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The American Middle Class Needs to Suck It Up

I’ve often held that Vietnam is THE defining moment in our post-war history.

I bring it up here only to make a point. I know people are bored with it, and that’s unfortunate, for its lessons still need to be learned.

The most important of these is this: Had 100,000 Middle Class American kids stood their ground, said – and believed, “Hell no, we won’t go,” and been willing to go to jail for their beliefs – rather than to Canada and Sweden – tens of thousands of American lives would have been saved – and arguably hundreds of […]

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Root Causes: Education and America’s Loss of Liberty.

Libs love to talk about root causes. Normally it absolves them from accepting personal responsibility for the problems caused by their policies – they just change the subject and blame some larger, undefinable, amorphous group. The root cause of American decline sits in every American community: the teachers at your local school. Liberals have owned all major metro school districts since FDR, and all are worse. Newsflash: It isn’t the buildings.

Start with Critical Thinking – you know, what’s required to vote intelligently. Life is not multiple choice. It’s an essay. As long as K-12 teachers only test multiple choice […]

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The MSM Dr Frankenstein and its Monster

The Media is complaining the Obama presidency, a presidency completely of their own creation, is limiting their access. Typical illiterate liberal. What did they think Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was about? (Did they dismiss it because it was written by a woman?)

How illiterate ARE these people? They can arrogantly ask a political candidate, “What do you read?” but have not read – or, worse, not understood – any literature of import in their lives, and so have learned nothing of the human condition?

Their conceit overwhelms.

Next they’ll create a Hillary presidency or a Warren presidency and then – […]

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American Naivete and World Leadership

Obama is about to show Russia who is the BOSS… by killing Syrians thousands of miles from Ukraine and Crimea. (“US freezes diplomatic, consular relations with Syria; orders [non-governmental] US personnel to leave country.” — Grasswire – 18 March 2014)

THIS is the issue America – and our allies – must deal with: An American voter willing to put a person with such a naive worldview into the presidency. And since it looks like the next eight years will be a person with an even MORE naive worldview – Hillary – the Great Powers will just turn-away and ignore us. […]

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The GOP Must Educate Voters and then FIGHT for Policies

A couple of points for the GOP leadership as we head into another election season.

The FOUNDATION for GOP in convincing voters in the Center – where elections are won and lost – is understanding – and then publicizing – that, No, both sides do NOT have the same goals in mind, and No, the policies of Left and Right are NOT two different ways to get to the same place. Too many in the Center, and too many young voters with no experience, are under the misimpression that we all have the same goals, just different ideas on how […]

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