Walls, maintenance, cost offsets and investment

Reuters estimates that The Wall for which Trump voters voted may cost as much as $21.6B, and take 3.5 years to build. The Federalist estimates that illegal immigration costs the nation $135B per year. (It’s probably safe to assume the publications have offsetting bias, so we’ll just go with their numbers.)

Using these figures, the wall costs 15% one year’s cost of illegal immigration, and has a payback period of 57 days following completion, with the assumption that an in-progress wall does not drive down illegal immigration, probably a false assumption. This also assumes, probably also incorrectly, that The Wall ends all immigration; but it also does not take into account the cost of the Border Patrol, so let’s assume those numbers offset.

What about infrastructure maintenance? According to a study done by the Voorhees Transportation Institute at Rutgers University (pdf), the maintenance costs of highways in New Jersey (the best infrastructure maintenance number I could find for large chunks of concrete) is about 24% of the cost to design and build it. With no trucks driving on it, and no frost heaves, let’s assume the maintenance cost of a southern wall to be about 1/5 of that NJ highway, or about 5%.

The Wall, then, would cost $21B, plus an additional $1B/yr. Or a ten-year cost of $31B. In that same period (using constant dollars), illegal immigration (assuming it stays the same) would cost the taxpayers $1350B, or $1.35T.

Savings to the taxpayer in gross (constant) dollars – not counting the cultural changes wrought by millions more low-skill, mostly illiterate immigrants – over that ten-year span would be approximately $1.32T.

Savings per
Decade      $1,321,000,000,000
Year              $132,100,000,000
Day                        $361,917,808
Hour                       $15,079,908
Minute                          $251,331
Second                              $4,188

Democrats, therefore, are arguing that a savings of $132B per year, is a poor investment.

I guess it’s “crumbs.”

Probably because it’s our kids, not their (nonexistent) kids that will be seeing the cost – or not.

Here’s what it looks like in a graph:

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