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Why Obama MUST be stopped. Very Very Soon.

Americans, a very large portion of them, continue to believe that Obama is “failing” or “incompetent” or some derivative thereof. The GOP leadership believes it is beating Obama at checkers. Obama isn’t playing checkers; he is playing chess. And he is destroying the GOP… and America.

Obama’s economic policies, for example, are working for him, as are his foreign policy and his healthcare policy and his destruction of the Constitution. People fail to grasp this fundamental fact and discuss instead his “failures” his “incompetency,” and his “being in over his head.” ALL of these critiques are what he wants, they […]

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The Real Problem with Obamacare

And the GOP is still DISCUSSING  de-funding?!?!?


OCare GOP Problem[…]

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Party of Empathy

party of empathy[…]

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Dem drive to 30-hour week under Obamacare is to drive increase in Minimum Wage and Permanent Democrat Majority

You’ve read my posts about Obamacare being a means to get to the goal of nationalized healthcare, and the unionization – and taxpayer-funded dues – of all American HC workers, the SEIU laundering those billions of govt-withheld dues to the DNC creating a permanent Democrat majority…

Just had an epiphany on the 30-hr work week. (Probably means I’m on the late show, but I just thought of this.)

The huge numbers of workers trying to get by on 30 hours a week (BECAUSE of Dem policy) will then drive Dems to demand (again) an increase in Min Wage to help […]

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Obamacare: Why We See it Failing

Look: Obamacare never was supposed to work to begin with, which is why it is cratering before our eyes. Obama continues to illegally (and Congress does… NOTHING) delay portions past the 2014 midterm elections – for POLITICAL REASONS ALONE.  Now the individual payment caps have been removed, which will result in still MORE soaking of the people in order to have LESS access to FEWER doctors for MORE money. And unions, Congressional staffers, many low-wage workers? Exempted. Why? They vote Democrat. Meaning? YOU get to pay even MORE for even LESS, while subsidizing the bastards who created it and who […]

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