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Reasonable Immigration Policies in our Immigrant-Built Nation

Just as a change from today’s (everyday’s?) punditry, how about a realistic discussion of immigration policy?

First off, our immigration system isn’t “broken.” It’s not enforced. The difference is substantial.

For those unaware of our current – bipartisan, passed by a Democrat Congress and signed by Reagan – immigration laws, here’s the deal. We allow legal immigration under defined circumstances from defined countries. We limit it to our benefit, which all nations do. We require that any immigrant be able to show a job or relatives committed to their support, and prohibit immigrants from becoming a drain on the public […]

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2016 and the GOP

Is GOP leadership beginning to awaken from the White slumber in which they have somnambulated since the Depression, when they lost the minority vote? Be nice to think so. This ad in Colorado is a great start – but it’s only a start.

I wrote this blog post a few years back, noting that if the GOP were intelligent on immigration they could capture both the Hispanic and the Black vote, probably for generations. But the GOP is so fundamentally, enormously, appallingly, stupendously, hugeaciously stupid, that the odds are….?

The party of Old White Guys & Dolls who still believe […]

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Lt. Calley, My Lai and DHS

Boehner is about to file a suit to force the president to obey the law. He may or may not have standing to do so. But there’s a better way, one we already know works.

The root of the problem is: can the president order his branch to ignore or defy the law, to act in an illegal manner?

That sounds like a silly question. But the fact is that every employee, manager and executive in that branch of government is bound FIRST by the law and THEN by the head of that branch of government

We have heard the […]

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Billions of Tax Dollars in Child Tax Credit for Kids who don’t even Live in America?

How cool is this?


I’ll have to go to to see how many nieces and nephews I have in various nations around the world…[…]

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Western Civ Needs Re-arranging

A friend sent me this video of a choir in England. It’s only a few minutes. You should watch and listen to it. You will enjoy it.

It occurred to me as I experienced the music and images – and the goosebumps they induce, that, if this doesn’t affect you, if your response is anything other than warmth and love and hope for these women and their men, you are not an American, not an Englishman, not a Westerner. You are not someone who believes in protecting Western Civilization from its enemies, enemies who now are stronger and have more […]

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