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When an American is Beheaded in an American Street it will be Because of the Gun Grabbers

When – not if – some muslim beheads an American in broad daylight on an American street, it will be BECAUSE States have been allowed to infringe the 2nd Amendment. It more than likely will NOT happen in any of the 38 “Shall Issue,” or three no-permit-required  states. It will happen in one of the nine States that have – unconstitutionally – infringed the 2nd to make their citizens defenseless: NY, MA, RI, NJ, DE, MD, IL, CA, HI   Or at some school where no one is allowed to protect our children.

Here in Los Angeles County, […]

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OK, so what REALLY happens to crime when gun restrictions are increased?

Here’s the FBI and other government detail on murder rate and how it ties to the ability of a citizen to carry concealed and defend themselves – you know, the 2nd Amendment that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED….

Be sure to take a look at the lower left of the chart- what the “Wild West” REALLY looked like.



gun control laws[…]

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Armed March on DC July 4th ? A VERY VERY VERY Bad Idea

So there’s a group planning an ARMED march on DC. They are posting in FB… and FB seems to be taking down the posts. Good.

I’m an NRA Life Member and a sport shooter & reloader, as are my wife and kids, and more than irritated that I can’t carry in CA, but THIS is an idea that HAS NOT been thought-through.

If anyone can think of a better way to prove to the American public that everyone with a gun is a nut, I’m all ears.

I really don’t CARE if you think it’s legal (and I question […]

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Biden tells us they’ll pass gun control this year. Why do they hate honest people?

More Guns Less Crime Globally[…]

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Guns & Ideology

Here’s a short (2-min) video covering the entire issue of Left-Right on guns & anti-social violence generally…

You know, the Left that insisted, DEMANDS, that it’s the ideology of the Right causing all these mass shootings?

The ideology the MSM initially decided was the cause of the Boston massacre?


That ideology.


Enjoy – or maybe not…[…]

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