Obama sics UN on Israel… is America his next Target?

So here’s a question for you.

The primary Constitutional duty of our military is to defend the Constitution – and the nation. In a sane world, America’s military is allowed to do this through deterrence. Deterrence, of course, works with sane opponents, not insane ones.

What is a working definition of “insane” on the current world stage? Any nation whose residents strap bombs on themselves or their citizens or their children in the name of some absolutely barbaric middle-age totalitarian despotic “religion,” is a working definition of geopolitical insanity.

Given that America has for nearly 200 years told nations of the Eastern Hemisphere to STAY OUT of the business of the Western Hemisphere, it is logical to assume that we are concerned with developments in our hemisphere and that some of these developments can and should demand the attention of our military. It’s why we have SOUTHCOM, for example.

So, when our nation is confronted with an insane regime – that’d be Iran – ruled by an insane religion – that’d be Islam – three questions come immediately to-mind:

1.       When Iran completes its development of nuclear weapons – which we may or may not know until Jerusalem is vaporized – will the military remain in-thrall to deterrence against an insane foe?

2.       When will the military awaken to the fact that the alliance between Chavez’ Venezuela and Iran will, once Iran has a nuke, result in the introduction of nuclear weapons in OUR hemisphere, and the resulting chaos and damage to freedom, the economy and lives of the citizens of this hemisphere, and is the military willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the non-introduction of Iranian nukes in the Americas, including a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran’s nuke facilities (so much time has passed talking that those facilities cannot be destroyed other then via nuclear weapons at this time)?

3.       When will the military awaken to the FACT that Obama is an Enemy of America, and that he MUST be removed, and that it is the PRIMARY CONSTITUTIUONAL DUTY OF THE MILITARY TO DO SO?

Now, one wonders whether our military leaders have the balls, frankly, to do their jobs.

They are willingly sending men into battle with Rules of Engagement (ROE) that guarantee that the enemy civilians know that they are more valuable than our own American soldiers. Can you imagine Patton, Eisenhower, Bradley, Pershing, Grant, Lee, McArthur, ANY former American commander willing to send his men into battle restricted as our warriors now are, ENSURING many more of OUR WARRIORS are killed than would be the case under adult ROE? Of course not.

We once had sane, adult generals. No more. Why am I paying taxes for this near-worthless military?

If you doubt whether Obama will allow Iran to get nukes, you are not paying attention to the news – he’s already given-up on another campaign lie, in which he told the voters he’d do “whatever it takes” to ensure Iran did NOT get nukes.

Well, if the military, through dereliction of THEIR duty to protect and defend… against all enemies foreign and domestic, does not remove our domestic enemy #1, Venezuela WILL have nukes. And that’ll cost A LOT more military – and civilian – lives and hardware than it will to stop Iran – and Obama – NOW. And be much safer for the America the military is entrusted to defend.

And if you STILL wonder on whose side Obama is, this: Obama is leading the charge for a UN investigation of Israel for a legal blockade stopping an illegal shipment and killing a few terrorists on a ship that had NONE of the humanitarian supplies it purportedly had.

… and the Question:

How long will we wait, and in how much danger are we willing to put our country, our children and our futures… BEFORE we remove Obama?  WHEN will the military DO ITS JOB?

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