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Accepting Syrian Refugees isn’t about Mercy or Charity

Understand that the Administration isn’t accepting tens of thousands of Syrian migrants, or tens of millions of South American migrants out of the goodness of their hearts. Democrats don’t do “goodness of their hearts.” If they did, Republicans wouldn’t outperform them on charitable giving.

Democrats are cold-blooded, heartless, cruel totalitarians. Their welfare has destroyed Black families – something not even slavery could do. Their “education” policies have churned out kids dumber every year than the preceding. Their economic policies have created Detroit, Ferguson, Baltimore, E. St Louis, E. San Jose, and municipal bankruptcies – and states ([…]

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Does a solution to illegal immigration even exist?

Can the West protect its future from the non-Western past? Will it choose to do so?

With the Information Age in full-swing in the Developed World (the West), and the devices and communications we have invented broadcasting our culture and capabilities globally, it is sheer folly to think that people from the Developing World (the Rest) will not come here in search of a better life.

With America and the West existing as Rule of Law nations, and illegal immigration being, well, illegal, it is absurd to think that we will accept these tens of millions of illegal, predominantly uneducated […]

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Cruz Blows Megyn Immigration Question

Megyn asked Cruz stupid questions on immigration, addressed him as an imperial president: what are YOU going to do about X?

He answered that he’d do Y. Dumb.


“Look, Megyn, you know the Constitution gives no role to the president in domestic policy. The job of the president is to enforce the law, and that’s what Obama has not been doing & what GOP leadership has let him get away with.

“I’m going to do the job of the president – act as a Constitutional president. For a change.

“We have laws dealing with immigration. The […]

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Trump. The Beginning of Information-Driven Populism

Can Bush still win the GOP nomination?


No one can or will outspend Trump. The base HATES Bush & loves Trump. Trump is in it to win. He hates losing – and won’t.

But his money isn’t why.

We are seeing a new populism driven by information, not bigotry. Trump is taking advantage of what others have yet to grasp.

Trump is polling exactly where LePen is polling: 25%+. It’s where all the European nationalist parties are polling. Open immigration has done far more damage there than here… So far.

Trump isn’t buying European voters, and the nationalist parties […]

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Maybe Trump Understands What He’s Doing re: Immigration

… and maybe it’s different than you think.

I’d like to suggest that people look at Trump’s immigration ideas a bit differently. Trump says, essentially – build a wall then deport everyone. Two parts.

While many disagree on the latter – do we deport everyone? Only violent felons? Every felon? Everyone ever convicted of a misdemeanor? Everyone over/under some random age? – most agree that any nation has the right to control its borders.

Rather than focusing on the whom-do-we-deport part, maybe we should be focusing on the order of the two parts.

When illegals last bubbled to the top […]

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