A “Split” Means Two Sides

Trump’s presence on the world stage is unnerving those, Left and Right, who are invested in the Western post-war order. Their complaint is that he will upset what already is devolving to failure, as acknowledged by the people living in the countries of the West, if not by its out-of-touch elites.

With european fertility nonexistent, and the takeover of all future employment in europe by illiterate muslims as a result, the “West” now consists of N. America, Britain (maybe – post-Brexit, we shall see…), and a mercantilist East-Orthodox Russia trying to Westernize.

There can be no “split” with a europe that no longer exists. Going forward, europe must be recognized as part of the umma, because those are the only folks having children and furthering their culture.

The europe that gave the world Rome, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Reformation, the Age of Exploration – no longer exists. It stopped having babies. Without babies you don’t have a culture, society, nation, EU – or a future.

It is past time to acknowledge this and adjust our policies accordingly. It’s why money spent on NATO is wasted. What are we defending?

The invasion of Western europe that mattered, that would overturn its liberty and freedoms, already happened. Not only did we not defend europe from it (they didn’t want to be defended), we caused it – and the european elite invited in the invaders. Thank you, Bush 41 & 43. Thank you, Mutti Merkel.

The world relevant to our future is America-Russia-China. And the common enemy of our collective future is islam.

Allying ourselves with Russia makes all the sense in the world. Is Putin a thug? Sure. So let’s put him to use being a thug against the invasion of islam as we coax him not to be a thug toward the rest of us. We sold him our uranium. Let’s encourage him to use it to our favor.

The purpose of détente, after all, and of opening China, was to move both powers toward mercantilism and less thuggish behavior. We’ve now had our playtime fantasizing that history was over, that all the world can be sleepover buddies.

That it is time to return to reality is the message of Brexit – and of Trump.

The european demi-continent has resources that a backward, illiterate islam is unable to use, human as well as mineral resources. If Russia conquers that portion of the new umma, how do we not all gain? (Let’s not pretend Putin would be destroying a culture of liberty, freedom, etc. Europeans themselves already destroyed that culture – look around. It no longer exists. And they stand by passively as their art, sculpture,  women and children are attacked. )

Our policies should be oriented toward moving the civilized world forward in living standards, science and morality to a more prosperous and fair future. Europeans decided a few generations ago they didn’t want to participate in any future. Muslims are proving they have no place in any future involving post-Stone Age progress.

South America voluntarily is devolving to chaos so is politically irrelevant. Africa and Australia are politically irrelevant. S Asia/Middle East is on the periphery of the above (remaining) Great Powers and will be dealt with as tangential to whatever solution to islam is arrived at by the above Great Powers regarding their presence in europe and America.

Any idea America, alone, will set the direction of the reduction of islam to an again-irrelevant cult in various geographical backwaters is absurd. The Left has allowed islam to become too widespread for one nation, especially a nation not contiguous with islam (as are China and Russia) to set the strategy to reduce and contain it.

Islam has become too widespread for any one nation to defeat

Islam has become too widespread for any one nation to defeat

Rejecting Russian help is childish. Not asking them to help us is infantile

Russia eventually will take on islam, as will China. Both should be encouraged within a broader civilizational offensive, led by America, to take back our future.

The longer we refuse to acknowledge this, the more likely it will be that Russia and China will lead the new geopolitical order after defeating islam, just as we led the defeat of the Axis Powers and have run the world since.

Once Russia and China figure out that the destruction of islam will put either, or both, of them in the position America has enjoyed since 1945, they will race to annihilate it.

If we want to lead the new order – and we do – we need to start leading now and be seen as the most-equal among equals setting that agenda for the reduction of islam – a threat to all three of us, and to the freedom and liberty of 5 billion human beings.

Trump, Brexit, the slow death of the EU to various other Exits, and the increasing acknowledgement by this new, rising Western voter that islam is incompatible with our future, spell doom for the compliant and passive Western Left – Social Democrats, Democrats, Progressives, whatever and wherever, along with their useful idiots on the Progressive Right (Ryan, McCain, McConnell, Graham, Kasich…) that fantasize a coexistence the rest of us know is nonsense.

Why? Simple: The elites, having done their best over 40 years to destroy individual liberty, refuse to see the world as it really is. Trump & the Exits prove that the rest of us can and do.

And in the world as it really is, the threat to the future of people living in advanced civilizations – is islam. It will be defeated because it must be defeated for progress – material, scientific and moral – to continue.

And no one, not Stone Age head-hackers or a Leftist ideology based on childish kindergarten nonsense, will stop progress.

Trumpers, Brexiters, Frexiters, Italexiters, etc…. understand this.

In the process of being deposited into the dustbin of history by a West rising against an increasingly anti-Western illiberal Ruling Class having no philosophical foundation in a post-Magna Carta, post American Revolution West, the Left does not (or will not) understand this – and so is being shoved off the stage of history.

That they don’t like it is understandable. Paying them attention is ridiculous.

That it must be permanent is the biggest challenge for the citizens and leaders now rising in the West – and pushing the Left into the bin.

To worry about a “split” between the nation setting the course for the future of the world, and a demi-continent that exists only in the calcified minds of an aging Baby Boomer Left, is no more than a childish distraction.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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