The purpose of In This Dimension is to present some of the major issues of the day in non-extreme terms.

The Baby Boomer (my) generation has forced the political discussion in the US (and around the planet, given America’s place in the world) to the extremes of both Liberal and Conservative persuasions. This is unfortunate. Many problems need to be solved. By catering to extremes, whether on climate change (it always has) or abortion (get over it) or homosexuality (not the business of limited government), or education (unions must be removed) we will not be able to move forward and solve them.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged. Perhaps all of us will learn something new from your insight.

My purpose is to bring some level of sanity to these issues and to try to educate and move the political discourse forward.

Some will not like what they read here. I hope that only true ideologues bail and not read any of it, and that others, those with an open mind, will read and think about what they find, commenting appropriately – and professionally/courteously, yet another refinement missing from Baby Boomer discourse.

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  1. Mehdi says:

    Just wish to say your article is as suiprisrng. The clearness in your post is just great and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work. October 21, 2012

  2. R. Adams says:

    My friend,

    It’s scary how much we think alike on the issues. Almost as if you’re reading my mind!!

    I’ve gotten many of my conservative and libertarian friends to visit your website and they are impressed to say the least.

    Many of us are tired of the same old politics as usual and the same old trite and formulaic opinions served up by the both sides of the mainstream media.

    You’ve differentiated yourself from the pack and have got something going here that’s about to catch fire!!


  3. Robert W. Hullender says:

    Some gave all!

    The gallows tree before him,
    He had only one regret.
    While listening to the Redcoats drum,
    Counting down till the time,
    Young Nathan Hale had only one life,
    To give for what he believed.
    A nation, with freedom to come.

    When differences divided the nation,
    Men in blue and grey,
    Continued the fight, for what they believed.
    In places like Manassas and Gettysburg,
    The test of the country’s metal,
    Where tens of thousands gave all that they had.

    The quest for freedom isn’t easy,
    And soon the alarm bells rang,
    The war to end all wars was fought,
    And the answer remained the same.
    While soldiers struggled against mustard gas,
    To free all of Europe of tyranny.
    Some gave all!

    Pearl Harbor was a beautiful lady,
    Raped by a brutal sneak attack,
    Young men barely shaving,
    Answered the call to duty,
    Remembering what was at stake,
    The nation again in another world war,
    And many more gave all!

    Korea and Vietnam followed after,
    And again the answer was the same.
    We would fight for our country’s honor,
    While soldiers returned being blamed.
    Yet to me they are all heroes,
    And again some gave all!

    I wonder sometimes when it’s quiet,
    When the first jet liner hit,
    How many of those in the Twin Towers,
    Considered what our freedom meant.
    I wonder about all the fire fighters,
    And the policemen that answered the call,
    When the towers collapsed on that day,
    They would be required to give all.

    In the time machine of our history,
    Many stories of bravery and sacrifice,
    Echoing across to Nathan Hale.
    Some gave all!

    © Robert W Hullender

  4. R. Adams says:

    I don’t know how I found your website but I’m glad I did. Like you, I am also a Baby Boomer and your thinking and rationale parallels much of my own.

    I’ve shared your cogent opinions with other like mined independent conservatives and have directed them to your website.

    You are on to something here.


    PS: A discussion forum wouldn’t hurt.

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