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Trump = Ike 2.0

People need to take a step back from the edge and put some perspective on the election. Very little policy difference exists between the foreign, defense, immigration, race, infrastructure policies of Trump and Eisenhower. The Right keeps yammering for the 1950s… well? Guess what?

Are we going to tear ourselves apart by not nominating a litmus-test “Conservative” who demands government draw outside the lines of the enumerated powers, or get back to the Constitution? The demand of the far right for government involvement in abortion, marriage, bathrooms, sexual behavior… are just as far from the Enumerated Powers are the demand […]

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The Infantilization of the West Must be Stopped

We – Americans – OWN the future.

First, though, we have to get there. Serious obstacles must be overcome.

I think the millennials can & will overcome these obstacles as they are the generation that truly – already – is impacted by them; the first generation in American history whose standard of living will not surpass their parent’s. They will fix the problems their parents & grandparents created because they have to, and because they’re Americans.

  • Americans fix stuff
  • Liberals ban stuff
  • Europeans whine about stuff
  • Muslims destroy stuff

It’s the way the world works.

Americans invented the modern world […]

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Obamacare: Why We See it Failing

Look: Obamacare never was supposed to work to begin with, which is why it is cratering before our eyes. Obama continues to illegally (and Congress does… NOTHING) delay portions past the 2014 midterm elections – for POLITICAL REASONS ALONE.  Now the individual payment caps have been removed, which will result in still MORE soaking of the people in order to have LESS access to FEWER doctors for MORE money. And unions, Congressional staffers, many low-wage workers? Exempted. Why? They vote Democrat. Meaning? YOU get to pay even MORE for even LESS, while subsidizing the bastards who created it and who […]

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Jerry Brown – AGAIN? … & Why Vote for Democrats

I have posted some videos over on YouTube. They’re all under or just at 2 min running time, except one (Education), that is about 3 min due to the amount of included video from other sources. Please review them if you get a chance and think they’ll be of interest to you. Thanks.

The first is a comment on the amazing concept of Jerry Brown running for Governor of CA…  again.

I think everyone in the Western World, and certainly policy-makers in China and Russia, as well, understands that California is going bankrupt, and that public sector unions are […]

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I Blame Global Warming

Temps Plunge to Record as Cold Snap Freezes North, East States…


Vermont sets ‘all-time record for one snowstorm’…

Iowa temps ‘a solid 30 degrees below normal’…

Seoul buried in heaviest snowfall in 70 years…

Historic ice build-up shuts down NJ nuclear power plant…

Beijing — coldest in 40 years…

Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade…

And, OBTW, the “science” behind CO2 and Warming…. doesn’t matter if the global CO2 fractions hasn’t risen in 160 years…. so.. why, exactly, are we pursuing nonsense like Kyoto and Copenhagen? Oh, yeah.. World Government…. I forgot….

World under Arctic siege[…]

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