@JoeKlein: A Trifecta: Wrong on Hillary, Benghazi & the GOP

Below is a column by Joe Klein in TIME mag. I have [commented in-line] with his absurd commentary, which too many believe is accurate just because it’s in what once was a reputable (to some) newsweekly. (Others have referred to TIME as a magazine for “people who can’t think,” and its (extinct) sister publication, LIFE, being for “people who can’t think or read.”)

To begin, Klein’s a Lefty. When he writes something near the Center it is an exception. So let’s take his points.


The Republican Convention opened with a distraught mother, tears in her eyes, saying something palpably outrageous: “I blame Hillary Clinton. I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son–personally.” The woman was Patricia Smith, the mother of the American hero [he was an IT guy who got killed. How does that make him a “hero”? Klein is both cheapening the word and laying a foundation that she is extra-distraught so it’s even meaner for the GOP to let her speak. Infantile editorial nonsense.] Sean Smith, who was killed during the attack on the temporary U.S. consulate (and CIA station) in Benghazi. Grief can do terrible things to the mind and soul. I can’t imagine [if lack of requested security had gotten my son killed I wouldn’t be whining about it; I’d be getting rid of the problem – but this guy “can’t imagine”? THAT is the most “unspeakable” comment in this entire piece] why Smith has fixed on Clinton, who was an extremely peripheral figure in the failure to secure the Benghazi station [Wrong. The safety of State personnel at any embassy is the FIRST priority of SecState. She was sent multiple communications from both State security and the Ambassador asking for more security. Just because she didn’t read them does not excuse her lack of attention to them. See – this is what the Left does – they tell you x is not her problem and then go from there and people believe that. It’s call spinning the news. The security buck stops at the desk of SecState, regardless of how the story is spun] matters of consular security never reach her level of seniority [… which is like saying matters of security of a military base never reach CINC – that does not alter the fact that CINC is THE top of the line and ultimately responsible. In this case SecState is the top of the line and ultimately responsible. If she chose not to read something, she’s still responsible; if she told her staff she didn’t need to see security stuff, so stopping the buck at a lower level, she’s still responsible, if she set a tone that caused others not to tell her more security was required – she is STILL responsible. The Left cannot talk its way out of this one to anyone who understands that authority can be delegated, but responsibility cannot – She, and she alone, was responsible for security at that embassy.] –and, more to the point, the significant operation in Benghazi was run by the CIA, which should have been responsible for the security. [CIA is not responsible for the security of the Ambassador and it was he who more than once asked for more security. The security of a State Dept facility, regardless of what it is being used for, is a responsibility of the State Department. More to the point, anyone who believes a control freak like Hillary would have allowed CIA to do something at a State facility without her having signed-off on it is naïve.] David Petraeus was director of Central Intelligence at that point, and no one blames him for the ambush, [which was it? An “ambush” – which is planned, or a spontaneous video-induced uprising?] nor should they. But Clinton has Republicans frothing, despite a raft of investigations that showed no culpability on her part. [These “investigations” were State investigating State. Surely you aren’t buying that it would have been OK for Nixon to investigate Watergate…] And yet the Republican Party, to its everlasting shame, decided to exploit a slander promulgated by a distraught mother as one of the opening salvos in its convention. [Hillary intentionally and on multiple occasions denied additional security requested by her Ambassador. The result of these denials was the death of four Americans in Benghazi. Period. Blaming a “distraught mother” is an amazingly sexist remark for a Lefty, but they are blind to their own violations of their own speech codes.]

This is nothing new. It has been going on since Clinton first appeared on the scene, caricatured as the personification of 1960s radical feminism, a pretentious First Lady who thought she was empowered to reform America’s health care system. [There is nothing “caricature-like” in that view of her. As you recall, several people at the time asked if she had any authority to do that, asked if she had any authority to keep her meetings private (they were on tax dollars), etc., including, as I recall, the NY Times. He is just spinning history for those who didn’t live through it.] Her very existence drove a certain brand of Republican crazy–and 25 years later, the way we view Clinton, even those who try to view her rationally, has been tainted by the unprecedented onslaught. [Here he is saying it is “crazy” for those of us who actually believe in the Constitution and Separation of Powers to have a problem with her. This stems from a Left who ignores the Constitution whenever it conflicts with their “common sense,” most of which is antithetical to the actual Constitution and its purpose of limiting government.]

