The Left Would Love a Nork Nuke on US

To those asking some version of “Does the Left WANT us attacked?” the answer often is “Yes.”

The Left hates America. They tell us this every day in every way. Why would they not want us attacked? They’re attacking us with immigrants and multiculturalism now – a nuke is faster in achieving their aim.

Contrary to what (too) many seem to think, a nuclear attack on an American city furthers Progressive goals.

Are Schumer and Pelosi publicly standing with Trump, saying, “We Americans have our policy differences, but those stop at the water’s edge; do not attack us”? No. They are attacking America’s Commander In Chief as an enemy threatens and seems to be preparing for a nuclear attack.

A nuclear attack on an American city would allow the Left and the media to blame & change the political party currently holding the reins of power: the GOP, probably for a generation. Trump would not survive a nuke attack on American soil. Trump is making serious threats, hoping the DPRK military grasps reality and stops Kim before he can pull the trigger. Who is protesting Trump doing so? The same gaggle that will be screaming that he didn’t protect us. Add this to the nothingburger of “Russia!!” and he’d be impeached as soon as Ryan could gather a quorum, and removed as soon as McConnell & McCain could schedule a vote.

If you don’t think Democrats would gleefully trade a hundred thousand Americans for Trump’s scalp, you’ve not been paying attention. They’ve been trading tens of millions of Americans for convenience since 1973. They’ve been trading the education of hundreds of millions of Americans – our future – for decades for the votes of the teacher unions.

The aftermath of such an attack would be an enormous police/military presence to control, feed, recover, repair, manage and constrain a populace locally in anarchy. The “protection” of other major metros would quickly follow. Our Second Amendment Right would disappear with the hypocenter. The idea that this presence would reduce over time is belied by the growth, not reduction, in security measures across the US since 9/11 – almost a generation ago.

A Police State is a Progressive goal. The increased spending on the Military Industrial Complex for troops & weapons is a goal of the Ruling Class; think how much they’d make if we militarized our major metros. Lots more than they are making now.

War always results in a greater centralization of power in the federal government, inarguably the Democrat’s primary goal.

What do you suppose would happen to the Market if we were nuked? Would that evaporation of wealth be a boon to those demanding the rich get poorer? Would it put millions more on the government teat?

What of the people killed? Surely the Left doesn’t want an entire city, perhaps a million people, annihilated?

Why not?

Not only would the annihilation result in the above furtherance of a Progressive future, the idea that the Left cares about people at all is absurd. Their every program disproves it.

Schools? How many tens of millions of Americans are not functioning at the level they could because of our atrocious K-12 system? The Left has owned K-12 since FDR; if they wanted it to be better – it would be better.

Communities? Progressive policies, without historical exception, destroy communities. They reduce living standards, education standards, environmental conditions, prosperity, progress, literature, art, writing, and generally reduce once-peaceful & prosperous cities to Detroit. In the 1950’s, Detroit was the wealthiest per-capita major metro in America. Then came the Progressives.

The economy? Look at cities, counties, States run by Democrats. What do they have in common? Economies so bad that productive people and companies are leaving in droves, but that are propped-up by welfare voters bribed with yet more unsustainable debt to keep in-power those who impoverished them.

What is the future demanded by Democrats? One in which the population is seriously reduced – especially the White population. An attack on an American city, especially a northern one reachable in a polar trajectory from DPRK, would (obviously) directly further this goal.

But, “what about the children?” The Left doesn’t care about our children dying, and they don’t have any. Nowhere on the planet do those voting Blue have above-replacement fertility. They already are stealing the future prosperity of our kids to buy votes from the unproductive today – why would they care if those kids were atomized instead? Then they won’t grow up to vote Republican.

Democrats kill millions of their own every year, demand “post-birth abortion” (i.e. infanticide), and, as noted above, do their best to ensure those kids who are born alive remain uneducated, and so poorer than they otherwise would be. Why? The poor vote for bigger government. If you think bad schools are a bug rather than a feature, you don’t understand the Left.

Don’t forget that major metros are homes of much of the Middle Class, always the first cohort wiped-out by the Left. Lenin & Stalin killed tens of millions. Mao killed about 80M. Pol Pot, 2M. Che & Castro killed or imprisoned as many as they could. The goal of the Sandinistas was the destruction of their Middle Class. Under Obama, the Middle Class lost about 1/3 of its net wealth. (Those saying this was unintentional are the same saying Obama was the “smartest president ever.” Which is it?) Annihilating a (Red) suburb? So?

The Middle Class wants to be free to earn and spend its own money and raise its own kids with the liberty it sees fit; the Left cannot abide this. Not “abide” as in “the Left doesn’t like this,” but as in “Liberty is anathema to the Left and can result only in its demise.” Liberty is an existential threat to the Left. A nuclear detonation over an American city would reduce liberty across America. That’s a feature.

Who facilitated the Nork nuke? A Democrat president. Who not only facilitated, but paid, literally, billions of American tax dollars, in cash, illegally, in the middle of the night to Iran to help build a nuke? Another Democrat president.

But let’s be bipartisan about this: Did either of the globalist Bush presidents try to stop any of this? No.

We – Red and Blue voters – are not on the same page. The Middle, Independents, those sticking with the anti-democratic Democrat Party due to inertia, need to grasp this fundamental. The Left hates liberty; the Right demands it. This won’t change.

It’s why I post in support of Red State secession. The ideological chasm is too wide to be bridged. Thinking it can be is hunting for unicorns and waiting for Godot.

The Left is not interested in stopping a nuclear attack on America, whether from DPRK or Iran. They only are interested in stopping us from preventing it.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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