@davidshulman Another Ivory Tower “Republican” for Hillary

Another column, this time an OpEd by an “Economist” at UCLA who should know better. He’s going on and on that he’s a Republican voting for Hillary. He teaches at UCLA… how much of a “Republican” can he really be?

First clue the guy’s lying: He is an establishment Republican who can’t stand the idea of change. He supports Wilsonian foreign policy – which is the root of the bloodiest century in history – and he probably not only doesn’t get that, he thinks Wilsonianism is a good way forward. He says Trump doesn’t get why we must honor our NATO commitments. He somehow thinks he knows more about war than Ike, who had forgotten more about war than anyone since has known by the time he was president – and spent his entire 8 years in office fighting against conventional warfare and measured response.

His is establishmentarianism writ large. It is almost too stupid to argue with, but here goes:

  1. A treaty requires two (at least) sides. Why should we honor our side if the others haven’t been doing so for decades? Yet he argues we must as though it’s some kind of holy writ. But doesn’t tell us why. Probably he’s such a doofus he has never stopped to think about the WHY of NATO.
  2. The purpose of NATO was to keep the Russians out the Americans in and the Germans down. Well, it’s culturally frowned-upon for German men to pee standing up, Merkel has caused thousands of German women to be raped and her men are doing nothing about it. They have NO children and eschew nationalism of their own country because they let some paper hanging sonofabitch go too far 80 years ago. Can’t get more “down” than the Germans have made themselves. We are “in” for reasons to me unknown at this point: If Germans don’t care enough about their future to populate it (they now have the lowest fertility on the planet ), what is the point of our spending our labor defending them? For what? ALL of the EU fertility average is 1.6 (2.1 is flat or zero population growth). What is the point of defending them? They are graying faster than any nation or region in history. They aren’t paying the 2% of GDP for defense that the treaty requires them to pay. So why should I lower MY living standard to pay the defense needs of a nation with no kids – and no future? That is objectively insane. But- But – But – it’s the only way to keep the peace!! Says who? A bunch of folks living large off the Military Industrial Complex Ike warned us against? A bunch of folks who have, for 71 years been starting wars we didn’t need to fight, sending our kids to die and not even BOTHERING to TRY to win?!? And “keep the peace” from whom? Is Russia going to invade Germany? France? Poland? Russia has a fertility rate of 1.3. They are ALL going out of business, so why would I give a damn about it? It’s THEIR CHOICE! But I don’t have to pay for it. So what if Russia owns Crimea? They’ve ALWAYS owned Ukraine – it’s been the breadbasket of Russia and the USSR forever. NATO expansionism caused the nonsense on the Crimean Peninsula and Ukraine. Besides – had Ukraine NOT given up her nukes, Russia wouldn’t have invaded. Why is Ukraine not responsible for her own choices? Why am I? Darwin works at the nation-state level, too, and our getting in the way of Darwin has gotten hundreds of millions killed. If Ukraine can’t make it on their own – tough. The Third World is – and will remain – an ongoing catastrophe because NONE of those countries were capable of self-government when the West decided they were. Same now – some countries cannot defend their place in the ecosphere and are not doing anything but insulting us and expecting us to defend it for them. There’s a word for this: Bullshit.
  3. Clinton is a foreign policy realist?!?!? She singlehandedly caused the downfall of a national leader who had JUST DONE EXACTLY WHAT WE’D ASKED, throwing tens of millions into chaos under ISIS, destroying Libya as a nation and doing the same to Mali via the blowback. A “realist”? This guy is crazy – he is nothing but a hack who can’t get past the Cold War.

The most surprising thing for me is that people seem to just believe what these folks write without applying critical thinking. And we’re supposed to dismiss this journalistic – it can’t be called “sloppiness” as it’s been going on for decades… intentional malfeasance? What else can it be called with any honesty? And now a partisan hack is telling us that the guy who wants to enforce Ted Kennedy’s immigration law is racist?

This kind of commentary is nothing but lies and other crap written with dishonesty to take down the Rule of Law that rejects the totalitarianism of the Left. And not believing the MSM does not mean adulation of the Right or adherence to everything the nutters on the Right say. But if you don’t recognize that today’s Democrats ARE THE ENEMY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION you are not paying attention. If you don’t get that the #NeverTrump gang are enabling Hillary – you’re asleep or comatose.


Democrats once agreed with adults that America was a good place – worth defending, worthy of respect, the best nation on earth. Now they spend their time and energy convincing everyone of the opposite – the world’s problems are our fault, Western Civ sucks, head-hackers are worthy of anything but annihilation, “common sense” (as envisioned by Democrats) must supersede the Constitution and Rule of Law.


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