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The Humanities & the Future of Western Civilization

American culture began its precipitous decline when post-secondary education became disinterested in Western Civilization, which only can be learned and understood, and from which we only can understand who we are and how we got here – and why we chose the direction we chose, through the Humanities.

The adults allowed this because their Baby Boomer kiddies in 1968 rebelled at hard work of scholarship and occupied the administrative offices instead of studying in the libraries, and the “Greatest Generation” gave up on their get – who now are trashing the planet – witness Obama, Kerry, Democrat voters, the Far […]

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@davidshulman Another Ivory Tower “Republican” for Hillary

Another column, this time an OpEd by an “Economist” at UCLA who should know better. He’s going on and on that he’s a Republican voting for Hillary. He teaches at UCLA… how much of a “Republican” can he really be?

First clue the guy’s lying: He is an establishment Republican who can’t stand the idea of change. He supports Wilsonian foreign policy – which is the root of the bloodiest century in history – and he probably not only doesn’t get that, he thinks Wilsonianism is a good way forward. He says Trump doesn’t get why we must honor […]

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Disruption. Innovation. Trump.

Why Trump. Give me a sec here…

In 1967, the Johnson admin initiated Project Follow Through, the largest & most comprehensive study of pedagogical methods ever. The top publishers of K-12 curricula were funded to implement their curricula in their ideal methods – assistants, materials, etc. Some focused on math, some on reading, some on self esteem. Then another guy, not part of the teaching establishment joined with a different idea. He was an ad guy. In our capitalist society, who can be more interested in learning how people absorb information… than an ad guy?

He beat the math […]

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Why Saudi Rejects Refugees

It AMAZES that so many REFUSE to grasp what’s going on under Obama’s acceptance – and the Saudi’s rejection – of these “refugees,” who are nothing but VOLUNTARY, KNOWING pawns to these despots as they advance a SHARED GOAL.

The GOAL of Islam is global political domination & tyranny. No culture that murders its daughters and stones its women cares about human life.

Muslim countries ACCEPTING these “refugees” DOES NOT ADVANCE THEIR GOAL.

Muslim countries REJECTING muslim “refugees” ADVANCES THEIR GOAL as those “refugees” wind up in non-Muslim lands and begin their takeover. Look at Europe.

This is why Saudis […]

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How Did Americans Lose Our Liberty & Arrive Here?

My son (college) asked how on earth did America get to the place of the Patriot Act, its infringements on our liberty being blithely accepted & defended, and becoming a people willing to accept as president a man who will kill anyone he wants, any time he wants, anywhere he wants, and have half the nation cheering when he says he’ll ignore the Constitution to do whatever he wants, something the Founders fought a war to end, and America always has stood – and fought – against. Until now.

My reply to him:

We got here for the simple reason […]

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