If French Voters Collapse their Economy – What’s Next?

LePen down by 24 pts in polls evidently, WaPo pointing out the obvious – this is globalism v nationalism: Liberty v. Empire.

The French no longer seem to care about liberty. Fertility strikes: No kids, no future, no cares beyond their next latte & hoping they’re in the ground before it all collapses…


  1. When the French economy collapses in a few years (followed by the rest of the EU) as 1-2 generations of workers are not / cannot be replaced by illiterate muslims on welfare, will the Left take responsibility for the loss of jobs in Europe and America? (and, who will be left to tax to pay their welfare?)
  1. Given that China is trying to move 100M people/yr from rural to urban (agricultural to industrial employment), and those moves are predicated on manufacturing stuff for the West, and that “The EU has also become China’s biggest source of imports. China and Europe now trade well over €1 billion a day,”  will China have anything to say about europe acquiescing to being conquered by the 7th Century? Will China take action to essentially economically colonize europe – or reduce islam – in order for China to continue its drive to modernization? Or will China stand idly by as their primary trade partner evaporates?
  1. Should Trump begin actively pursuing european firms relocating to America as we seem less willing/likely to surrender (at least Red States), in the same way that TX has a commission that pursues convincing companies to relocate to TX from Blue States domestically?


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