You can’t blame Donald Trump for this. In fact, the Caesar of solipsism tramped on the Patricia Smith spectacle by calling in to the risible Bill O’Reilly–who was busy trying to gin up a race war by blaming Black Lives Matter for the police shootings–while Smith was speaking [Klein taking a shot to say Black Lies Matter has nothing to do with cop shooting – which, if you are looking for anything truly disgraceful in Klein’s nonsense, is pay dirt]. Indeed, back in the days when Trump was inviting the Clintons to his wedding [which has NOTHING to do with his column and is just gratuitous], Republican sympathizers were spreading similar trash, like the rumor that “the Clintons” had murdered Vince Foster, a close friend who committed suicide. [I’m not going to go into the Foster suicide because I’m not that much of a conspiracy theorist. But even the Parks Dept who investigated it thought it odd that there was zero blood at the location the body was found, when the wound inflicted resulted in the loss of pints of the stuff… where did it go? And Brown – who died in a plane crash in Serbia days before he was to be deposed… and had a .45-cal hole in his skull… and the recent UN guy who died “in a weightlifting accident” a day before HE was to be deposed…. There are far too many bodies behind the Clintons to view that all of the conspiracy is tin-foil -hat stuff… the first ten bodies maybe have an explanation.. the next 30? Too convenient by half. One needs to have lived in a phone booth with no outside line for the past 30 years to think so much can be fabricated against one couple without ANY basis in fact. Smoke: Meet Fire… And – this week? One of the Romanian hackers of Hillary’s email found dead in a jail cell???  Remember the Red Army terrorist in a Swiss jail who was “found dead” in the 60s….they offed the guy. Why is this different?] There were other unspeakable [nothing is “unspeakable” for Klein – go read his stuff – this is just handwringing to make his enemies sound worse – when they are NEVER half as bad as a Left that has destroyed education and the Rule of Law in America]  rumors, a steady flow, a crushing burden over the years, that have had an undeniable impact on Clinton–creating a wariness bordering on paranoia, resulting in a stilted public slipperiness on matters like her email server. [It’s OUR fault she set up her server illegally and theb lied about it? For a year? And she STILL is lying about what the FBI Dir said??? According to this apparatchik it is…. All Klein is doing is encapsulating all of the sordid crap behind the most corrupt public couple in American history to sweep it under the rug in one go. This only works if one is not paying attention, refuses to believe anything outside the MSM or just can’t process that low life corrupt trash can make its way into high office. Nixon didn’t do 10% of what Hillary has been accused of – yet not one mainstream media organization is even bothering to investigate any of this. The rumors alone would have sent everyone into years of serious investigative journalism had Clinton been a male republican. Instead, the MSM is spending all that time telling you why it can’t be true – rather than in serious investigation of: F&F, Lerner, Benghazi, Uranium sales, Whitewater, cattle futures, Syria, Libya, Mali, ISIS, Rose billing records, the Clinton Foundation, etc. And, rather than looking at the Lefty reporting with the same jaundiced eye reserved for ANYONE who grasps the – enormous and well-documented – leftist bias in the media, most voters fall for their nonsense as if it were engraved on one of Moses’ stone tablets. It’s good to express at least a bit of skepticism when reading the Lefty reporting on the most corrupt public person on the planet … ]

