A More Mature Outlook on Combat Operations

Interesting article about the beginnings of a more mature outlook on combat operations in S Asia by the Trump administration.


  1. The Geneva Conventions and the “Laws of War”, which we use to set our Rules of Engagement, were designed BY Europeans FOR wars AMONG Europeans. No one else ever has paid them any attention.
  2. Those demanding limiting the American military to the above are demanding monocultural constraints on Western forces when engaging non-Western “multicultural” enemies who do not recognize Western constraints. This is an absurdity.
  3. “Multiculturalists” demanding Western rules of war against non-Westerners are projecting Western morals onto non-Western foes. They are demanding monocultural engagement and pretending this makes them “multicultural”. It doesn’t. It makes them Western imperialists.
  4. Those worrying that we “will become like them” by killing them seem unable to grasp that we did not become NAZIs by killing NAZIs en masse and bombing their cities to rubble – we made THEM become citizens of a democratic representative republic, not subjects of the totalitarianism we crushed. Nor did we become Imperial Japanese – and ditto.
  5. When Trump says he has “authorized the military” he is acting exactly as did FDR in our last successful war: Set the strategic objective and let the military figure out how to achieve it within whatever constraints the nation (CINC) sets. No one told Gen. Marshall how to fight WW2 – FDR told him to achieve the objective the CINC set: Defeat the enemy in combat. Similarly, no one told Gen. Eisenhower to “win the war in Europe,” which is a political – not a military – objective. Ike was told to destroy the German Army in the field in combat (which was the root of his “Broad Front” strategy that took longer to end the war but ensured there were almost no armed enemies left at the end to reconstitute yet another European war in the foreseeable future) – and he did. Ending the war was a political goal achieved by the combination of the Allies crushing Germany between them and ensuring the German people lost both the capability and, more importantly, the will to continue the fight.
  6. Ignoring the above constraints and going Truman on non-Western enemies is the multicultural way to engage multicultural enemies in war, as we did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, saving between 6M-9M lives by not invading Japan.
  7. It is time to put American warriors first – and let them kill our enemies in whatever numbers are required to ensure they don’t kill us – or anyone else. It is time to give the military a strategic goal (ridding the planet of ISIS) and a set of constraints (don’t use nuclear weapons – but all else is on the table) and let them do THEIR jobs. (I wouldn’t take tactical nuclear weapons off the table, but I’m not the CINC…).This is what it seems Trump has done. Good.

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