Only Darkness can follow Islam into Europe

Please explain to me how, exactly, this invasion of barbarians does NOT result in another Dark Ages.

When the only people raising future generations of european workers are illiterates rejecting everything about education and modernity, being housed and fed and clothed by welfare, who – exactly – will be paying the taxes from which that welfare is paid when no one is employable in those economies?

What possible response exists for millions of families no longer able to feed themselves or their children…. other than a general revolt?

Who will be around to put-down that revolt in a generation or two? (No one.)

Who will maintain the farms with modern methods to ensure enough food? (No one.) The tractors and combines and farm machinery?

What result is possible other than turning europe into a region barren of foodstuffs – as are the Middle East and S Asia? (None.) How many millions can a farm-less europe support? (Not many…)

Who will maintain the dikes to keep out the sea? The modern railroads, shipping, electrical grids, pipelines? The heating, water, sewage and garbage systems making northern Europe habitable?

Who will staff and maintain european hospitals?

Who will treat the rape victims after they’ve been whipped by tribal elders for the crime of being raped?

Who will maintain the heat, A/C, humidity of the museums of europe? Oh – never mind, the savages will destroy all the art they can reach – no worries.

Nothing that is required to populate a city will be maintainable by the only future workers now being raised in europe. Think that might present a problem? No – robots cannot do it all, nor will they be able to then… besides… what tax dollars are going to buy the robots? What workers are going to make them?

CERN? In a civilization that rejects the moon landing based on Mohammad’s description of the size of the moon (my brother taught (tried to) Physics at the University of Kabul in 1977), you think anyone is going to even pretend to grasp a supercollider?

What will replace the 20% of the French economy now derived from alcohol and tourism? That portion of the Italian economy based on fashion and wine? The German economy based on beer and high-end manufacturing?


Who will teach anything other than the Koran?

If europeans cared about any of this – the future – they’d be having kids to populate it.

They aren’t.

Because they don’t.

Who going to colonize europe? The locals are vacating the place via attrition. The savages can’t, as above, run a modern city, so the cities of europe will dissolve to ruins and dust – likely sped-along by bullets and mortar rounds and IED destruction as muslims cannot get along with anyone on the planet – not even themselves.

A fairly modern Russia colonizing europe would be much preferable to savages destroying the place, its cities and art and history. Given current geopolitics, inviting Russia IN to europe might be better than keeping them OUT … and letting the savages run amok in unbridled destruction. (And someone had better remove the nukes from the UK and France…)

Or it can revert to wilderness, which is fine with me. But don’t get the idea this will be an idyllic wilderness for backpacking and camping and shooting commercials for Land Rover.

It’ll be a Stone Age wilderness with the subhumans living within it preying on every outsider. Islam is tribal, and if you aren’t of the tribe you’re an enemy and enemies exist to be killed. (This is how pre-modern man lived – check your anthropology.)

Assume that the population density of europe (105 ppl / sq km) will become that of Afghanistan (48) or Iraq (80) – how could it not? How many hundreds of millions of human beings will be killed or die on the way there? ( Answer: 1/3 to 1/2 of europeans will no longer exist – or about 250M – 330M dead people.)

This no longer will be Western Civilization; it won’t be ANY civilization.

The idea that the (completely ahistorical) geostrategic stasis that has existed since 1945 can continue it absurd; things are changing. Get used to it and prepare for it. 

The idea that these tribal, illiterate, pre-modern people can be anything other than the destroyers and killers they are is lunacy opposed by all of history.

Multicultural is one thing – but this isn’t a clash of cultures. It is a clash of civilizations – and the barbarians, if not stopped, will win.

Take a look around. Is anyone stopping them? Nope.

They are meaner, more violent, less-educated – and demonstrably more willing to rape and fight and kill their way through life than are members of an educated civilization. Along with (Western) education come morals, care for the environment, human rights, etc. Thinking that these still will exist is childish.

They are savages. That’s what savages do. It’s why we call them “savages”.

We had better kill them. Or they WILL kill us.

But this isn’t just about europe. With hundreds of $B in annual trade with them, the impact on American jobs and economies will be huge. The impact on China’s economy may well be greater – and China is perfectly willing to defend their strive for modernity from savages, even if the craven Western leaders aren’t.

We CAN be protected from these savages by our oceans. But not if we keep letting them in to destroy our culture, rape our women & girls and tear-down the Rule of Law. Or allow Canada and Mexico keep letting them in…

The Romans didn’t pay enough attention to the barbarians. Two millennia of darkness and carnage followed. All to get to where we are today.

If you don’t see any point in repeating 2,000 years of uneducated tribal violence and civilizational destruction, you might want to stop this tribal invasion of the West. Now.

No good can come of it.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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