An Unforgivable Mess

If you read only one column before the election, it needs to be this one. For the fuse is lit.

How many of we “deplorables” exist? Tens of millions. Most of us will fight for America. Fighting for the Rule of Law so constantly flouted by the Ruling Class – Left AND Right – is what makes us “deplorable” to the Ruling Class.

Just as were the Founders before us.

It is we who bear and raise the children of America. It is we who demand – and will fight for – their liberty, their future. It is OUR future, not THEIRS. We WILL fight for it.

It is the Rule of Law that makes us Americans. It is the Rule of Law that gives us the Liberty for which Americans have been willing to fight and kill and die for centuries.

To think we are unwilling to fight for Law and Liberty for ourselves and our posterity for our own country is naiveté bordering on mortal idiocy.

Democrats think that because they find nothing worth fighting for, real Americans do, as well.  They think that because we deplorables are law-abiding, we will surrender our arms or our liberty when unconstitutionally told to do so.

They are existentially mistaken.

Does the Left believe in the Rule of Law?

Of course not. Rejection of the Rule of Law is the foundation of the Left.

Does the GOP establishment believe in the Rule of Law?

If they did, they’d have impeached Obama years ago, and Holder, and Lynch, and Hillary – and Comey. They haven’t even reined-in these totalitarians, but have instead enabled them through budgets they were elected to stop, illegitimate laws they were elected to overturn and Executive Orders they have simply bent over for – there is no other way to write it.

No, the Right does not believe in the Rule of Law, either.

But – we do. Americans do. The deplorables do.

What will follow, though, in this world the Baby Boomer Democrats of the Summer of ’68 may have created, in a world in which we may have to fight for the return of Law?

A theocracy by those demanding “God back in the White House!”? By ignoring the single most important verse in all of the Bible, the verse that created Western Civilization, Luke 20:25, they will try.

Secession? Assuming some State governments exist that support Constitutional government (more and more in doubt as even GOP governors allow rulings of SCOTUS in powers NOT delegated to the Federal Government of which they are a part to overturn the decisions of their – sovereign – citizenry), probably; I hope so. America no longer not only is not “indivisible,” it must be divided as too many expect to take the liberty of others as their own daily bread. It cannot continue.

Perhaps some States can be put back together. Others will have a center that cannot hold. Likely they will break-apart and re-form with like-minded citizens who will jealously guard their powers and rights – as American citizens did before Progressivism tore-away their power and moved it all to the Federal Government. To Leviathan.

Anarchy? For a time, certainly. Local Napoleons unable to process domestic revolt for Liberty, and demanding obeisance to their rules and laws and morals will not go quietly, nor will they allow others to represent divergent interests. Local ruffians will act the warlord. Both will be deposed.

The Walking Dead is an interesting psychological preview of how we think and act in anarchy. So is The Road. Are these our future?

Too often writers are dismissed as mere entertainment. This dismissal is belied by their visions, the literature they create in On the Waterfront, 12 Angry Men, in the words they place in the mouths of their characters. Who can doubt the authenticity of Col. Jessep’s anger and morality as he yelled “You can’t handle the truth!” in A Few Good Men? Of Terry’s utter discouragement “I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody,” in Waterfront? The realism of the young men in the hard, gritty world of All the Pretty Horses.

To dismiss our writers’ visions is to dismiss the most creative and expressive minds in our world. Can so many be wrong? Or may The Walking Dead, or The Road, be precursor to our own future?

Anarchy may come, but Law will return; it is the denial of Law that has lit the fuse for us to fight for its return – but at what cost?

I don’t know – but it will be less than living on our knees.

Perhaps these are good things. When States demanded their legitimate and Constitutional sovereignty, and the 10th Amendment was obeyed, when the Federal Government was forced by the Senior partners – the States – to live under the law, we did not micromanage our citizenry through laws called “regulations” and so unconstitutionally promulgated through the ever-growing leviathan of the Executive Branch, a branch Constitutionally denied lawmaking capability. We did not send our children off to kill and die because we didn’t like the behavior of some ruler somewhere and felt it was our business to change it. We did not spend trillions on welfare to buy votes of the poor – and then keep them poor, forcing them to continue to sell their votes.

What of the wider world?

To expect a Russia, a China, an Iran or Saudi Arabia to pause in the pursuit of their goals as we tear ourselves apart is foolish. Tens of millions will have their positions changed – killed, oppressed, differently ruled.

The catastrophic re-ordering of the world will be at the feet of Obama, Hillary and the anti-Constitutional American Baby Boomer Left – and the interfering Bush family on the Right starting wars they refused to win, destabilizing important parts of three  continents… and their enablers in the GOP Congress.

There are those who remember the Carter presidency, and Reagan’s Morning in America, and who hope for a repeat.

Trump is not Reagan. More importantly, Baby Boomers are not the stuff of those who governed America just 40 years ago. Democrats and Republicans disagreed on policy, but both loved America and generally respected the Rule of Law.

Today’s politicians respect only power, and will lie, cheat, steal and break the law to get it. Or do nothing to stop those totalitarians who do. They hate the Rule of Law that is America.

I hope and pray for a Trump victory – for a loss is anathema to all Americans, and to the world that we once called, “Free.”

Regardless of who is declared “victor,” America has been grossly and fundamentally changed over this campaign and over the past eight years.

We have been lessened, perhaps mortally, by a hard-left anti-American in the White House, a domestic enemy not stopped, not reined-in, not brought to heel of the Law, of the Constitution and Separation of Powers by a Congress that enabled his every violation of what it means to BE an American, and by a candidate of the same party who is the most publicly corrupt person ever to seek the leadership of any nation under the Rule of Law.

Hillary Clinton is, without doubt, the worst candidate for leadership since the Magna Carta and the beginning of modern representative government nearly a thousand years ago. Search your history books for corruption so blatant and so complete as Hillary Clinton – before even taking office.  You will not find such.

It is doubtful we again can become the whole we were in my childhood. That I wanted for my own children. And for yours and for theirs. The Left has too far divided us for their totalitarian gain. The Right has stood idly by.

The Left is stuffing ballot boxes. The Right watches the security-camera videos and will neither forgive nor forget – nor should we.

The Left cheats for two reasons:

1) This is the last chance of the Baby Boomer Left to turn America communist – their goal since the Summer of ‘68 – before they leave history’s stage. Until this sniveling, selfish, dishonest, despicable “me-generation” is dead and gone, burned down and the ashes shifted to the four winds, America cannot regain her liberty. Our generation is too selfish, too disgusting, too totalitarian. No previous generation treated America as have we.

2) Hillary cannot win a fair election, by stuffing the ballots the Left proves that they know this, else – why bother?

We deplorables, however, will not accept an illegitimate result. Given the ballot-stuffing, everyone paying attention on both sides accepts that Hillary can not win without cheating. Her PARTY knows it. Her campaign workers know it. Her voting supervisors know it.

ALL of America knows it.

We will not accept a Hillary victory as legitimate; by stuffing ballots, the Left has convinced us it cannot be: Who would know better than they?

We deplorables, Trump himself, exist because we are done accepting the gross destruction by our Ruling Class – of our nation, of our Constitution, of our laws – of our future. Of our Liberty.

Another excellent writer, Paddy Chayefsky (Network), put into his character’s mouth what we deplorables know and are thinking, what America has become under our ever-more-corrupt Ruling Class, words more relevant today than when first spoken.

I leave you with those words.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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