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Trump = Ike 2.0

People need to take a step back from the edge and put some perspective on the election. Very little policy difference exists between the foreign, defense, immigration, race, infrastructure policies of Trump and Eisenhower. The Right keeps yammering for the 1950s… well? Guess what?

Are we going to tear ourselves apart by not nominating a litmus-test “Conservative” who demands government draw outside the lines of the enumerated powers, or get back to the Constitution? The demand of the far right for government involvement in abortion, marriage, bathrooms, sexual behavior… are just as far from the Enumerated Powers are the demand […]

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Why Romney Lost

Trillions of electrons are going to be spilled today  in GOP post-mortem. Nealy all of them will be wasted by not addressing correctly the primary cause of the GOP loss: Social Conservatives.

Several years ago I wrote two posts on abortion – here and here.

Other than updating “McCain” to “Romney” (the numbers tell a story that doesn’t need updating), I wouldn’t change either in the wake of this disaster of an election.

And I absolutely would not change the message of those posts:

If the GOP doesn’t remove the anti-abortion (and anti-gay) planks from their platform, recognizing that […]

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HRH Obama v. the Catholic Church

Edward Morrisey of the Fiscal Times asked in a recent column if the current Administration has thought through their threats to force religious healthcare providers to offer insurance that covers all services, even if those services run contrary to religious beliefs.

For example, if Catholic bishops decide to close charitable operations rather than compromise their beliefs, the impact would be greatest on those most in need:

• The loss of $100 billion in healthcare costs now covered by church hospitals

• The loss of one-seventh of all U.S. hospital beds, about 120,000 existing beds

• The loss of more than […]

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The Conservative Case for Abortion

Little question exists that the Roe v Wade decision of 1973 ignited a cultural firestorm that rages today, 35 years later, and that shows no sign of being extinguished.

The issue of abortion so polarizes voters that many who otherwise might support Republicans in Foreign Affairs, Defense, Education, Free Markets, Taxes and the Economy, will never vote Republican. This is especially true for young voters, the future of the country.

Democrats demand the freedom to have an abortion throughout a pregnancy – even up to the moment of birth. Cultural Conservatives want Roe overturned, and for abortion to be illegal […]

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Democrats and the GOP on abortion: The opposite of their demands.

Why are the Democrats against overturning Roe? Why is the GOP for it?

If Roe were overturned abortion law would revert to the states. There are no women of child-bearing age in America who have ever not had access to legal abortion. To think state voters would vote in majority numbers against abortion is nonsensical. Overturning Roe also would remove the foundation of the cultural divide in the country.

Is abortion always a bad thing for thinking adults? Really?

From the Roe decision to the 2004 election, it has been estimated that 43,000,000 abortions took place. Net result? Fewer liberal […]

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