty is anathema to the Left and can result only in its demise.” Liberty is an existential threat to the Left. A nuclear detonation over an American city would reduce liberty across America. That’s a feature.

Who facilitated the Nork nuke? A Democrat president. Who not only facilitated, but paid, literally, billions of American tax dollars, in cash, illegally, in the middle of the night to Iran to help build a nuke? Another Democrat president.

But let’s be bipartisan about this: Did either of the globalist Bush presidents try to stop any of this? No.

We – Red and Blue voters – are not on the same page. The Middle, Independents, those sticking with the anti-democratic Democrat Party due to inertia, need to grasp this fundamental. The Left hates liberty; the Right demands it. This won’t change.

It’s why I post in support of Red State secession. The ideological chasm is too wide to be bridged. Thinking it can be is hunting for unicorns and waiting for Godot.

The Left is not interested in stopping a nuclear attack on America, whether from DPRK or Iran. They only are interested in stopping us from preventing it.

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American Ignorance, Russia and Islam

Why would Russia not ally with Iran?

Muslim Distribution

Anti-Russian Sunni are on Russia’s southern border and within the Republics of the former USSR that Putin would like to rebuild. Shia Iran would love to destroy Sunni islam and rebuild the Persian Empire. Russia would love permanent warm-water ports on the Mediterranean (Shia Syria) and the Indian Ocean (Shia Iran). Put an Iranian ally in charge of that? Why not? By foolishly destroying Iraq, an ignorant America destroyed the only regional opponent capable of stopping Iran.

Together Russia & Iran can rid the region of Sunnis; doing so is in the best interests of both countries. No one could or would stop them. They both know this. It also would increase the price of Russian and Shia oil. They both know this, too.

Ignorant American neocons, Democrats, GOPe and MSM are driving Russia into entente with Iran – when it is in Russia’s best interest to ally with Iran anyway. Once America cuts off Russia through anti-strategic sanctions, why would Russia not turn south for this alliance? What have they got to lose? Not allying with Iran is, from a Russian standpoint, dumb. Putin isn’t dumb.

A nuclear Iran that Russia can, through alliance, point at Sunni strongholds in the region would advance both of their interests: Pakistan? Kazakhstan? Turkey? How would NATO respond to a Russian-assisted Iranian attack on Turkey? Is anyone thinking about it? WHY would America respond to the destruction of a strengthening terrorist autocracy?

Have you stopped to consider the logistical problem of NATO deploying forces southward with millions of “refugees” clogging the roads, burying IEDs, creating obstacles? Or of NATO’s european ground forces being willing to deploy at all, leaving behind their wives and daughters, essentially defenseless to the “refugees” already there? If not, you might want to consider it…

If Iran were to attack Turkey, the outflow of “refugees” would complete the destruction of Europe – the home of the West – why would this not delight islam or Russia? America already has proven inept in responding to the ongoing invasion of Europe – this would just put that invasion on steroids. Europe has no children, so doesn’t care.

In Iran’s apocalyptic theology, nuking their neighbors would help foment the return of the 12th Imam through the required man-made conflagration – and, with Russia as their protector, they’d have nothing to worry about other than a nuclear Pakistan… hello, theology.

Russia gets rid of terrorists within a re-forming USSR under Putin, Iran gets rid of Sunnis in the region, Russia gets permanent warm-water ports, Iran expands from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean. Add a depopulating Europe to Russia via stupid sanctions… and America becomes irrelevant – a yammering, distracted, adolescent paper tiger no one any longer pays any attention.

Israel understands this. Why do you think Netanyahu has been in Moscow?

Saudi Arabia understands this – which is why Israel has been given overflight permission for an attack on Iran. Israel may well be Saudi Arabia’s only defense against Iran. How’s that for irony?

India understands this, is an old Russian ally from the Cold War and would like to be rid of muslim terrorists. If you think India wouldn’t make a deal with Putin allowing India to erase Sunni Pakistan (or getting Russia to nod to Iran to do so), you’re not thinking.

Why would Iran agree to this? In addition to raising the price of Persian oil, and in addition to ridding the region of Sunni enemies they have fought for a thousand years, Iran plays the long game. Russia helps rid the region of Sunni, but Russia’s total fertility rate is sub-replacement. Iran bides its time knowing that in a few generations – far fewer than they have been at-war with Sunnis – the disproportionate fertility ratios will allow – ensure – that a new Shia Persian Empire will one day spread north, occupying the rest of the Asian land mass west of China.

China, too, hates Sunni terrorists… China certainly would agree with Russia to stand aside as a nuclear Iran annihilated Sunnis across S. Asia – and would be more than happy to destroy Sunni islam within China’s autonomous Xinjiang territory in the confusion Iran’s attacks would create. Could China abide a growing Shia Persian Empire? Sure – they play the long game, too, and the past 70 years have shown that competitive Great Powers can survive a lengthy Cold War.

And if it got hot? Within 20 years, China will have a surplus of about 40,000,000 men due to their one-child policy; what better way to deal with that than to send them to war?

Why would China ally with Russia on this? They both want to be rid of terrorists, and China can make a deal with Russia on needed natural resources in Siberia… China has millions of Chinese there already, anyway, and Russia lacks the people to exploit their own resources… What are muslims to China? A destabilizing nuisance they’d jump at the chance to be rid of. And with an irrelevant America and a dying Europe, what’s to stop them? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Once this is complete, the Eastern Hemisphere will be split between – and run by – Russia & China. This includes all of the strategic minerals and rare earths in Asia and Africa, by the way. A new Persian Empire would manage the old crescent under the tutelage of Moscow. Should Russia or China tire of a resurgent Persian Empire… who’s to stop them from erasing THAT? No one.

South Korea will gravitate to China – no choice – and their largest trading partner is China – almost twice their trade with America, in 2nd place. Australia? Why not? China is a significant trading partner for Australia, too. Japan? With South Korea talking about gaining a nuclear deterrent, how can Japan not? Then what?

The New World is failing.

The Democrat response to the 2016 election is tearing America apart – and the entire world knows this. It is about to tear-apart the world. Americans are both ignorant of global history and dynamics, and more distracted from foreign issues than we have been since 1864. Our leadership and voters evidently think the post-WW2 stasis is normal. It’s not.

Canada is bent on self-destruction. South America is falling apart. America can’t even manufacture many of their own consumer goods, put a man into space or ensure liberty in America.

And American leadership, consumed by totalitarian and childless Democrats who can’t abide losing a free & fair election and who don’t care about the future, and a GOPe that would rather switch than fight for liberty – and both arrogantly, ignorantly blind to the new ‘Great Game’ – will awaken one day to a fait accompli.

Even the neocons won’t know which side to fight on.

The “end of history”? Hardly.

History is about to restart… with a vengeance. Precipitated by childish American Wilsonian morality, Democrat rejection of democracy, Cold Warriors unable to grasp the the Cold War is (was?) over…  and belligerent neocon ignorance.

How can we stop this?

Simple: Nuke Mecca before Tehran does.

This is the world Baby Boomers are leaving to our children.



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