A young German woman on her way to work nonchalantly is pushed in front of an oncoming train in Berlin – murdered. Pedestrians are run down and killed in the street in Britain. France. Australia…

And muslims “fear backlash.”

They ought to fear backlash – not from what our governments will do – but what Western governments should do, and what the citizens of the West MUST do for the West to survive. That they do NOT fear backlash is the problem.

There will be only one winner in this clash. If one looks across history one finds that the winner will be the side fighting for ideology – not for cost-benefit.

The American colonists fought for ideology – liberty & self-government; the Brits fought for cost-benefit. Civil War? The South wanted to be left alone – the Northern soldier fought to preserve the Union and squash slavery. WW2? The Allies fought for freedom & liberty, Imperial Japan for a larger empire, NAZI Germany for lebensraum. Korea? Vietnam? America fought for cost-benefit, the Norks and VC/NVA for ideology.

Who is fighting for ideology now? Islam. Who is, at best (when fighting at all), fighting for cost-benefit in yet another limited war of attrition against an ideological foe willing to strap bombs on women and kids, an illiterate, pre-modern, tribal foe that burns to death co-religionists who are not completely on-board with THEIR ideology?

No amount of wishing it were different can make it so. No amount of pretense that they want what we want and are just misunderstood or need a job will change this. They must be killed in sufficient numbers to stop them – or they will conquer the West.

We’ve killed a million already in this “limited” war. Had we just nuked Riyadh on day one, we’d have killed a helluva lot fewer – and probably been done a decade ago. Had we nuked Mecca & Medina in addition, we STILL would’ve killed fewer — and no Americans — and been done by now. Would we have muslims killing us in the street?

They are now…

The longer we wait, the more civilized people islam will kill – and the more muslims we will have to kill to stop them.

How many more 20-yr-old women on their way to work are we willing to sacrifice to political correctness and the ignorant fallacy that we can force on a non-Western culture the uniquely Western philosophy of “coexistence”? Do you grasp the imperialistic nature of demanding another culture adopt this Western philosophy – and the irony of referring to this imperialism as “multiculturalism”?

How many never-to-be fathers of authors, artists, entrepreneurs lie dead on a foreign sand dune because they were sent to fight battles our leadership gave them neither the tools nor the ROE to fight? How many more young women like the German this morning will leave behind no future generations, no possible doctors, playwrights, sculptors or CEOs because our leaders and the totalitarian half of our population (that doesn’t believe in the future enough to populate it), ignorantly fantasize ‘we are all the same’?

How many more pedestrians going about their business must violently and mercilessly be run-down by the 7th Century before we stop – just STOP – putting up with this?

How much more of our own civilization are we willing to sacrifice to this tribal, violent, savage, barbaric ideology of totalitarianism, this cult of might-makes-right with a deity who ordered his followers to kill their daughters, stone their women, behead their children and murder all before them – before we recognize that, no, we are NOT willing to have our future generations killed, no, we are NOT willing to halt or regress a millennium of progress, no, we are NOT willing to accept this brutality in the name of – in the name of anything?

I am so tired of hearing – “but there are a billion of them.”

So what?

So that’s going to inform… what, exactly, in this fight?

We surrender because there are a potential of a billion subhumans with knives and IEDs? That’s the plan?

We give up liberty, freedom, human/women’s/children’s/gay rights, self-determination, freedom of speech and association, self-government… because a billion illiterates want us to?

That’s the plan?

Newsflash: We have nuclear weapons. There are no innocent bystanders in war – and don’t conflate combat with war – they are different things. This is – for them – war. It needs to be war for us, too. OR WE WILL LOSE. Our enemy has gone all-in, are using everything they have. Knives, cars, trucks, airliners…. pushing a woman into an oncoming locomotive… 

We must go all-in, as well. 

The idea that we are so almighty powerful that they won’t be able to beat us and so ultimately will quit the fight has been disproved in all of the fights above. You don’t think the British Empire was more powerful than a bunch of semi-organized draftee farmers freezing to-death in the Colonies? It’s been proven in our lifetimes in Korea, Vietnam – and in S Asia as a bunch of illiterates with small arms have tied-down the most powerful military in the history of the known universe for 15 YEARS.

If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we will get the result we’ve always gotten in limited war: WE WILL LOSE.

It’s we, as we have in all previous wars of attrition with primitives, who will quit the field.

The “field” we will quit is Western Civilization.

If they do conquer the West – and look around, free speech has been outlawed in Canada and Western Europe already in the name of islam; the free speech we voluntarily are surrendering DEFINES Western Civilization – if islam conquers us, 1,400 years of death, disease, science, literature, art will have to be fought, survived, cured, invented, painted, written and sculpted… just to get back to where we are today.

Only idiots can think that is a good idea. Only the childless cannot care that if the West falls, the carnage of the last millennia will have to recur.

(Who are predominantly childless? The same political party across the West that refuses to fight, rejects free speech and individual liberty and demands Statism… The same Western Governments that refuse this call to defend the liberty, to protect and defend the lives of their citizens, with which they were entrusted.)

In fact, it’ll be worse. Those desiring liberty didn’t have to fight tens of millions of subhumans with small arms, or a Pakistan or Iran with nuclear weapons – they just had to fight a few thousand fellow-Westerners with swords and axes and, finally, muskets.

And only truly ignorant post-religious people who not only don’t believe in religion – they don’t believe anyone else does, either (“How did he win? I don’t know anyone who voted for him?”) – are unable to imagine that people do fight, kill and die for ideology.

You think the burning of the library at Alexandria was an irreplaceable loss? Wait until the Louvre is burned, Europe’s libraries and museums put to the torch, her statuary hammered into gravel. My brother was fortunate enough to see the gigantic Buddha in Afghanistan. No one else will… ever again.

Mona Lisa, anyone?

The loss of liberty? Incalculable. Will by some similar strange chance, in another 1400 years, come again a Jefferson and a Madison? What are the odds?

Why are we taking this chance?

The West MUST begin defending itself and start KILLING ITS ENEMY.

Its enemy… is islam. All of it. 

It must be destroyed, wiped from the face of the earth. Its cities razed, its leadership killed, its worshipers killed or converted or allowed to die off in discouragement as their “strong horse”… wasn’t, and salt sown in its poppy fields.

Either we go Carthaginian… or we go extinct.

It is childish, and existentially foolish, to pretend otherwise.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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