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The GOP Must Educate Voters and then FIGHT for Policies

A couple of points for the GOP leadership as we head into another election season.

The FOUNDATION for GOP in convincing voters in the Center – where elections are won and lost – is understanding – and then publicizing – that, No, both sides do NOT have the same goals in mind, and No, the policies of Left and Right are NOT two different ways to get to the same place. Too many in the Center, and too many young voters with no experience, are under the misimpression that we all have the same goals, just different ideas on how […]

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Why is Obama not Tossing Missiles into Iraq Given THEIR 4,000 recent Killings?

A FB friend this morning posted a query to the effect that, given the 4,000+ deaths in Iraq, why is America not going in and overthrowing the government there?

Two reasons, both necessitating an understanding of Obama’s mindset and goals.

1.    Looking across the regional landscape, from Afghanistan to Mali, and Obama’s completely consistent actions within that region, one CANNOT come to any conclusion other than that his REGIONAL GOAL is the rise of radical islam, preferably sunni, but shia will do in a pinch (which is why he has done NOTHING re: Iran’s nukes). Doing nothing in Iraq furthers […]

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Black Conservatives. Not a Fringe Group. Real Workers, Leaders, Americans

You should watch this short, dialogue-free video. Really[…]

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“It ain’t about Nancy”

Maxine Waters, currently embroiled in House ethics investigations for her illegal activity, as noted her yesterday, again is in the news.

Yesterday some of her aides got tossed from a Pelosi event due to their boorish behavior.

But that’s not what prompted this post.

I am sick and tired of voters putting into office as representatives of We the People, morons who are fundamentally incapable of expressing themselves publicly in grammatical English.

“It ain’t about Nancy.” Please.

Are we so immature, so ignorant, so un-schooled a people that we elect as our representatives to the most powerful government in the […]

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Steele & the GOP: A Suggestion

The GOP base is angry at the GOP National Chairman, Michael Steele. There are many good reasons for this, but it’s hard to see how this shouting match can help the GOP right now.

Steele, angrily defending himself (if not his actions), has told the GOP that , if they don’t like what he’s doing, fire him.

This comment sounds eminently reasonable. If you think something’s bad – do something about it – or not. But if you aren’t going to do something about it, whining makes no sense and should be left to Liberals.

There is a […]

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