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American Ignorance, Russia and Islam

Why would Russia not ally with Iran?

Muslim Distribution

Anti-Russian Sunni are on Russia’s southern border and within the Republics of the former USSR that Putin would like to rebuild. Shia Iran would love to destroy Sunni islam and rebuild the Persian Empire. Russia would love permanent warm-water ports on the Mediterranean (Shia Syria) and the Indian Ocean (Shia Iran). Put an Iranian ally in charge of that? Why not? By foolishly destroying Iraq, an ignorant America destroyed the only regional opponent capable of stopping Iran.

Together Russia & Iran can rid the region of Sunnis; doing so is in […]

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If French Voters Collapse their Economy – What’s Next?

LePen down by 24 pts in polls evidently, WaPo pointing out the obvious – this is globalism v nationalism: Liberty v. Empire.

The French no longer seem to care about liberty. Fertility strikes: No kids, no future, no cares beyond their next latte & hoping they’re in the ground before it all collapses…


  1. When the French economy collapses in a few years (followed by the rest of the EU) as 1-2 generations of workers are not / cannot be replaced by illiterate muslims on welfare, will the Left take responsibility for the loss of jobs in Europe and America?
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The (new) Gathering Storm

Waves of change are washing against the hull of the Western-dominated global order that has existed since 1945 – and the ship’s officers are denying there’s a storm.

The Ruling Class elites of the West have become totalitarian – on “both” sides of the ship’s bridge. This is why Brexit and why Trump. It also will be why Italy shortly exits, and why the Dutch, the Czechs and others are preparing to cast off.

This kind of childish blather from the EU is aimed at low-info voters and those who have not been paying attention for 20+ years, who […]

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What Happens when American Technology un-Employees a Billion Chinese?

This is something to which people seriously need to pay attention. As 3D printing technology gains, industrial jobs lose. This is good news for America, as it means more mfg jobs coming back to our shores. Nothing happens without a price, though, and the price of this will be volatile and could be dangerous. Very dangerous.

We Americans have become accustomed to job mobility; the rest of the world, has not. Except for members of industrial unions, we have accepted that the Information Age is here – and the Industrial Age is basically over. We can afford to move into […]

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America Leaves Itself Behind

In the event you aren’t paying lots of attention to international trade, here’s an update: The world is busily signing bilateral trade treaties that each signing country sees as in their favor… and American Democrats in Congress and the White House, in thrall to their union compatriots, are not signing anything, dragging America farther and farther behind in international trade and the prosperity that ALWAYS comes from such trade.

Anyone who actually thinks other countries will pay attention to our bleats about human rights, women’s rights, the environment, nuclear weapons, etc., when we are totally disengaging from that world is […]

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