The fervor of this assault has always amazed me. [It only can “amaze” one who sees no value in the Rule of Law, and whose worldview is that anything that is an obstacle to the legal enshrinement of their morality – instead of what CREATED Western Civilization: The Rule of Law, representative government and a centuries-long lack of serious corruption – is a nut. Now we have people shooting each other over voter disagreement. There goes 240 years of peaceful turnover of government, something for which America has rightly been recognized. Why? Because of the same MSM most accept as a sound presenter of events.]  It poisoned the grassroots of the Republican Party [the only thing that “poisoned” the GOP was its capitulation to Progressives and its utter lack of willingness to do what it was elected to do: Stop Progressivism. It’s nice for a Lefty to blame the GOP for being nuts just because we want the Constitution enforced, but it’s annoyingly stupid for adults to believe that crap], made possible the disgraceful birther campaign against Barack Obama [Obama “made possible the … birther campaign” by sealing his records (if he had nothing to hide, what was the point?) by sealing his transcripts (a portion of which show he gained a scholarship at Occidental available ONLY to foreign students), by having his earlier book jackets and author media state he was “Kenyan-born.” The GOP didn’t make him do any of that. He did that. All on his own. Klein is just re-writing history], made possible Trump’s candidacy [Obama had nothing to do with Trump’s candidacy – it is lunacy to think so. We elected a GOP majority in 2010 to stop Obama – they encouraged him. We elected a LARGER GOP majority in 2012 – they paid for all his stuff and didn’t even both with the Separation of Powers argument Congress – successfully – used against Nixon. We gave them an even larger majority in 2014 – and ONE WEEK later they passed the budget for all of Obama’s stuff they had just campaigned – and gotten elected – to stop – illegal aliens, Obamacare, etc. The GOP built Trump – not Obama. Klein is just trying to make the party of Civil Rights (that’s the Republican Party from Lincoln to the founders of he NAACP (two Black Republicans) to the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts (both passed by larger majorities of Republicans than Democrats) to MLK, Jr, a Republican) sound like we want Trump because we can’t stand the Black guy. This only should work on illiterates and game show devotees]. It has transformed Republicans into the party of hate, rather than of conservatism [it is, frankly, laughable for the Left – haters of free speech, merit, diversity of thought, biology, uncorrupted temperature data… to call the GOP “the party of hate.” The only people of whom I am aware who “hate” in the political sphere are Democrats. It is they who are disinviting speakers, it is they who require “trigger warnings” and then attack those in disagreement. It is they who hate a difference – any difference – of opinion. The Right just wants the Constitution enforced. The Left has decided that means we “hate.” Childish nonsense. Here’s what I hate: ANYONE who rejects the Constitution, the Rule of Law. THAT is the foundation of America specifically, and the West generally; and the Left hates it.] It has caused politicians like Rudy Giuliani, an excellent former mayor of New York City, to seem deranged in public, as he did on the first night of the Republican Convention when, eyes bulging, he said Clinton’s “dereliction of duty and failure to keep her people safe played a major role in the horrific Islamic terrorist murders … in Benghazi … including her lying directly to the families of those who were killed.” [This is all factual stuff – and Hillary is on tape telling the mothers that some nonsensical videotape was the cause of their son’s death. This is amazing spin – 100% provably wrong – yet some people will believe it. You may or may not be aware of it, but Curt Schilling, former BoSox pitcher, who pitched a World Series win with a hole in his foot that was bleeding as he pitched, something that was focused on by the cameraman and the booth crew as it was occurring, and has been in countless videos since, spoke out against sharia recently. He got dumped by ESPN – and the footage of his bloody foot disappeared from the ESPN World Series game. This is USSR-level disappearing of the historical record. It is what Klein is doing here.] This is arrant nonsense: Clinton may [may? – I guess even Klein can’t get past that the left has been unable to disappear all of the footage…] have told some of the families–others say she didn’t–that the Benghazi attack was part of the massive riots across the region that night in response to an anti-Islamic video. At the very least, the video obscured a planned attack on the CIA annex. [The video obscured nothing – it was unknown to the man-in-the-street in Benghazi, the attack was planned and included heavy weapons, it was not spur-of-the-moment.]

Too many ignorant voters are letting the media rewrite history; be careful about swallowing it.


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